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  1. A-5 with R/T, Flatline, CAR stock

    01 June 2009 - 11:54 AM

    Finally decided to sell my trusty A-5, mainly because I plan on running pistols only now at scenario games... :ninja:

    My A-5 was purchased less than a year ago as a Stealth package, which means that this A-5 includes a CAR collapsible stock, remote air line and Flatline barrel. I also added a response trigger to this marker, and it shoots perfectly and is tuned in great! I will also note that this gun has NEVER been run on CO2, as I use HPA only. I am not including my HPA bottle in this.

    The gun you are getting shoots great, is mechanically sound and has been lovingly maintained... :)

    I'm asking $280 for the gun and remote line, shipping NOT included (buyer to pay actual cost), but am open to reasonable offers. I'm even willing to throw in my PCS vest with the deal, which is in amazing shape and was purchased at the same time I got the A-5. I'm also willing to discuss trades that involve a Tiberius pistol and cash or other equipment. Payment is via Paypal only.

    Posted Image
  2. Need a place to train for scenarios...

    07 May 2009 - 06:02 AM

    If there are any players or teams reading this that are familliar with or live between Sanford and Deland, Team GDR is looking for a place that we can do tactical training for scenario events on a monthly basis. Does anyone in the area know of any outlaw locations or land that the owner would allow this on?

    Any leads from the community would be MUCH appreciated!
  3. Intelligence/Counter-Intel Operations in Scenario Games

    29 April 2009 - 07:36 AM

    Strategic and Tactical Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence, and Signal Security Operations in Scenario Games

    Posted Image
    Senior team leaders plotting their team's next move. With proper intelligence, the general and his or her staff will have a much easier time winning the game for their side.

    In 'real world' terms, military intelligence is described as:


    ..a military service that uses intelligence gathering disciplines which informs the commanders' decision making process by providing analysis of available data from a wide range of sources including forecast environmental changes (an element of meteorological intelligence), and opposing force intentions..

    Real world military commanders, especially in first-world armies, have elaborate and sophisticated methods (in addition to the more basic and traditional ones) they use to collect intelligence on an enemy, which in turn aids the commanding officer in making sound, informed decisions that will lead to decisive action.

    In scenario paintball, intelligence operations are often seen as an odd sideshow to the actual 'fighting', with lone individuals or a few highly-coordinated teams sometimes providing their side's general with actionable and tiemly intelligence. With the proper training and coordination, however, coordinated intelligence and counterintelligence activities can have a decicive influence on the course of a scenario battle, and can certainly mean the difference between victory and defeat for a team.

    Let's now take a look at how we can properly apply intelligence gathering techniques to the scenario paintball environment in a meaningful and truly beneficial way.

    Case Study: Team GDR's Intelligence Section

    Posted Image
    Quality, multi-channel radios; the main equipment required for an effective intelligence operation.

    Team GDR currently maintains as part of its basic organization an organic intelligence section composed of 3 team members. When not operating as an intelligence unit, this section is usually broken up and its members parcelled out to the line squads as needed, or the members are assigned to the weapons squad in order to assist with heavy weapons deployment.

    When operating in its designed mission, the intelligence section can either report directly to the GDR CO or to our side's general, if the general so desires. Normally, however, the intelligence section remains an organic part of Team GDR. It should also be noted that the intelligence section does not always have to operate entirely 'in the field', meaning that one or more members can do their job while in the rest area at the event. (an axample of which would be the intel team leader and counter-intel NCO doing their jobs in the rest area while the tactical intel NCO stays with the command group in the field)
  4. Jackal's Paintball Tactics Series

    15 April 2009 - 11:01 AM

    For those particularly bored or masochistic individuals that enjoy reading my thoughts on paintball tactics and strategy, below are the direct links to everything I've written in these forums in one neat and tidy location.


    Fire and Manuever in Scenario Paintball

    Types of Tactical Movement Formations

    The pointman and team leader on patrols

    The 4-Man Ambush

    Security Halts

    The Scout/Sniper in Paintball

    Indirect Fire Weapons in Scenario Games

    Intelligence/Counter-Intel Operations in Scenario Games
  5. Employment of Artillery in Scenario Games

    15 April 2009 - 07:32 AM

    Employment of Indirect Fire Assets in Scenario Games

    Posted Image

    In the real world, professional militaries across the globe rely on indirect fire in the form of mortars, heavy artillery, naval gunfire and aviation-delivered munitions to provide close support for troops and dominate the enemy with superior fire during combat operations.

    In the world of scenario paintball, the battlefield is dominated by light, tactical, direct fire weapons. (mostly paintball markers with a few light RPGs) Indirect-fire artillery, for the most part, is rarely seen on professional fields or renegade fields. When it is encountered it is usually bound by restrictive rules that ensure the safety of the players encountering it.

    What exactly is paintball artillery?

    Posted Image
    The Tippmann Ordinance CB-75, a crew-served, purpose-built, indirect fire mortar capable of launching multiple projectile types.

    Some players consider paintball artillery to include anything that throws a lot of paint or is just plain heavier than a marker. In the context of this article, however, we treat as artillery any large-bore, air-powered projector fired in at an angled trajectory. In effect, this includes both purpose-built mortars, improvised mortars and field guns.

    Posted Image

    In the image above, you can see what it means when we talk about the main differences between true paintball artillery and other types of projectors such as markers and rocket launchers. Another massive difference between artillery like mortars and any commercial marker is the range; some mortars are truly capable of beyond visual range fire in excess of 400 feet!

    Basic Equipment, Crew and Concepts

    A team employing heavy artillery like mortars or howitzers need a small bit specialized equipment and personnel in addition to the weapon in order to operate at maximum effectiveness. This includes:
    • Field-Grade Compass - These are used by both the gun crew and forward observers to accurately set the direction in which the weapon is firing.

    • Rangefinder - For teams that really value accuracy, the addition of a simple rangefinder to your equipment can be of great assistance. These range in price from about $30 to several thousand for military or survey-grade models.

    • Ammunition - Most artillery pieces are able to fire multiple ammunition types, the main one of which is usually some sort of modified balloon round containing paint that is mixed by the crew.

    • Pre-planned Fire Card - This can be as simple as information scribbled on a piece of scrap paper, or more purpose-made like Team GDR's own pre-planned fire card. Both do the same job, which is to record the direction and distance settings needed on the weapon in order to fire at one or more pre-designated target areas.

    • Forward Observers - For artillery firing at targets that the crew are not able to see, FOs become necessary. These are individuals armed will a compass, radio and fire card that give the crew firing and adjusting instructions.

    • Gun Crew - A proper gun crew usually consists of at least 2-3 members, which normally includes a gun commander (who sets, targets and fires the artillery), loader/technician and assistant loader/radio man. For a crew of two, the commander can also act as radio man.


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