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  1. In Topic: Clearing buildings?

    24 January 2009 - 04:49 PM

    View PostSneaky Big Foot, on Jan 24 2009, 03:03 PM, said:

    Can you use shields if you can, use them like this...

    You'd have to check with your field, but probably no shields. If gun/equipment hits count, then a shield is probably considered part of your kit and it would count too.
  2. In Topic: The Ultimate Guitar/bass Topic

    05 January 2009 - 09:27 PM

    Anything will sound bluesy with a tube amp and a little gain. An SG will sound awesome. Mahogany body and humbuckers. sweet.
  3. In Topic: The Ultimate Guitar/bass Topic

    03 January 2009 - 07:18 AM

    Both the Fender and the Epiphone are comparable. Both have solid spruce tops, and mahogany backs and sides. Similar body shape, both should sound very similar. Both have rosewood fingerboards, and comparable electronics. The main difference I found was that the Fender has a Nato neck while the Epiphone has a mahogony neck. Based soley on wood and construction preferences, I would go with the Epiphone. Mahogany is higher quality than Nato. This shouldn't affect the sound too much, but it might.

    For the money, both the Fender and the Epiphone as well as most Ibanez in that price range are fairly decent. The three major guitar companies today are Fender, Gibson (who owns Epiphone), and to a lesser extent, Ibanez. Ibanez is relatively new compared to the other two. All three make excellent guitars.

    To decide, I would play both and see which you like better. They should sound similar, but the shape of the necks may be totally different and you may hate one. If you are going to order from musician's friend, then you may not be able to play before ordering, so I guess just pick the one you like the look of?
  4. In Topic: Scenario #5 Predawn Hit and Run

    03 January 2009 - 07:10 AM

    Paintball 'nades are silent...grenade the guards and the dog, then clear the barracks, grenading each (bed) room before entering.
  5. In Topic: Scenario #4 Blow Up the Oil Tank

    03 January 2009 - 07:08 AM

    View PostDamifino, on Jan 3 2009, 04:25 AM, said:

    MY 20/20 HINDSIGHT

    First of all let’s synchronize our watches.
    Although you all have given mission plans, and they would work to different degrees of success, I wonder why it is necessary to kill the guards. You made a bloody mess and did not clean up after yourselves. You left dead bodies on well lighted roads, to possibly be discovered by passersby. Then what, kill them too? The mission is to blow the oil tank.
    Watch the guards, study their patterns. The only guard that would need to be eliminated would be the roving guard; he is the only unknown factor (everybody seemed to know that). The two guards that are guarding the parameter are not a threat to you, why kill them? Send two/three men to find and remove the roving guard, but only while the guard is in and among the tanks. Watch for the patrol boat once it makes a pass wait 30 minutes and make your call, give the direction the patrol boat is traveling*, you now have 30 minutes to complete your mission. Best to cross the River road in the tree lines along the river, and you stay on the north end of the tank farm, on the north side of the tanks you are out of their sites (some seemed to get this too). Do not waste time. Plant your changes; move down the east side of the tanks; still out of site. Keep an eye on your two guards, watch out for the patrol boat once it passes sneak out with two men, watch your guards and overwhelm the sleeping guard, not kill him, unless it is necessary, then do not hesitate to do it. Your pick-up is 15 minutes from the time the patrol boat passed (the patrol boat is approaching its maximum distance from you when your pickup arrives). Watching the guards and knowing their pattern of behavior bring you remaining team to the docks, remain low, no movement once on the dock. Your pick-up arrives, hop on and go south, then turn east to open waters. Take the sleeping guard with you if you did not kill him, remember no problem if you did. Ten minutes from shore, cut him a little bit, make him bleed, whisper “sharks” in his ear and throw him overboard and let him swim home (Now that’s funny).

    * Let’s say the patrol boat passes going north-to-south in 45 minutes it will be going south-to-north, the next time it will be going N-to-S again. You want your pick-up boat to approach the dock from N-to-S; so as not to break the visual pattern for the guards on the roads, and then continue N-to-S while escaping.

    Now who is ready for #5?

    well, assuming this is a paintball scenario and not real life, the guards are well aware that you are coming. In real life, maybe not, but in paintball, it is a game. They are looking for you. Also, there is no bloody mess, and no bystanders.

    Synchronizing watches is a good idea though.



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