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  1. In Topic: Bolt action propane

    29 March 2011 - 12:03 AM

    Tippmann claimed that the c-3 could get 50,000 shots from a 16oz. propane tank. If they got anywhere near that num ber, I'm sure it was on the lowest possible velocity setting. That being said, I'm sure you can get a good many shots from a small amount of propane. You would be using chemical energy instead of simple air pressure. A gun could be made that looks exactly like, say, an m-40. It could have a propane tank built into the stock that could be filled via a special nozzle attached to a propane cylinder. This type of technology would allow for much more realistic guns. In an automatic, the combustion chamber would need to be made of a steel that has a high "red-hardness." Such a steel would not even begin to soften untill it reached a temperature that would probably melt the rest of the gun anyway. The heat from the combustion chamber would need to be kept away from the bolt and barrel. The propane would combust in the chamber. The resulting pressure would then be vented through a valve in the chamber and through the bolt, propelling the paintball. The valve could also serve as the velocity control. My freinds and I had to stop playing paintball just because the guy that ran they local shop lost interest and closed up. There is nowhere to get our tanks filled within 45 minutes of our location. Propane-powered guns would solve this problem. I was working on this project untill I lost my job (and, therefore, my funds). When I get some prototypes going, I'll let you guys know. Sorry for the long-winded post.