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  1. Ariakon Gun & Spec Ops Vest Package

    13 February 2009 - 12:01 PM

    Ariakon SIM 5 Pro-Elite (Retails @ 525.00)

    This marker is still in pristine condition. I have only taken it to a couple scenario games, and let me tell you, it gets lots of response and questions from other players. The performance is excellent, it certainly can match the expensive price tag that I originally purchased it for. I love this marker, but prefer my 98 custom in the woodsball environment. I don't get around to scenario play a lot anymore, so I don't have a need for this. I could use the money for things like gas.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Special Ops Tactical Vest System (Retails @ 80-100.00)
    This vest is great. It basically looks brand new. I have used it a few times, but not enough to get the "wear and tear" factor. It has a pistol slot, pod slots, tank pouch, hydration pack pouch, 12-gram pouches, and a few miscellaneous other features. The vest design is MARPAT.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Total for the marker and vest is a whopping low price of only $275.00. Shipping is included in that!
  2. Tippmann 98

    01 February 2009 - 01:41 PM

    Looking to buy a 98. Price needs to be under 60.00.

    PM me or post here. I prefer to see pictures of what you are offering, if possible.
  3. Tippmann Pro-Lite Valve Stop

    26 January 2009 - 09:41 PM

    Earlier today I bought a Tippmann Pro-Lite from a guy off Craig's List for 40 bucks. Came with a hopper and a 20oz co2 tank, not a bad deal I figured - Anyways, the gun is actually in decent condition, I have taken it apart and replaced the o-rings, and the ball latch. I noticed that it is missing the valve stop.

    Let me quote from warpig.com -


    A very small (approx 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/8") square of metal

    -- The Valve Stop goes in a slot under the receiver, in front of the trigger guard just behind the velocity adjustment allen screw. The Valve Stop is usually held in place by the front pin that holds the trigger assembly to the receiver. The Valve Stop itself prevents the main valve body from moving back and forth in the receiver.

    Now, does anyone have an alternative to replacing this, because I cannot for my life find one online.

  4. Custom Vinyl Decals

    28 July 2008 - 07:36 PM

    I have a little vinyl cutter, so I thought some of you might take interest in this. If you want a custom decal made, with your team logo, text, or whatever, send me a private message. I will begin your decal once payment is received. Size will decide the price of your custom decal. If you want me to design the decal for you, I will charge extra based on the time it took to design. Unfortunately, I can only take money orders right now.

    On to the good stuff -

    Choices of vinyl:
      - Black
      - Navy Blue
      - White
      - Chrome
    All of the vinyl has an outdoor rating of 5-7 years, except for the chrome. It can be applied to vehicles, boats, plastic, wood, or any other non-porous surface.

    I have some premade decals listed below. Each one, unless otherwise noted, is available in any color listed above. More will be added in the future.

    M249 SAW DECAL
    Dimensions: 5 1/2 inches by 2 inches. (Not exact, but close.)
    Decal Image/Text: M249 SAW
    Price: $3.00 per

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    (Note the decal is still on the vinyl sheet. Once applied, it will only be the decal, no backing sheet will be there.)
  5. [DIY] Stencils

    18 July 2008 - 12:13 AM

    Alright, before I even start, I apologize for the crappy pictures. Hopefully you can make them out though.

    Supplies Needed

    - 3M painters tape.
    - Xacto Knife
    - Pen
    - Slick surface cutting tray (something that you can peel the tape on and off, without it sticking like hell. For mine, I use an old Subway tray.)

    Posted Image

    Step 1

    Make sure your tray is clean. Peel off a strip of tape and stick it on your tray. I tend to make sure the center of the tape is secure, but leave the edges loose so when I am ready to peel, it's easy to get. Depending on the size of your stencil, you may have to overlap a couple pieces of tape. In my case, I used two.

    Posted Image

    Step 2

    Now, take your pen and trace the outline of your stencil. I traced a "digi" stencil.

    Posted Image

    Step 3

    Now that you have your stencil traced onto your tape, take out your Xacto and cut along your trace lines. When you cut, make sure you connect each slice, this will save you trouble in the end. Cut as accurate and straight as you can. You are applying this to your gear after all.

    Step 4

    You have your stencil cut around the trace lines. Excellent! Taking the edge of your tape, carefully peel the excess tape off from around your stencil. If you connected each slice, the tape should peel away easily leaving your stencil on the cutting tray.

    Posted Image

    Here is my finished product. I will leave the stencil on the tray and repeat the process until I have no room left. Then, when you paint your marker, or whatever else, you can just pack your tray along with you, pick whatever stencils you want for that color, and apply. Then repeat the process for each new color.

    Posted Image

    It isn't as time consuming as you may think. Once you get on a roll, it goes pretty quick. I hope this helps someone out there.

    Posted Image


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