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  1. top loaded zeus

    26 October 2008 - 04:16 PM

    I saw Agentsmith's video on youtube and I am planning on trying the same thing...cutting a hole in the top of my armortech zeus mag and making it top loaded. I am looking for ways to cut down my reload time/hassle.

    so: any suggestions as to what I should use to cut this hole?

    I considered getting a quick cap, but I am of Dutch descent (yes, literally, so no offense to any Dutchmen). I dont really want to fork out $30 for one. Thats part of the reason I got into pistol primary in the first place...

    EDIT: sp
  2. elimelech12's feedback

    27 September 2008 - 04:25 AM

    I searched for thread, and there it wasn't. so:

    I bought a zeus pistol, holster, and 2 mags off of elimelech12. he even managed to ship to canada. the pistol works great. I would gladly do business with him again.

  3. Remote line issue

    31 August 2008 - 07:42 PM

    I recently got a Warsensor (sp?) remote line with a slide check and it worked fine a few weeks ago at speedball. It is awesome, balances your marker and makes it so much more compact. however, i played an outlaw game today and for some reason, i could get off 4-5 shots and then the velocity started to drop until it wasn't shooting anymore. any suggestions? yes i made sure that the slide check was not open. yes i screwed the tank on correctly. yes i attatched the asa adapter correctly. anyone else have the problem/a solution?

  4. Facepaint

    27 August 2008 - 10:57 PM

    anyone use camcream around your eyes under your mask? might be messy, just wondering



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