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  1. In Topic: Markerbids.com

    13 March 2011 - 09:19 PM

    Well the idea of a "pay per bid" site is pretty simple-

    spread the cost of the item across multiple people, to give the winner of the auction an incredible deal, and hopefully get enough bids on the item, to break even and/or generate a profit.

    Many people love this business model, many people absolutely hate it. One thing that I like, is that everything takes place, in plain view of everyone. You can literally track the winning item from the time it closes, to 5 days later arriving at the winner's door, and him making a Youtube video on it.

    I'm certainly not trying to justify or sell the site business model to people, but what's funny is that when I talk to "industry people", such as owners / managers of major paintball companies inside of paintball, they all think it's genius LOL

    Personally, it's an extremely exciting site to run. It's amazing how I'll lose $900 on a Dye NT, but make $400 on a Paintball Caddy, or $1000 on a ninja tank.

    Actually, I bought a $950 Tippmann SMG-68 off MCB for $950, and completely lost my tail on it when it didn't even get 100 bids. But that's the exciting part about the site. Some things catch fire and get hot, some things just dump early and the winner gets an amazing deal.

    It's fun and it's profitable. But let me tell you, 99% of the people on the site, are over 18 and are using their own money.
  2. In Topic: Markerbids.com

    14 February 2011 - 01:10 PM

    It's actually a VERY exciting website to run and to watch. And actually, running it honestly makes it even more fun to watch.

    some things I make a small fortune on, some things I just lose my tail on.

    I had a used Dye Rotor that I bought for $75 that went for over $9.00 (900 bids), then just to watch my Rendition Alias that I bought from my friend for $1,000 sell for $5, then an Empire Axe sell for $3, then a Dye NT11 that I paid $1500 for, sell for $6

    then I've seen a paintball caddy, which costs me $20, sell for $5.00 (500 bids). Some stuff catches fire, some stuff just dies, it's really entertaining.

    My philosphy was to be as brutally open, upfront and honest about the risks of using the site, how the site makes money, who was behind it, and how it worked. I just went over the top and far beyond what would be considered "normal" for disclosure. I hid nothing, not my face, not my name, not my intentions, not the risks, just shove it all in front you, and you make the decision if you want to use the site or not.

    I figured this was the best way to run a site like this, and so far I'm being proven correctly. I could have opened up a corporation out of a foreign state, run it through a trust and a secondary undisclosed corporation, in an attempt to hide my identity and "channel the money" into my pocket, but I didn't need to

    I have nothing to hide. Had 1,000 people sign up THE FIRST day we opened up registration and have nearly 5,000 people signed up so far.

    Many people have this "puritan mindset" when it comes to gambling, yet spend all day watching texas holdem, daydream about going to Vegas (which is a blast BTW), participate in church bingo games and participate in purchasing lottery tickets and participate in raffles. But I don't see them crucifying anybody.

    You don't have to be 18 to participate in a raffle. I've seen 10 year olds hold raffles for things such as a fundraiser, that's gambling isn;t it? How come we aren't asking for them to be locked up? How come we aren't picketing in front of their house?

    For those who never liked me to begin with, this is just something else for them to dislike me more about, which is perfectly fine. There is so many things I want to do in this industry, I want to host my own scenario games (I've been dreaming about an Office Space themed game LOL), host free clinics to get people into paintball, do better shows & videos, have a better website, and of course take on my competitor head-on and promote my website across the industry.

    Can't do that with empty pockets :-(
  3. In Topic: Markerbids.com

    14 February 2011 - 07:55 AM

    it's funny the same people who mock my viewers as "fanboys" and "emo kids" are now coming back to protect them from my "new website".

    First it was "oh they are just a bunch of idiot kids who watch Mike's videos", and now it's "Ohh the poor, sweet innocent children who watch Mike's videos! those poor wittle buh buh buh babies"

    Let me explain the psychology behind TechPB-

    1) I swear in my videos, to purposely turn off "parents" from watching them
    2) This leaves with me the direct decision makers, as in people who are making their own money, and have the power to spend their own money
    3) Most people who are WORKING, are over 18 and have the ability to spend their own money

    People always throw the "the poor innocent children of paintball" attack at me and I just laugh.

    You have to be 18 to use my site. And not just like a "porn site" where you have to click a box that says "Yes I'm over 18", you also have to have a paypal account (which you also need to 18 to have). If Paypal can't stop underage people from creating accounts, how am I going to do? Start asking for drivers licenses? Fingerprints? Start doing background checks and credit checks of all the people who visit the site?

    There is NO LAW that says you have to be 18 to use a "pay per bid" or "penny bid" website, it was an internal decision by me, to make the site 18 and up. I could make the minimum age 10 years old with no consequence. The "litmus test" is having a paypal account. You can't do anything on Markerbids without one. This is why we stopping giving away free bids and forced people to purchase a bid pack in order to verify that they have a paypal account. And if they have a paypal account (and Paypal requires you to be 18), that's good enough for me.

    If you want to consider it gambling, that's fine. I'll sleep very well at night running a legitimate gambling website. I've spelled it all out in the "how it works" which is required to read before signing up, and I've even gone into great detail showing how the site works, the risks associated with using it, and have even created a forum where people can ask questions. How many pay-per-bid sites have a public forum?

    Yes it's profitable, if it wasn't profitable I would close the business down. I've spent probably $20,000 in ebay fees over the past 3 to 4 years, selling my items used for TechPB on Ebay. How come no one is coming to bat for me and my $20,000 in Ebay fees?

    We all concerned about some 16 year old losing $10 on my site, but no one seems to care about the $20,000 I lost selling items on Ebay while making videos?

    Everyone laughed when I told them my goals for my site and my community. It was the joke of the year in 2008 when I laid out my vision.

    I don't hear anyone laughing now
  4. In Topic: Living Legends 3

    21 June 2010 - 07:15 AM

    did you ever happen to be down in the woods when a train would come by?

    Dood, the first time that happened to me, it scared the HELL out of me. On Saturday, I think it was my third insertion, I was down about 50 feet from the railroad tracks when a HUGE train came by, it practically stopped my heart. I could this super loud noise come rushing up through the woods, and at first I was like "Whoa, that is a seriously loud tank!" and then this massive train just sped past me and I don't know why, it scared the hell out of me. It was like a sound overload hahahaha

    Great writeup, I took the wife to Gino's East on Friday night. I've been craving that pizza since I had it last year (Kevin / Faux12 hooked it up!)

    I tell ya, I REALLY liked the NPPL being at the same event. I loved seeing players in full-on scenario gear, walking around the NPPL event and shopping and checking out all the gear. I was in the Dye tent one time and I started getting chatter coming over the radio, imagine that hahahaha

    Great write up!
  5. In Topic: TechPB

    17 June 2010 - 12:34 PM

    I go to paintball events to play paintball.

    If I want to look for loopholes, I'll start studying the IRS Tax Code

    I'm there to jog to the front, and try to battle my way up the field and take as much ground for my team. Once I get shot out, I start over and do it again.

    Personally I think scenario event rules should be 1,700+ pages of fine print boilerplate on legal paper, written by attorneys. And every player should have to sit through a mandatory 8 hour orientation and pass a 400+ question test at the end. Because based on what I've been seeing at some of these scenario events, that's what it's getting to.

    "Well I didn't read that I couldn't spray paint the lenses of my opponents black when their mask was sitting on the table"

    "Why yes, we covered that. In subsection 198, paragraph 12 it says "Players caught spray painting black paint on the lenses of opponents will be assessed a 62 point penalty"

    Meh, is it too late to register for PSP Chicago?

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    21 Sep 2008 - 14:26
    Its kinda cool one of your daughter's initials is MVP :D
    Congrats on both though, they are probably both all stars for you and your wife!
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    19 Sep 2008 - 20:31
    Hey Mike, Happy Birthday! Glad to see you joined the SpecOps Community! Love your shows!
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    08 Sep 2008 - 13:01
    Its great to see that youve looked at Specops. And we can guarantee you..We are not like PBN.
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    22 Aug 2008 - 11:20
    First! When do I get my prize? Haha.
    Great to see Mike on SpecOps.
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