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blah spending time on the forums, some PS3 COD4, homework, praying for time to speed up until next year when i can get a job

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  1. Idiotic teacher....

    25 August 2010 - 03:26 PM

    Hey guys,
    haven't logged on in a while but been browsing the forums lately.

    Anyway with school(10th grade) starting I happen to have a history teacher that's gone for the next to weeks due to new kids being born. Meanwhile I'm stuck with another ENGLISH teacher who is subbing for HISTORY class who quite frankly doesn't know what she's talking about.

    To summarize last class period, we started talking about why to take World History(the class) and she uses Christopher Columbus as her primary example. You know, how he wasn't actually the first to discover the americas, he wasnt so amazing, etc. etc.

    In a Powerpoint presentation with like 5-10 slides about Columbus, she made the following statements. She said LESS correct things than incorrect things, and yes I was counting very carefully. Here are SOME(not all) of the idiotic things she said

    "Columbus highhandedly started the slave trade"
    -Erm, no, slaves had been around for thousands of years before.

    "Columbus killed everyone(Native Americans). He took them by force, not by choice."
    -She also went into detail about how he massacred anyone who got in his way, because he had fancy MUSKETS, despite the fact that they were incredibly outnumbered and those guns weren't even close to effective enough.

    Also, apparently there wasn't smallpox or anything which was the primary killer of all the native americans...

    "He knew exactly where he was going, and how long it would take to get there."
    -This happens, of course, just after she says how he had no idea about the Americas. Hypocrite...

    "In 50 years, Columbus had mostly eliminated all the Indians"
    Hahaha.....You've got to be kidding me.

    At this point, I was getting fed up. I continued adding to my list, and she decided to pause the class and ask "did you guys know this? Did you know Columbus traveled for profit, not to go on an adventure? Did you know that he meant to run into India?
    -I was the only person who raised my hand because I thought it was common knowledge that Christopher Columbus wasn't headed towards the Americas.
    Now she turns to me and glares at me going, "Are you sure?"
    I say, "Yup"
    She yells at me and goes "YOU ARE LYING OUT THROUGH YOUR TEETH! I CAN TELL!"
    I resisted the opportunity to show her my list of all the false statements she made, shook my head, and decided to resume my list.

    Gonna add just a couple more quotes here...

    "For most of your life, you've only been exposed to one culture. You don't know immigrants or anything."
    -Apart from the fact that my school is barely white. It's almost all Asians and Mexicans, seeing as I live in California.(No racism intended)

    "North Korea has the capability to launch tons of nuclear weapons all over America. Doesn't that scare you?"
    -I went and researched this, they can barely get missiles to Hawaii.

    "We could lose big cities under water"
    -She starts talking about knowing history will SOLVE global warming, and somehow global warming will instantly lead to New York getting flooded so only the tips of skyscrapers escape out of the water. She even had a nice little picture.

    This is half rant and have Me asking for advice.
    What should I do about this teacher? Am I somehow wrong and has YEARS of my research been completely incorrect?
    I want to call her out but I'm thinking the best plan is to just ignore her until the actual teacher comes in.

    Advice please? :(
  2. iTouch alternative?

    06 April 2009 - 04:36 PM

    So, my friend got this new cool iTouch and we play with it all the time, and I thought that those are really useful. So I've been looking around for something similar with games and internet(mainly internet, games are cool too) but since I don't like apple products, i've been having lots of trouble finding one.

    Does anybody know anything similar to the iTouch that...isn't an apple product thanks!
  3. mcafee?

    03 February 2009 - 10:54 PM

    so, um, I've been using mcafee(antivirus) for a few months now and everything seems to be working fine. All of a sudden, it says "You are not protected" and when I open up the main page it says to verify my subscription. I click the button to verify, and a little window pops up in the corner saying "Your subscription is verified". The main open window however does not change at all, and when I click fix it just says "one or more problems require your response" which leads me right back to the "verify". Is anyone else having this problem? How do I fix it?

    I would post a screenshot, but I don't know how :wacko:
  4. rt ule or upp'd computer

    14 November 2008 - 10:54 PM

    Right, so i have my heart set on an rt ule custom, since i need something that shoots fast and im kind of an anti-electro weenie. However, my friends all have this great game that i have(rome total war), but my video card cant handle it. Unfortunately its the "intel media graphics accelerator x3100" or something, and i can't switch it out. So my mom needs a new computer, and i could use an upgrade so she's agreed she'll buy mine(enough for word processing) off me, since i paid for this computer myself, and i can use that money towards a better one. My question is:ill have enough money for the 'mag by feb 09, or should i wait until around june and get an upgrade to my computer sooner.

    What do you guys think?
  5. splatmaster

    08 November 2008 - 06:45 PM

    so...i got a splatmaster of ebay the other day...and after a day of play, it shoots great! I would post pics, but my computer says all the pics are 26 mb :rolleyes: . So once i figure out how to fix this problem, I'll get some pics posted up.
    My main problem is how do i clean it? It's got no orings inside, so do i need to do that at all? Basically, I know nothing about it and want to know. How do I take it apart? Do springs go flying? What goes where? If someone has pics or a link to a guide, can you please post it? meanwhile, it's just gonna sit in the box waiting for me to clean it.



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