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  1. Can't Afford Much Sale

    16 May 2009 - 03:21 PM

    Well two speeding tickets, insurance through the roof, and work work work. Doesn't leave me for much time to play or much money. But really who cares about the sob story, this is good gear at good prices.

    Okay...My memory card is working in my camera, yet not in my computer? Anyone who's smarter than me PM me for help please. I can't get pictures up now, but anyone with a cell phone that can recieve pictures can get a picture of whatever whenever. PM me.

    -Payment will only be accepted via money order or check.
    -You pay, I ship.
    -I'm the seller, so I'm responsible for getting my product to you. I will ship USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. This gives me proof I sent the product. But this still doesn't guarantee you'll get the product. It could get lost and USPS would not be liable to replace it. So its YOUR responsibility to tell me if you want insurance, and you will pay for it.


    -Guerilla Air 48 c.i. 4,500 p.s.i. Tank
    One of the smallest tanks on the market. I've filled it twice, and used the first fill. I'll empty what it has in it before I ship it. Has a 5 year rehydro and the date is 07-08. It's pretty much brand new. Lets start this at $150 plus shipping

    -Viewloader VLocity Select Force Loader
    This is a smoke (although I would swear it's black) VLocity. It was the top of the line blah blah blah Viewloader hopper at the time I bought it. Now I don't even want to know what they have on the market. I could tell you it was brand new and you would believe me. But it's been used twice. It will come with the two brand new Duracells I just put in it. $60 plus shipping

    -Smart Parts Teardrop Barrel (14")(A-5)
    Smoke black, and brand new. Never used once. I bought it for $20 at my local store hoping it would fit my Mini Lite, but it doesn't get under the shroud. So it's as good as yours for $20 plus shipping.

    -Evil Elbow Pads
    Brand new, tryed on once. They're red and a size Large/Extra Large. $20 plus shipping

    -Automag Rebuild/Parts Kit
    Your going to have to see the picture for this one...I have no clue. Just offer up. There's a full bolt assembly in there and tons of other stuff.
  2. Car Crash

    10 May 2009 - 11:20 AM

    So me and my girlfriend were driving two days ago. Nothing out of the ordinary. No seatbelts, talking having fun. We just got out of her driveway, then she hit the shoulder a litlle. You know those damn woman drivers. She swerved all the way to the other side of the road. Rediculously overcorrected it. Then brought it back...and this part makes me laugh. She takes her hands off the wheel and covers her eyes. This was her moms Jeep Liberty. Which is notorious for, you guess it. Rolling. We rolled three times into the ditch and landed on our wheels. Next thing I knew my foot was hanging out the windsheild. So I pulled it out and asked her if she was okay. She couldnt move because of some terrible bruising on her side. I got out of the car and expierienced the best adrenaline high of my life. I called 9-1-1 but hung up on them shortly because of all the questions they were asking. Lol. Eventually an ambulance got there and she got carried in. The paramedics kept trying to wrap up my ankle but I just kept running around asking if she was okay. I couldnt sit still but eventually they strapped me down and took us both in the ambulance. We got to the hospital and the doctors checked me over and then they all left the room for a little. Emily, my girlfriend was in the room next to me. So I snuck out in my boxers, bought a Coke and sat in her room and made sure she was okay. The doctors werent too happy with me but whatever. I got cleared from the hospital that night but she had to stay so I slept there with her. She bruised and sore but I'm perfectly fine. Were very lucky.



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    Stock Class Phantom 

    06 Aug 2008 - 19:52
    Such As? I've been here 3 days Ten, I don't know what your talking about.
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    06 Aug 2008 - 16:14
    ...You shouldn't start threads you know already have existed before ;)
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    Stock Class Phantom 

    04 Aug 2008 - 22:43
    Did you at least wear protection?
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    04 Aug 2008 - 16:19
    I stole your comment virginity lol!
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