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  1. Have you seen the new Woodsball TV commercial?

    08 April 2011 - 06:58 PM

    very well edited, and filmed!
  2. Getting hit with Paintball, should it count?...

    06 April 2011 - 07:39 AM

    I've been playing paintball for about 5 years now. And one thing I have found is that paint often doesn't break when it hits you. Now since I play outlaw primarily (no refs) at my field we play, if you are hit, you are out regardless of break. As it is impossible to tell if the paintball that just hit you in your back broke or not.

    But, clearly the "official" rules of paintball only count "broken" paintball hits.

    This strikes me (bad pun, I know)as actually promoting poor ethics on the field.

    Here is why. If the goal of paintball is to shoot "out" another player by hitting them with a paintball, then what difference does it make if the paintball that just HIT you breaks or not?

    We all know there are a million reasons why paintballs won't break, and I don't even want to get into the players that "pad" up to try and get bounces (I've even seen players with foam attached to their masks, for the only purpose of hoping for a "bounce"). To me this just strikes at the heart of someone's character.

    I have always played I am out, if I am hit. Because regardless if the paint broke, you shot me, and it just seems to me that is the point of the sport.

    When we have to rely on refs to pull guys out, and have to rely on multiple hits (just to make sure one breaks) it just leaves players with a bad taste in their mouth.

    Now, I think the biggest reason paint bounces is because of the quality of paint, and I shoot paint that breaks at a VERY high rate, (getting a bounce hurts way worse than a break anyway, and I don't want to shoot paint at a newer player that just hurts like crazy because of a bounce)I use xball scenario woodsball paint from Dick's.

    But, it seems to me that as a sport we promote "gamesmanship" over integrity every time we get nailed, and duck down to "check for a break" or ask for a paintcheck. When we KNOW they hit us, and isn't that the point?
  3. Paintball sniper ability proven... 300 and 325 foot shots on video.

    30 March 2011 - 09:50 AM

    Starting at 2:28 until around 3:10... Camera was zoomed 3/4 of the way in and I have HD footage (haven't gotten HD editing software yet, so it is standard def for now).

    The first guy I shot was John, at 300 feet. Second was at 325 feet. From the top of the hill next to my flag, all the way across the creek and up on the hill of the other camp. Through thick trees, you can see the amount of shots I took, and this is clearly way futher than any typical barrel shoots paint with close enough accuracy to get two confirmed long distance kills in under 30 seconds.

    I have done this type of shooting at our field for years, so much so, that most of my players have upgraded to an Apex as they wanted to be able to eliminate guys from those kinds of distances as well.

    Well, what about breakage.

    Breakage is an issue in paintball, and that is why tournament paint has such a brittle shell. I use a pretty brittle paint as well, and it breaks consistantly even at distances of 350 feet +. The paint I use is Xball scenario from Dick's sporting goods, at $39.99 a case it is a good deal as well. I have a 6 year old Tippmann A-5 with a few upgrades in my cyclone (I wore out the original parts). Other than that it is stock, semi auto.

    How far can your paintball gun shoot?

    Does this change your mind about the possiblity of a "sniper" in paintball?
  4. How about a FREE fully loaded PHENOM. Tippmann Sports Facebook Contest

    11 March 2011 - 07:48 PM

    Today Tippmann Sports Facebook paintball page started a contest for fields and stores to put up pics, and video's. The field or store who gets the most "likes" can win a prize.

    AND everyone who "likes" has a chance to WIN too. They are giving away two fully loaded Phenoms!!!

    So click "like" on any of my "Trails of Doom" posts, and maybe both of us will win!!!


    Thanks guys, I'll see you in the woods.

    Glenn M
  5. Fieldball, Similar to speedball, but with a woodsbally feel.

    09 February 2011 - 07:55 AM

    So I mentioned before that I run my own events outlaw style. And I mentioned this type of play before in an earlier thread. Last night I finished editing this years footage on our "Field of Doom". So I figured I would share.

    Here is a little write up I did describing it in detail so others can try it out. Perfect excuse not to mow a portion of your yard!

    So I am pretty new to paintball (playing 5 years now) and I have only played once at a “real” field. I have played many times at outlaw fields, with the majority of my games at my own private field in my backyard. I typically play fall/winter/spring.

    Speedball looked interesting. Except it is expensive and (no offense) ugly to set up a speedball field, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on blow up bunkers which wear out/pop, or junk it up with large pallets, or drainage stuff to litter up the farm…

    But, I can grow a serious weed patch… Which I can easily mow removing any evidence of the wars that have taken place on that parcel of land.

    Posted Image

    So that is what I did. I let it grow all summer, only mowing it in the early spring to reduce the briars. I keep my shooting range mowed, and let the rest of the 1 acre field just grow.

    Then once the grass stops growing in late October, I mow a D pattern into the field, followed by 15 foot zigzagging and a couple of interior shooting lanes. The size is pretty large, with 150 feet between the two flags. And the D goes out to about 175 feet at the furthest point. So you can shoot across it from one side to the other, but unless your gun is accurate at long distances, it is hard to get a hit, and very fun. My mower is 62 inches so the paths are only about 5 feet wide.

    Posted Image

    The rules are simple. You have to stay in the field. You can’t go on the shooting range, except at the ends of the D where the flags are located. One hit and you are out, regardless of breaks (we don’t play with refs, so it is honor system). You have to wait until you enter the shooting range to start firing. (So no one can just fire from their flag and eliminate the other team waiting to enter the field of play). If you eliminate the entire other team, the game is over, and you don’t have to capture the flag.

    We have played this with up to 16 guys playing, (8 vs 8) it is VERY fast paced, and the weeds act as cover, as many times paint breaks when it hits the weeds. You can stay on the mowed paths, (faster) or go through the weeds. When standing, your head/shoulders are pretty much all that show. So we usually have a bunch of headshots. One side doesn’t grow as good so it usually is shorter than the other side. This is a very fun way to use a ton of paint, and have a blast with your friends.

    I call it, Fieldball, at the “Field of Doom”.

    This footage was shot this year, 4 vs 4. We played three different days on the field (we play monthly) and I don’t have footage from all our games, when it snows it knocks down all the weeds. So the fact that it is only there for a short time, adds to the fun when it is finally ready to use. Forward this video on if you liked it, subscribe to my many other outlaw style paintball video’s on youtube. Please post any input you have on this concept.


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