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  1. In Topic: What is a good starting gun for daggers?

    17 July 2008 - 05:48 PM

    I use an Ion with a CP barrel. It works really well. Its fast and compact and light. the downside is that it only runs on HPA. The good thing is that it only costs 165 bucks, and it takes very few upgrades to make it an excellent gun. Here my rig

    -Ion Marker
    -CP Barrel 12-14" i think
    -3000 PSI 48 cui HPA tank
    -Empire Reloader B hopper

    It works really fricking well. A couple of notes. The Vibe is exactly the same as the SP-1 on the inside, and the A-5 is exactly the same as the X-7 on the inside. One of the really neat things about the Ion is the Eye. Idk if u have heard of it. Prolly not if ur new to paintball, but wat it is is an "eye" in the chamber of your gun that senses when paint is loaded in the chamber and wont fire if there is no paint. This means that you break almost no paint. I have never broken a single ball inside my Ion.

    P.S.- Watever you get make sure u get a Compressed Air tank. Co2 will turn into liquid inside your gun and screw over your internals. Plus you lose fps and acuuracy when the barrel gets cold.
  2. In Topic: should specialops re-do the brigade officers test?

    17 July 2008 - 05:37 PM

    One of the big problems with the test is that Spec Ops puts a lot of opinion stuff into their test. Like when they ask about strategy. They say that you should always leave defense. What if I am goin to do a large Flying V? I dont need defense, because I am creating a line of players. I agree with Sheriff Matt where he said it was more of "guess which answer Spec Ops wants" sort of thing. What they should do is create the test and leave the answer slot blank, then allow people who have demonstrated a fair amount of knowledge through this test to check other peoples tests for points in the Brigade
  3. In Topic: Woodsball Vs. Speedball guns

    17 July 2008 - 05:02 PM

    Why does no one seem to like the Ion? Ive got one and it hasnt failed me ever. Ive used in both woodsball and speedball games. There is no huge need for a Milsim gun because paintball guns cannot get the same specs as a real gun right now. The Ion can be used for any situation. It is light enough for a Light Rifleman, but spews enough paint to account for a Mobile Heavy Gunner for 1/3 the price. If you upgrade the internals you can even push your speeds past 20bps. Only downfall is that you have to use HPA, but most serious players do that anyways.