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  1. Scenario Game; July 10/11, 2010, Plattekill, NY

    29 May 2010 - 06:56 AM

    Title; "Eastern Strike"
    Date: Saturday July 10th - Sunday July 11th 2010
    Host Field: Paintball Sports Inc. in Plattekill, NY.
    Battlefield Sessions: Saturday 11am - 5pm
    Saturday Night 7pm - 12am
    Sunday 10am - 3pm
    Posted Image
    If you live in the area, and are looking for a really good scenario game you have to try this game. You will not be disappointed. If you have ever played at West Point, this place is just north of West point.
    Look at the review and comments for the last scenario game.

    Black Market Game Format:

    The Black Market War paintball scenario game is a large scale war that will be waged over different battlefields. Players will be assigned battle classes, take part in large and small group missions, and fight their way to victory in a fun scenario format.

    Battlefield Session: The war is broken down into different battlefield sessions. Each session will have a point score and the winner will be the sum of the battlefield sessions. Each player will be a specific role playing battle class, and each class will have special items they can use that come from the Black Market.

    Role Playing Classes: Every player will get a registration id tag, this id will have your team and player class information. Role play classes will go to preregistered teams first.Other role play classes not shown here may be in play during the game

    The Black Market– The Black Market is a neutral force that both teams must use to complete missions, gain gold, and spend their gold on items, props, and Special Mercenaries.
    What is the Black Market?

    In War there is always someone who benefits, this just happens to be the Black Market. Each team's Command will want to use their Agents to frequent the Black Market for special missions, props, mercenaries, tanks, and just about anything needed to tip the tide of war in your favor.
    To check out the Official Rulebook please CLICK HERE
  2. Scenario #10 Spearhead to the Bridge

    10 May 2009 - 09:00 AM

    Scenario #10 Spearhead to the Bridge

    Here is the set up.
    The enemy force’s front lines are crumbling; friendly forces have broken through in numerous places. The enemy’s tactics have been a retreat-delaying action for two days. The Enemy now has the Okeanos River to their backs, and is moving towards a bridge. Your forces have moved deep into enemy territory. You are but two miles from this important bridgehead. Returning recon forces have reported an unknown number of opposition forces moving across the bridge, and in the woods east of the river; they appear to be setting up to defend the bridge. Air recon reports a large number of opposition forces moving from the west towards the bridge. This large force will be on the outskirts of the village in 2 ½ hours. Your command informs you a friendly mechanize battalion with additional ground support is headed your way; they are 3 hours away from the bridge.
    To be in control of this bridge will cut the retreating forces from re-supply and allow your forces open ground to the enemy’s central command and supply depots. It is a must have asset.

    The Mission
    Because you have moved so far forward in the overall battle, headquarters sees an opportunity.
    Consolidate your forces; develop a plan to remove the enemy force from the bridge and the village, and hold the village until the reinforcements arrives.

    Your forces.
    You have;
    One leader,
    10 squads of (8) men each,
    two tanks with a six man squad attached to each
    two snipers,
    and a (paintball) mortar team.

    How would you execute this mission?
    In your own post below tell us how you would perform this mission? You can only cross the river at the bridge. Walking at 15 min/mile your forces can be engaging the enemy within thirty minutes.
    You can not read anyone else’s post until you have written and posted your own. You can not edit your post after reading anyone else’s post.

    Posted Image
  3. Scenario #9 The Element of Surprise

    02 February 2009 - 04:04 PM

    Scenario #9 The Element of Surprise

    Here is the set up.
    An informant has just given the location of a safe house where approximately 30 to 40 bad guys are hold up. The compound they are hiding in has an eight foot wall surrounding it with entrances on the east and west sides; there are several buildings in the compound. The bad guys are all indoors in the buildings on the west side of the compound, probably sleeping before their next night operation. They think they are safe and are not patrolling their perimeter. The local neighborhood population is not your friend; do not allow them to alert the bad guys. Your forces will be inserted at high speed by armored vehicles, and you are to move out as quickly as possible. Your drop points will be anywhere on the south road below the compound, and on the east side of the compound.

    The Mission
    Enter the compound and eliminate all opposition. If there are stores of ammo; burn the building to the ground. Then call for your removal a soon as possible, the locals will want revenge when they find out what you have done.

    Your forces.
    You have four squads of six soldiers each. All are lightly armed for building to building combat. Throw as many grenades as you think you can carry.

    How would you execute this mission?
    In your own post below tell us how you would perform this mission?
    You can not read anyone else’s post until you have written and posted your own. You can not edit your post after reading anyone else’s post.

    Posted Image
  4. Scenario #8 PILOTS DOWN!

    17 January 2009 - 04:02 AM

    Scenario #8 PILOTS DOWN!

    Here is the set up.
    Two recon pilots were forced to eject from their aircraft. Their chutes opened and they landed safely, both men have pistols and sufficient ammo. Their exact medical condition is not known. Their satellite telephones are no longer working, their GPS is not working, but local non-secure radio communications will be available with them once your team is inserted. The pilots are on the move to keep from being captured.
    Opposition forces are aware of the downing of the recon aircraft and of the pilots ejection and have sent out search parties (at least five separate teams of varying sizes). The pilots landing location was not observed by any opposing forces; they are on a general search mission. Opposition forces can listen to your radio communications with the pilots. (Note for reference; the distance from Dugunculer to Sogtonu is approx 4 miles.) You will be landing in another county; air support will not be available.

    The Mission
    You are the leader of a rapid response team. You are to be dropped into hostile territory. Your team along with two other teams will be dropped at locations of your choice. You are to search for and find the two pilots and extract them to a pre-determined extraction point. In addition to the pilots, the ‘black box’ they had when they landed is also to be retrieved. It is not known if the pilots kept the 25 lb ‘black box’ with them once they started to move. It must be retrieved.

    Your forces.
    Three teams of six men each. Each soldier can be equipped with (current PB) weaponry they are able to repel from a hovering helicopter with; then carry. Each team carries a GPS and will be in radio communication with the other teams.

    How would you execute this mission?
    In your own post below tell us how you would perform this search and recovery mission?
    You can not read anyone else’s post until you have written and posted your own. You can not edit your post after reading anyone else’s post.

    Posted Image

    Note for the paranoid. This map is real. It is from another country. (I can't remember where.) The city names are real, if you must know then google earth those names.
  5. Scenario #7 The Bridge; Hold at All Cost

    11 January 2009 - 03:44 AM

    Scenario #7 The Bridge; Hold at All Cost

    There is a slight change to the rules; read them. You are under a time constraint. Do not read the post until you have time to write your plan in thirty minutes or less. Your weapons are paintball weapons, those currently available, the phosphorus grenades are the only non-PB weapons available to you, make them count. For the curious; the picture is taken from someplace in Europe.

    Here is the set up.
    The enemy has broken through your defensive lines in multiple places. Your battalion has been in a retreat-delaying action for two days trying to re-consolidate a defensive line. Things have not been going well.
    You have dropped back to the edge of the river, which runs north to south and can only be crossed at bridges. On the west side of ‘the bridge’ is a well established village with paved streets, two story brick buildings, etc. The bridge is a steel and brick, two lane, paved bridge; large enough for armored vehicles to cross.

    Battle weary squads are now arriving on the east side of the Okeanos River from multiple directions and converging at ‘the bridge’. They are reporting to you overwhelming enemy forces are moving in your direction, two tanks (Paintball, they can not level a building) have been spotted with a squad of support for each. You determine your best-case-scenario; a hundred enemy forces are headed your way.
    A scouting team you sent into the village reports back. They found a functioning anti-tank gun and ammo, four phosphorus grenades, six 55 gal drums of gasoline, a taxi and a flatbed truck both of which can be driven.
    Enemy forces must not cross the bridge or they will be behind the major support portion of your battalion. Reinforcements are on their way; they are two and a half hours out.

    The Mission
    Consolidate and deploy your forces. Defend the bridge for two hours until reinforcements arrive.

    Your forces.
    You have;
    one leader (that’d be you)
    four squads of (6) men each,
    two (2) man anti-tank teams,
    one sniper,
    And three wounded Heroes that can fight from a stationary position (it doesn’t look like they will make it; they know their probable fate).

    How would you execute this mission?
    Time is ticking; you have thirty minutes to engagement. In your own post below tell us how you would perform this mission? You have thirty minutes to write your plan-GO!
    You can not read anyone else’s post until you have written and posted your own. You can not edit your post after reading anyone else’s post. There are no halftimes, no timeouts, no cheerleaders, and no hesitation.
    Posted Image

    Some RULES
    •Your weapon is your paintball marker. Under 300fps.
    •A “barrel tag” that touches an opponent is a kill without a shot being fired (for stealth tactics).
    •A grenade is a paintball grenade.
    •Tanks shoot paintballs, paint grenades or NERF rockets. They can be taken out by a NERF rocket. You can also disable at
    tank by completely covering with paint one foot square targets mounted on the tanks front, sides and rear.
    •Anti-tank weapons are NERF rockets.


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    06 Apr 2009 - 11:55
    I love your scenario tactics threads! They make me use my head.
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    Formidable Fox 

    07 Jan 2009 - 14:43
    Your scenario tactics threads are awesome!
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