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  1. In Topic: Pump will be more fun after a bit, right?

    24 August 2009 - 12:36 PM

    I'm seriously thinking about getting into pump markers since I'm born and bred into a one shot one kill mind frame (from actual hunting and also training in the US Army) right now I'm running with a Tippmann 98C with a mil sim AR style adjustable stock, 14" J&J Ceramic barrel, and a decent BSA red dot sight. But I'm still used to waiting and timing my shots so I take as few as possible. I like the idea of a pump but haven't had any experience with them, I don't want anything that's made up of plastic parts, there's gotta be some durability to it if I'm to even THINK about purchasing. I prefer not to use the 12g cartridges (rather screw in type such as a refillable 16oz.) but if that's all that's available I'll deal...also I don't want one that I have to rock foward to get a round chambered. I know I'm kind of picky but does anyone have any suggestions?

    -ABT :laugh:
  2. In Topic: When podding a water bottle...

    24 August 2009 - 11:37 AM

    View PostPrivate Silver, on Aug 24 2009, 02:22 PM, said:

    Alright, i was just wondering as i've seen a bunch of references to people putting water bottles into a spare pod for ease of carry. Do i just have abnormally small diametered?(not sure on spelling) pods, or are people finding water bottles that are skinny as all get out?

    this is an example of what i mean, its the newer aquafina bottles that have like 50% less plastic so the bottle tends to squish pretty easily...

    Attachment AK000023.JPG

    that's bout as far as I can fit it. if you see the pod lid to the right in the background, the bottom of the bottle gets to about there before i can't push any farther, and there's still a good half the pod left of empty space.

    edit:fixed some typos


    Not to be a smarty pants but if you just want to carry a water bottle in the pod area (I have done this and it's not a bad way to go) and you're not too worried about having a lot of ammo or you have a 4+1 setup so it doesn't hurt your game a whole lot to leave one pod empty...you could just leave the pod itself out of the pod holder and place your water bottle in it instead...since the pod isn't there there's more room (less plastic in the way) for the bottle to slide in. No offense intended by this message I'm just offering a suggestion. It's what I usually do. Or rather I did till I got a CamelBak.
  3. In Topic: The Ultimate Firearm Thread V2.

    17 March 2009 - 09:28 PM

    View PostKa1iBuR, on Feb 18 2009, 06:31 PM, said:

    Okay, Puzuma has given me permission to open this thread back up to any and all who wish to share their opinion of great fantasy firearms. But before we begin, I must warn you all:

    There will be NO fighting or arguing about ANYTHING in this thread. Any such violations will be immediately reported, and Puzuma is standing by, to swiftly and brutally send any violators on a long vacation. So let's not have a repeat of last time, allright?

    This thread was intended for members who would like to share their ideas of the most awesome gun ever, be it laser, gauss, or any other fantasy gun. So, let's begin.

    Here's mine:
    It's a double-barrel 12 guage automatic-adjustable combat shotgun with recoil dampers in the action and stock. It is fed by two connected magazine clips, and the full auto mechanism is a rocking firing pin that fires one barrel at a time while on full auto or semi mode. The grip would allow three modes: full auto, semi auto, or dual-barrel semi. Each magazine would be capable of holding 10 shells, for a total of 20 shells loaded, 22 with two in the chambers. The magazine design would significantly reduce reloading times, and the overall design would put the SPAZ 12 and Street Sweeper to shame. This would be a formidable weapon when loaded with either shot or slugs, and a very adaptable one.

    AmericanBadTail (ABT) writes:
    This may sound a little lame but then again it could be as out there as an automatic double barrel shotgun lol...no offense K1...anyhow...my personal opinion of a fine weapon would be a 68cal. sniper rifle with laser guided target seeking rounds. By the time it hit the guy's head (and believe me every shot would be requiring a "BOOM HEAD SHOT!!!" afterwards) there'd be nothing left due to muzzle blast. But that's me...I'm ready to lie in wait for the unlucky soul :rolleyes: whereas K1 just wants to be gungho go in and destroy it all :laugh: ...lol...either way is fun though :dodgy:



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