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  1. In Topic: SON OF A B@*%^!

    27 July 2011 - 07:07 AM

    This reminds me of one time on my field way back in the day...

    I ran as fast as I could and got to the halfway point really fast (down in a creekbed that is about 10 feet below the rest of the field.) I had fired a few times, and was breaking paint, so I pulled off my barrel on my A-5 and laid down my gun on the ground in front of me, when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye...

    Oh great.

    My gun is laying in front of me without a barrel and I'm holding my barrel in my hand, but wait, the guy hasn't seen me yet. He is walking down the creek bed toward me, except he is looking at the top of the hill that I slid down to get down there. And it is about a 25 foot high bank on that side. I quickly run my squeegie through the barrel convinced the "brrrtttt" noise will alert the player to my position, but he didn't hear it. So I drop my squeegie, and grab my gun trying to put my barrel on as quick as I can. (using the "quick" connect) adapter on my a-5.

    Only problem is, I'm not lining it up right and I can't get it into place!!! Arrgh, the guy is starting to climb the hill and he is only about 15 feet away from me.


    I finally get the barrel on my gun, without even looking at my apex tip to see where it is set, I point at the guy's chest and fire one shot.

    The ball comes out high going right for his chest, but drops almost immediately down, and down... and down. Right between his legs.


    The guy literally goes into a fetal position... Except he was about halfway up the bank, so he just slids down the dirt hill into the creek and lays there moaning in a pile of mud, and water.

    I felt like the biggest jerk...

    It was his first time playing.

    He never came back.

    I bought a cup, and have never played since without one.
  2. In Topic: Tacticool 3 : Silencers in paintball

    21 July 2011 - 11:10 AM

    There are paintball magazines?...


    Why would someone buy a magazine filled with information from two months ago that they could find for free on the internet in like 2 seconds?...

    As to the whole "silencer" thing, clearly that is dumb to promote selling silencers.

    But, the whole "noise" of a marker does in fact interest me. What I find strange is the way markers sound differently. I have 3 98 customs, and it is weird how they all sound different. One of my friends has an X7 that is super loud, but the new X7 phenoms are VERY quiet.

    Course, my A-5 is pretty quiet as well, but my backup A-5 is much louder.
    I have always wondered why one was so much louder than another one, when it is the "same" marker.

    I have a friend with a professional sound level tester... I should borrow that and do some testing, as that would be interesting. I have been shot out before by a guy that plays with us who has a 98 custom that is VERY quiet. (he shoots around 200fps) When he shoots you, you are convinced that he is way on the other side of the field and not shooting at you...

    Then the paint hits you and you are out...
  3. In Topic: Q & A 3 : Video responses

    20 July 2011 - 06:29 AM

    That "outlaw" game was pretty wack... Clearly guy with no mask wasn't very smart, but I blame ALL of them since there was a woman walking throught the field of play... No mask, just a tank top, clearly out for a walk, in the middle of their paintball game. Wowzers, that was clearly not a group concerned with safety. If they had a chrono I would be shocked. I would even bet it wasn't their land at all, just a public park or something.

    But, that doesn't mean that all players that play outlaw are like that, anymore than all players with speedball guns overshoot.

    I wouldn't play with those guys, as their concept of "safe" play clearly differs from mine.

    But, Tyger I expect more from you, as you know that just because there are bad apples in the world don't paint ALL outlaw players that way. People take their masks off at public or private fields when they feel they are "safe". They aren't supposed to but they do it, not because it is an "outlaw" field or public field, but because they think it will never happen to them.

    We all know that accidents can happen, and it is our responsibility to push safety, when we see something that isn't safe, we should say something. No matter if it is a private outlaw field, or a public field.

    Your "Most" outlaw field critique stepped on my toes.

    I run an "outlaw" field at my home. We play once a month in the fall, winter, and spring with friends of mine. Our events have grown in the 5 years I have played, to the point we average over 25-30 players per game now. (our largest was 42)

    I chrono EVERY gun that plays at my field EVERY game, I do it myself. (270 or less btw) AND I keep a few spare Tippmanns for the guys that bring spyders that won't go below 300 even with the spring set screw REMOVED. They use My guns in that case instead of an unsafe marker.

    I make sure EVERY mask is safe, and I constantly go over how even "dead" zones are not "safe" you can still get shot if you are out. We have a 15 foot no shoot rule that is strictly enforced. I have 8 spare masks, in case I see a problem with someones mask.

    We have a bathroom on the field.

    And yes, we have insurance on the land, and our insurance agent has been invited many times to join us on our field.

    I furnish free water and cookies for between games. I have tons of parking.

    We play capture the flag, on over 30 acres, and it is a blast. There are no skids to hide behind, or large man made structures that guys can sit behind while laying ropes of paint. We play in the woods with camo, and our woods are real woods, not cleared of all the brush and honeysuckle and stained white from paint.

    Just because we play "outlaw" doesn't mean we don't care about safety, because the point is to have fun, and visiting a hospital is never fun.

    You have never been to my field, and I would bet you have never been to most of the outlaw fields in the country... I am sure I am not the only one who runs my field this way.

    So to say "most" when making a huge assumption like that is just wrong. I expect more from you.

    I personally have gotten over 100 players into the sport since I started playing because of my field. I do this for fun, and we play for fun, but we play differently than "normal" as we play if you are hit you are out, regardless of break. That way the true spirit of the sport is maintained. Instead of guys getting hit multiple times and getting bounces (or just ignoring the hits altogether) they know they are out, ref's don't pull players, it is honor system. If you get caught cheating, you won't be invited back...

    And it works, because we focus on playing with integrity. Just because you have seen something like that video that is clearly unsafe, doesn't mean that "most" outlaw fields are like that, and it is a disservice to the guys like me that bust our tails to promote the sport, and get new players into the sport that we teach the rules, and how to play safe while at our "outlaw" field.

    Do I have the experience that you do... Of course not, but I see how I am viewed all the time by paintball guru's and manufacturers... And being the red headed stepchild isn't right, when we are just having fun and promoting the sport at a time the sport is declining due to the economy.

    My field should have won the "field/store challenge" that Tippmann did on facebook back in March/April... We by far had the most "likes" on my pics I submitted beating out the other fields, and even though we should have been able to get the prize, they didn't give it to us because we were "outlaw" and not a "real" field. Again proof of the red headed step child ideology of industry big wigs. Even though my players spend money between each game on paintball to upgrade their gear.

    That is the type of discrimination outlaw fields face daily. Would that prize package have helped my field... Sure, I could have let more players try out paintball as I run it totally non profit. No field fee, no charge for drinks, or cookies, it is byop as well. NOTHING is for sale at my field, no money exchanges hands.

    New players don't even have to buy markers/masks, as I furnish them free of charge, (and not some cheap gun either, I make sure they work as good as my personal marker) all they need is air and paint to play, so they can try out the sport for under $20.
    Posted Image

    So please don't label all of us "outlaw" as being like that video. Because we aren't like that, you can easily tell by watching video's who is safe and who isn't, who cheats and who doesn't. I have over 50 video's on youtube to date. I let those stand as to how I run my field.
  4. In Topic: Tacticool 2 : Laser Sights

    14 July 2011 - 12:09 PM

    Not to mention that the low cost lasers that are typically used in paintball are manufactured in China/or Hong kong... And we all know how they love to produce products that are safe...

    Oh wait.

    No, they just want to produce products that are cheap. Check out the power of green lasers from china on Ebay.


    They WILL cause eye damage quickly, for only $5.96

    Paintballs arch, putting a fixed dot on a target is stupid because you can only set your laser to fit one exact distance, and if you aren't pulling out a tape measure before you fire, to walk off that target to make sure it is the "right" distance from you arching shot than really... Why do you need it?
  5. In Topic: My NEW mancave!

    12 July 2011 - 07:30 AM

    When you said "mancave" I was picturing a movie theater, some pinball/arcade games, and a hot tub...


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