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  1. Ariakon Overlord Rx

    25 May 2010 - 07:40 PM

    My priorities have moved onward from paintball and I'm looking to get this sold so I can get out to an expensive lacrosse camp this summer.

    Still got the box and all the original goodies it came with. Used her only a handful of times just changed out the O-rings. I will Include a pack of co2 cartridges and 10 of those 10 rd tubes pictured below.

    Starting the bidding at $120
    I'll do paypal but I prefer cash, I'll ship after you pay.
    I guess I'll look at trades but dead presidents are king.


    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  2. Photography...of a sort

    15 September 2009 - 01:10 PM

    So I got my open water certification for scuba diving a few weeks ago and now I think I want to try and get into underwater photography. I'm going to be looking into somewhere to take a course for scuba photography around palm beach in Florida. I'm just wondering if anyone actually does do this sort of thing (it'd suprise me) but besides that I'm in no way a photographer so I'm just looking to get a start and some tips?
  3. PM5 tech?

    14 August 2009 - 08:24 PM

    I had a thread up a while ago about a PM5 I bought recently.

    It has a few problems and I don't really have the time to diagnose and fix them all but I really want to use it.

    So does anyone know if I can send it in to Proto to have it tech'ed and ready to go?
  4. sip's Wants list

    09 August 2009 - 10:52 AM

    Need a few things and have some cash.

    No feedback but a nice sized post count so I will NOT ship first if you come to me.
    Post then PM

    CP ASA w/ on-off (dust black only)

    PM feedneck (for a PM5) also dust black

    V-force grillz (olive)

    Pants under $60 in olive or black. L or XL

    Pod packs in black/olive (keep it under $20 or no dice)

    That's all for now, lets see what you got.
  5. Gotta love a good scam

    04 August 2009 - 03:24 PM

    Ok so today I went to the city (NYC) to get some new shoes and stuff etc...

    I was walking to the guitar center in Union square when two black males around their 20's approached me and my friend and were very forward and in our face.
    They yelled out to us made sure we shook their hands and then started bugging us to buy their cheap store bought food (air-heads, fruit roll ups etc.) So this is normal business in the city I ask how much tell them I only have $2 bucks because they say 2 for $4. They continue to ask for money and simply won't let us walk away until we pull out our wallets, upon doing this they eye the biggest bill in both of our wallets (a 20 dollar bill) and say they'd give change for it.

    I am quite skeptical already but I just want these guys off my back and I know I can't walk away without giving them money. I was completely against handing over a $20 but he basically took it flashed me his wallet then swiftly pocketed both my $20 and his wallet grabbed a bunch of worthless junk food handed it to me and began to walk away fast. The same deal with my friend, I yelled out I was calling the police they said go ahead and ran around the block. I didn't call the cops because unless I followed the 2 possibly dangerous men twice my age there was no way the cops would find them.

    So yeah sorry for the lengthy story but after all of this I figured ehh im mad but it was a decent scam they were running. So has anyone else been a victim of a clever scam on the streets or anywhere else?



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