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  1. "Tripwire" from t8og stole my money.

    15 January 2009 - 06:14 PM

    Well this happened back in August (6 months ago) so I don't remember all of the exact details (have them in emails/files but not gonna look them up right now)..

    basically I'm sure many of you guys have experienced some issues with getting your order and/or money back from Tripwire who ran the t8og forums and "tactical customs" online shop. I originally payed him $300 flat for an item after which about probably 4 weeks or so he was getting an increasingly bad rap from everyone and the online shop shut down due to difficulties of whatever sort..

    Well I filed a PayPal dispute and "won"... they didn't get me all my money back all I got back was $17.95 which was all that was in Tim Elder (Tripwire) account at the time.

    Since then he has been telling me constantly that "payments have been sent" and "will be sent" and all excuses that you can think of to delay in hopes of (I guess) me forgetting that he still has $282.05 of my money..

    So he owed me $282.05 up until today.. when I got a money order in the mail..

    $282.05 money order? nope..
    $200 money order? nope..
    $150? nope..
    $100? nope..
    50? nope...

    Posted Image


    Not once did he tell me he was only sending TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. Now he owes $257.05!

    Posted Image

    on the left of the money order where it says 'memo' it says "Partial payment for t8og items" so I figure he is meaning to pay the rest back but holy crap when????.. I won't be living in my house in 6 months I'm shipping off for Army basic!

    This just turned even more ridiculous than it already was..which I didn't think was possible. ...will update post w/ his reply email (he tends to avoid those too unless I keep nagging him)

    UPDATE 1/29Finally got the rest of my money, leaving this thread up though.
  2. T9 Elite ST 'cept with different red dot

    20 October 2008 - 06:12 PM

    Bought this T9ST off of Jonny.M101 over on t9og.com (super fast shipping/excellent description, great communication!) but I already had this red dot/light/laser and I have the LAPCO STR8 SHOT .690 bore barrel and bird cage tip. (also got all the other laser/light/sight.. EVERYTHING else that orignally comes w/ the T9 Elite package)

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Could change it up even more except I don't feel like doing it all right now haha.. will update this post when I configure it differently in the future.
  3. Multi-cam plate carrier suggestions/help

    04 October 2008 - 10:52 PM

    I'm 5'11" and around 145~149lbs. I see lots of people here buying the Condor plate carrier here and was wondering if that would fit me?

    Also I was wondering if anyone has come across any plate carriers BETTER than that one WITH AUTHENTIC CRYE MULTI-CAM. (of course 'better than' would be personal preference I'm assuming)

    I realize there are already some threads on this very vest/topic but I don't want to hijack. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

    *I'm not going to be buying things from OPSGEAR since they are typically more expensive than other places... they just have a pretty good selection so I'm looking on there

    edit: Go to post #7 for my new vest choices lol..
  4. FULL CLIP Combo Rig or a Plate Carrier Vest?

    20 September 2008 - 06:10 PM

    What do you guys think?




    *also if you know of a better quality multi-cam vest/plate carrier, post it up.. but it's gotta be MOLLE compatible
  5. Good optics for paintball?

    18 September 2008 - 08:37 PM

    is the BSA STSRD30LL


    the parallax corrective-'ness' looks good from what I can tell looking through it in the store where I work.. I can get it for $90 and might pick one up tomorrow.. we only have 3 so I hid one up top on the shelf where all the employees hide their stuff they want lol

    is it any good for paintball do you guys think? I'll be picking it up tomorrow unless I get some bad rap about it


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