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  1. In Topic: HELP!!!

    11 December 2008 - 07:57 PM

    If he is a beginner id start simple i suggest a MR1,tippmann 98 or A5,BT, or even a mag. But if he has played before and loves the game i would say a Sp1 MR2,and so on. If he wants fire power in one i do suggest a Tm7 or i think im not sure...they have it where you can buy the new A5 with the new E-trigger system, im not sure. Im a lover of all paintball guns if it works and works well to ME its a good one in my book :laugh:
  2. In Topic: Upgrades for the BT-4 Assault???

    11 December 2008 - 06:57 PM

    oh the irony! same place i got my paintball gun..at the Action Village xDDD and khmer i got mine on a huge sell at the time but if you go on amazon.com you can get a firm range in price for a new one. The apex i dont really like too bulky but thats imo
  3. In Topic: Upgrades for the BT-4 Assault???

    10 December 2008 - 07:53 PM

    i would but whats the price range of one im not the type to spend over a 100 on a hopper (yeah i know im weird)
  4. In Topic: Upgrades for the BT-4 Assault???

    10 December 2008 - 07:07 PM

    Well there isnt any serious problems then out of it. Mine came in today and i tried it out i like it but my iron sights worked decently well..another thing on the stock trigger your able to put a RT trigger on it, BUT you have to get a 98 power tube and cut a small hole in the center of the mounting holes and put the bt valve in it. I also asked the company about barrel changes you CAN put a different barrel on it and STILL use the shroud. Sorry i work fast when i get a new gun ^^;;

    Oh about the the vertical adapter and expansion chamber, You can get a vertical adapter (only thing i really care about) but as for the expansion chamber you have to purchase a mag chamber from BT or other option t hat i have done before put a in-line expansion chamber on it. But i did some research the BT-4 is very customizable as much as the A5, i seen many setups for them and also many items up for purchasing.

    I seen all kinds of different shrouds for them, along with additional rails,sites,and stocks. But as the rip clip im going to invest on that some time or another, but as far as test firing today i didn't get any problems what so ever...tho i am a strong beliver in the term "all guns shoot different even of same make" its shooting a feel is allot different from either of my 98Cs (witch also has different feels from each other). Oh by the way the digi-camo option is worth it ;)

    But as summing it up from what i seen so far in it...its a great gun for me,i like it, and its also as customizable as a A5 IF you know where to look.
    But the trigger pull is a tad bit more then the C98s thats the only con i see. And why does every one complain about the weight makes it feel more realistic that i like in a mil-sim but that IMO ;) infact iv had a heavier gun then this before im use to it and its in my preferences.

    BTW thank you all for your help you did help me out allot about the gun, and i hope the info i found out about it will help others also.

    (i guess consider this a review or something XD)
  5. In Topic: Sling on a Phantom??

    07 December 2008 - 10:07 PM

    ha the alteritive i did for a sling on my 98c (because the way i have it built its like packing a brick) and you will laugh but i used a guitar strap from a guitar for Guitar Hero. It works really well tho.



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