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  1. Possible new Sniper rules

    26 July 2008 - 06:12 AM

    I'm probably about to start a major debate here, but that's what forums are for.

    I've been thinking alot about how we are deployed and used in the real world vs paintball, and wanted to run this by some of you. Granted a lot of this would have to be up to field owners, event handlers, etc. But just something to think about, and I wanted to throw it out as an idea.

    In the real world, snipers are typically sent out long before a larger unit moves into position. Days or even weeks before a major assault, raid, etc. We may be sent out to watch a couple of buildings and report on the activity, before a larger unit moves in to occupy it, etc. We may setup and watch roads to determine the best and safest places to cross, then provide cover positions for the larger unit as they cross, etc. As of now, this does not exist in the paintball world, and there fore really hinders the sniper role, tactics, and commanders decision making, etc. So here is my suggestion, please feel free to tell me how much of a moron I am, etc.

    Upon the start of a scenario each team would be allowed to designate how many individuals they want to deploy as snipers. This would be a commanders decision based off of his tactics, the skill of his team, etc. So it would give the commanders a bit more to think about. The individuals that the commander designates as his snipers will then be registered with who ever is running the field/scenario, etc. Now, once you are designated as a sniper, several things occur here...

    (the numbers given below are obviously up for debate, but should be kept to a very low number, as you will see the benefits later on)

    First the downside....during the event the sniper is allowed to only carry x amount of paint and air (Say 50 rounds, and a smaller tank). Now this does not prevent the sniper from linking up with friendlies out on the field and reloading, locating a cache point etc, but limits the actual amount he can carry at any given time. (frags, etc would also be up for discussion.) The idea is to set an actual limit on the sniper, so he does not have the ability to wipe out an entire force...unless of course he is truly good at what he does.

    The benefit...ok, so now you are designated as a sniper, your ammo is down to almost nothing, now what...Well, based on the scenario at hand, size of the field, etc. The sniper gets a head start. Instead of the sniper running like hell when the whistle blows, he actually gets a decent head start (5 - 10 minutes). This is the tactical advantage of the sniper. Even though he has limited ammo, etc, he now has the time to operate like a sniper. He can be deployed as a scout, relaying real time information back to his commander (like the real world), he can get "eyes on" specific objectives for the commander (like the real world), He can start to track/hunt designated targets, he can conduct a quick route recon letting a commander who doesn't know the field, the best ways to get from A to B, he may even be on a counter sniper mission, etc. (Again, like the real world)

    Again, keep in mind that this is not a ghost flanker, ambush, defensive, type roll, because they can still be deployed as the whistle blows. Therefore there would be no need to "designate" them as a sniper, etc. This would allow a commander, if he so chooses, to send x amount of snipers out onto the field prior to the assault. Granted the other team will be able to do the same, so you may end up with a sniper duel out there.

    Again, the idea is to give the sniper a specific role, while keeping him under wraps. We don't want an entire team saying "Oh, we're all snipers" so lets go!! There needs to be a serious decision based on the amount of paint carried etc. This will also help narrow down on the wanna be snipers out there. This would be a position for experienced, trustworthy, dedicated snipers. No commander wants to waste sending one of his guys out there, so he gets his butt shot off as soon as the whistle blows, etc.

    Keep in mind that the commander would also have to take into account that he is probably going to have to linkup with his snipers at some time to give them a re-supply, or even drop a cache of ammo off somewhere during one of his patrols (just like the real world). I personally think this type of thing would add a significant amount of realism and tactical decision making on the field. This is also where the two man sniper teams could come into play, due to the low amount of ammo, etc. Again, this would be a tactical decision made by the commanders.

    I thought about making the same type of setup for scouts, but that is typically what snipers are in the real world. So it's all the same.

    Just a thought, let me know what you think!
  2. Military Sniper to Paintball Sniper

    20 July 2008 - 07:46 AM

    I'm new to the world of paintball, but not Sniping. I served for 8 years in the U.S. Marine Coprs, 7 of which as a sniper, 4 of which as a sniper team leader, to include 3 tours in Iraq. I'm starting this thread to see if there are any other former or active military snipers out there who have tips and advice for conforming to paintball snipers. We wont need to discuss basics of stalking, shooting, etc. This is for experienced snipers looking for applications of known tactics and techniques in regards to paintball. If there are any real (non-military) veteran paintball snipers out there, i'd love to hear some of your more advanced techniques, etc. Again, I didn't start this thread for someone looking to become a sniper. Lets keep this as an advanced thread only.

    Also, if there are any military snipers in the Houston area, let me know!

    Oh, and for all you guys claiming to be military snipers, I'll know if you're lieing!!


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    21 Jul 2008 - 07:02
    Thx for serving, My brother just joined the Marine Corp acouple months ago.
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