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  1. The "Get me a muscle car" thread

    27 September 2010 - 01:53 PM

    Ok, so here's the deal, I found a nice car for surprisngly cheap. I need some money to close the gap and pick er' up. So some guns that I would never put up for sale are going to be up. It's sort of a all or nothing deal and this thread will only be up untill the car is sold, because then there's no reason to sell everything. I'll only part out if everyone calls a gun. I can PM you individual prices.
    (Group pics will be up as soon as I can borrow a camera)
    Here we go,

    First up, upped angel A4 Force fly, Silvery brown with black accents. Upgrades are: Bob long torp reg, stainless steel dye barrel, CCM feedneck, CP rail and evil on off asa. You get the charger, and everything that came stock with it. The dual volumizers will be included as well.
    350 plus shipping.
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Next, SFT shocker, SOLD
    It's got a virtue board, 12 inch freak with .689 insert, black wood 45 grips, Q-lock feedneck and a bloodline back cap. Stock parts included. (including extra eye)
    220 plus shipping SOLD
    (Previous owners pic)
    Posted Image
    new pic:Posted Image

    Unibody phantom SOLD
    Light blue CCI phantom unibody. Just repaired er' becuase of a broken power tube. It now has a Line SI powertube and a spyder cupseal. Also it has this odd adjustable bolt that uses this funky allen key-screwdriver dealie to adjust the FPS.7 oz CO2 tank, sliding skeleton stock and adco red dot included.
    115 plus shipping SOLD
    Posted Image

    Black chrome T-8
    Carry case, 2 mags with quick change CO2. 10 Re-balls.
    220 plus shipping
    Posted Image

    Smart box mag, Dye stainless barrel and SP wood grips. Also a foregrip and a seal kit.
    160 plus shipping. SOLD
    Posted Image

    I've tried to keep the price reasonable, but not screw me too badly. The price for the whole kit and kabootle is 450 OBO
  2. Brass or aluminum?

    02 September 2009 - 12:36 PM

    The point of the poll is to see who favours what, The old brass (Sheridan P-68, PMI-II... etc) Or, The "sniper" platform that Bud Orr made. (And later on, turned them into cockers) And why.
    Have at!
  3. Old splash Automag, Tippmann model 98, and Spyder aggressor.

    16 June 2009 - 05:34 PM

    Well, the guys with the ego's are bonusballin me again so it's time to get another electro.

    Trade Wants:
    Nelspot 007

    First up, my trusty mag.
    ANS splash kit, ANS stainless steel barrel, VL foregrip, double trigger. (Also not pictured it the ANS splash kit sight rail.)
    135 OBO. <--GONE

    Next, my model 98. Its a mix of green and black, and has a oldstyle J and J barrel 16 inch.
    Uhh, 75 bucks OBO?<--- GONE
    My spyder aggressor... it's got a AK-47 stock, and wood grip panels, (And mech frame to put em' on.) antichop derlin bolt, PMI sping kit, and a Spyder rocking trigger 2.0 (not pictured)
    100 OBO

    Now, I have other gear I can add, this includes barrels, masks, pods, etc. (If the right trade comes along)

    Pictures are here because I don't want to make the mods rage for large pics. --> http://s529.photobucket.com/albums/dd331/G...sk-paintballer/

    Prices are really OBO. Feel free to offer.
  4. Before the plastic, Brass Eagle made a marker that was black as night.

    23 April 2009 - 05:36 PM

    After awhile of hunting on MCB, I have bought and traded myself into some quite nice 12 gram powered goodness. What I bring to you guys today Is my Nightmare LB. It's really a nice marker, and works really well consittering the reputation of these markers, (40 shots to a 12 gram.) I also have a KP2 in the mail and will post pics of it when it arrives.
  5. Awesome oldschool cool, or a T-9?

    22 March 2009 - 04:51 PM

    Well, I just sold off some markers and am now going to be sitting on some funds. approxmately 340 to be exact. I could get a pretty nice T-9 for that much since a basic is all I want, BUT I have been eyeing this Brass eagle Nightmare for awhile. (This was long before BE sold out and started making things outta plastic.) It's stock class, and has a shoulder stock and looks downright godly. Link here:The nightmare.
    So what do you guys think? I have most of my bases covered for other styles of play, for open class pump I have my backbottle brass PMI LB, for mech semi I have my classic mag, for electro I have a Angel 05 speed, and for a backup I have a Tippmann model 98. If you guys want you say a different marker, thats cool, but please state your opinion on the two mentionied aswell.


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