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  1. Quick maverick question

    28 November 2008 - 09:36 PM

    Will a ccm custom grip made to fit the phantom fit on the maverick? I'm trying to figure out if this grip is going to fit the maverick i plan on buying soon. And does anybody know where I could get the rod I need to adjust the velocity?
  2. what features do you value in a marker?

    13 August 2008 - 11:40 AM

    Im interested to see what kind of markers you guys and girls like, in general. if you feel theres something i forgot in the poll, pm me.
    This topic has probably come up before, but i couldnt find it in the search.
  3. spyder fasta 18v lcd

    10 August 2008 - 01:41 PM

    pbreview format.
    period of product use:9 months
    similiar products used:crappy viewloader
    setup:spyder mr2 with fasta and too much to list

    cheap for the capability it has
    durable.shape MIGHT help deflect hits (not sure though)
    simple one button operation
    keeps up with my mr2 without skipping a beat.
    holds a good amount of paint (210-230)
    pretty lightweight
    easy to change batteries

    a bit tall but oh well
    feedneck will have to be shaved down in most cases.

    this thing is a very good hopper. no complaints really. it does its job.
    the thing is a bit tall, but not so much that its unwieldy, i think a eggy may be taller. this hopper has absolutely no problems keeping up with my mr2 whatsoever. battery efficiency is pretty decent.
    9/10 because theres always room for improvement
  4. spyder mr2 review

    10 August 2008 - 12:33 PM

    In this review im not going to just say "omg this gun is incredible get it" or "this gun sucks its completely horrible"
    im going to actually review the facts and tell you how the marker has performed for me. you decide what you think. with that said this is going to be a long review.

    by the way, i am reviewing the non eye version of the gun. with eyes this gun is exactly the same as the mr3 except for small differences. post questions if you have any at all.

    period of product use: 17 months

    similiar products used: spyder mr3, tippmann 98 custom

    setup: spyder mr2, bottomline and foregrip removed (lightens gun), modified stock(top bar cut off for eye clearence), remote line run directly into guns asa, 20 ounce co2 tank (yes i know i need hpa), trinity t-lock feedneck, trinity 14 inch army barrel, trinity handle with side weavers, 18v spyder fasta.

    upgrades coming soon: 14 inch j&j ceramic barrel, mr flux wraparound grips, remote line with slide check.

    marker packaging: the gun came in a cardbox with the charger, a barrel plug, the three allen keys that you need, some o=rings an extra cup seal(that i lost)and some other stuff that i cant remember.

    very versatile. marker can be stripped down of all the cosmetic parts (barrel shroud, foregrip,bottomline if you have a remote, side plates) and the stock removed to make a relatively lightweight marker.
    the marker is plenty fast for anything, i have played both woodsball and speedball with this marker and never felt outgunned. good trigger
    stock is perfect once its cut. its plenty strong, unless you plan on standing on it to get a better view of the field you wont break it.
    I dont think its that heavy, but it does have unnecessary weight on it. im 6'1 so i may not be the greatest judge of that but thats just me.
    yes its loud but i actually considered buying a cannonizer from opsgear for a psychological effect (it would probably sound like this :dry: ).
    the acs bolt is incredible. since its been broken in i havent chopped a single ball.
    i dont use the bottom line due to the fact that its unnecessary weight if you have a remote but it has a slight drop forward that does help and is a nice feature.
    m16 cocking handle. both the mr2 and mr3 have this feature, and let me say, its awesome. it does the job of the tippmann rocket cock upgrade except it looks great too!!!! i have never gotten dirt/paint in the marker wwhen i had the stock in
    this gun is cheap due to its age, and its a very, very good deal.keep in mind it started at $250.00 when it first came out.
    due to my personal opinion, this gun has few or no cons.
    weight(can be remedied by removing the cosmetics)
    loudness (do i really care?)
    stock has to be cut (get a hacksaw, its what i did)
    grip is uncomfortable (flux wraparound grips are about 20 bucks. get em, the guns so cheap you probably have money to burn)
    grip panels leave the board susceptible to dirt and water (again flux wraparond grips. best 20 bucks you can spend on this gun)
    i did manage to destroy the annodizing in places, but thats only a testament to how strong the gun is because it has only failed me once and i'll explain why later.
    this gun does have recoil, but only if the stock and everything else is removed so the gun becomes very light. even then youll only really have problems if you try to shoot very fast in semi
    the gun is a gas hog, while i dont care much now (i use co2 and my field offers free fills) its gunna be a problem when i switch to air.

    the marker: good quality matte annodizing not likely to scratch if you really care about it alot. the body is very solid and well built. much better stock accuracy than a 98 custom. barrel is a large bore, .691 i think, and is 12 inches. the marker is very good quality.

    rate of fire: though kingman advertises 25 bps, this is only the cap on the board in semi, meaning that this is the fastest you can shoot, and i garauntee you that you will never reach that. anyway though the thirteen bps that the gun shoots in burst and full auto is plenty, and if you NEED anymore firepower than that i think you should be looking at a different gun altogether.

    barrels: it is a complete misunderstanding that the barrel options are limited on this gun. if it has spyder threads, and doesnt fit past the shroud, you may wanna oh i dont know REMOVE THE SHROUD. this is YOUR gun do with it as YOU wish. any barrel can fit on this gun with a little thinking.

    weight and what you can do: the marker weighs over 4 pounds with the stock in. some people think thats heavy and so thats why im including this. you can remove the panels on the side of the marker that dont do anything. you can remove the barrel shroud by unscrewing the 2 drop forward screws then unscrewing the 2 foregrip screws. the you rotate the whole bottomline counterclockwise and untill you can pull both that and the foregrip off. you now have access to the other shroud screw.while your here, you may want to consider leaving off the foregrip if you dont want it. unfortunately the gun now has somewhat poor ergonomics,but it is lighter.

    bolt out back: by removing the springs in the snap grip cocking handle you give the gun a bolt-out-back capability. in order for this to work you just unscrew the the screw on the top of the weaver rail and pull off the back part. there are five parts you should have, the handle, the rail, the spring guide and the two springs. just remove the two springs, reassemble and your done. now you can figure out the rest. i still dont recomend this in the field but it makes disassembly easier as a whole.

    my stupid mistake: this was my first marker, so i had no idea how it worked untill i looked at the manual. i am somewhat technically inclined but also somewhat forgetfull. i had no problems disassembling the marker, it was on reassembly that i forgot to put back in the striker buffer. basicly that little plastic dounut looking thing in the back of the marker. THIS WAS THE ONLY TIME THIS MARKER DIDNT PERFORM and i failed it, not the other way around. the marker wasnt recocking and the thing was chopping like a drunk lumberjack on steroids. i disassembled the gun again, quickly saw my mistake and fixed it. I never felt so stupid in my life but oh well :). now the gun does its job and does it flawlessly.

    this gun doesnt chop. its that simple i havent had one chop since the acs bolt has broken in. and im not talkin 3bps. i could fire full auto, burst , i could shoot as fast as i can in semi (outshooting the full auto) and the gun never skips a beat. this may be because the hopper outruns the gun BY FAR, but i dont care it works.

    the gun has a rear velocity adjuster, just figured i say that.
    askany questions at all, that pertain to this gun.
  5. dagger with pistol

    08 August 2008 - 04:03 PM

    its my first post and i was wondering what you guys thought about using a pistol as a dagger primary. they easily fit special ops' description of a daggers marker, short light and maneuverable. the only thing i would see being an issue would be reloading frequently in close proximity to enemies.

    i have no experience as a dagger but have experience using a delta .68 as a main marker so that aspect wouldnt be too much of a transition.
    i know that alot of this would come down to personal preference but i was still wondering what everybodys feelings are on this concept.
    thanks for any input.


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    dude ... your sig absolutely rocks !!!! where did you get the gif for the dude getting decapitated ??? I lol'ed hard
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