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  1. In Topic: History of Paintball gear : PPS Stroker and Benjamin-Sheridan Piranha

    01 October 2011 - 11:25 AM

    Nice video Tyger, I always wondered what a stroker was. I kinda thought it was a typo for "Stocker" as in Super Stocker.


    Why dose rifling deaden the sound??
    As far as I know rifling does nothing. I think tyger meant to say porting (the holes at the end of barrels).
  2. In Topic: Woodsball shoes....for broad feet

    30 September 2011 - 10:17 AM

    I have fairly wide/weird shaped feet and it took me forever to track down a decent footwear. I eventually found Dunham's, New balance's out doors line, they fit like a dream, are very supportive, relatively light, and very water proof. I'd definitively recommend them.


    Next time I need to go boot shopping I'll definitively look into Keen. Thanks for finding them.
  3. In Topic: Tacticool 6 : Top Sniper Competitions

    15 August 2011 - 09:02 PM

    That's it! Tyger must be stopped! Thisisn't just an attack on paintball snipers; it is an attack on all paintball specialty groups! I for one have been a proud paintball Jesus since I started playing.

    Now for those of you who may be wondering, "What is a paintball Jesus?" I'll tell you. Now this is just my opinion because all of us paintball Jesuses have different definitions of what a paintball Jesus actually is. My opinion is a paintball Jesus is someone whois an expert at snap shooting, laning, and not getting shot with a paintball.

    Now a paintball Jesus doesn't have to be "better" than your average player, he just has to be an expert at those elements of the game.

    Now I know what your thinking, "If you'rean expert at snap shooting, laning, and not getting shot with a paintball, aren't you just an awesome paintballer?" Well no, that's not how it works we use theterm paintball Jesus to tell people what we are, experts at snap shooting, laning,and not getting shot with a paintball, not how good we are.

    Some people get hung up on the name"paintball Jesus" they say "Your not really the only son of God, You cantreally perform miracles, or come back from the dead so why call yourself apaintball Jesus? Obviously we're not real Jesus, we're paintball Jesuses. We just use the name because it makes sense. See wealways respawn quickly to get back in the game so it's like coming back to lifekind of like real Jesus. We do miraculous things on the field like raise theflag when no one else can so it's like we perform miracles.

    See we could use other names like "paintball Quetzalcoatl" but why bother? We didn't pickpaintball Jesus because it sounds cool or relates us to the messiah, it waschosen because it's the simplest term to describe what we do.

    I hope that clears up all the negative stigmas that go with the people who call themselvesa paintball Jesus. Just remember were not better than you we are just experts.
  4. In Topic: G.O.L.F paintballs

    20 January 2011 - 09:57 AM

    Do not use these for a regular day of play. My local indoor field uses this type of paint because the powder fill is much easier to clean indoors than regular paint. However the only reason this "paint" works for them is because their chrono speed is 200 or less. Even at this low speed these balls hit harder and leave more serious bruises than regular paint around 280. I would not go near this stuff it was moving at 280fps.

    You could use it for test paint, as it does shoot fine (Atleast it seemed to shoot fine, but we were indoors so no wind, cold, or humidity to throw them off), but really why bother? You're just adding an unnecessary variable and like dex said they cost more than marbs.
  5. In Topic: Automag not working at low chrono speed

    30 December 2010 - 08:26 PM

    I’d love a PGP if I wasn’t broke. I still have my trusty Phantomfor the few times I play indoors.



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