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  1. cyclone feed system for BT

    11 June 2008 - 10:28 PM

    i have a bt-4 assault and i need to know if i have to buy a halo (to have a good hopper) or if cyclone is an adaption (like a e-grip) and where i could get one for bt-4 (or any cheap place if they work for all)
  2. shadow class

    11 June 2008 - 02:16 AM

    ive read a few of topics and ill try not to bore you or make it seem like im trying to make a l337 n00b class...
    basically what im thinking of is the guy that could (but not limited to) have a light weapon while flanking(silently) crawling and getting right next to you (in a way where you don't notice him) and taking you down (outside the 5 foot rule or w/e it is) in the most painful way possible...
    ill try to put down what i deem required of this class (minimum)

    weapon proffered: anything under 7 lbs (i have one thats 22 so yeah)
    armor: light to light-medium
    ammo: plenty (at least 2-3 extra tubes)
    co2 tank: 20oz (full)
    clothing: non bright colors, camo, nothing too baggy or noisy

    ok now for what its specs would be

    Name: Ghost
    code name: Shadow ( i got lazy)
    role: assassin (if you wanna call it that)
    rate: 4/5
    necessity: 1/5 (filler role)
    age: 15-16+

    ill update it when i think of other stuff and ill edit what i think might be stupid... y'all can change it around and see if that sounds good. people might be wondering why i put age 15-16+... its because i wouldn't want to have some random 10 yr old play as the "ghost" and do his job but get shot really early because he couldn't keep his mouth SHUT!!! for instance... the 10 yr old take down a guy and pops up from hiding and screams "YOU JUST GOT OWNED!!!" and POW... gets shot in the face by the guy he shot's buddy.........yes..... its happened before. :D

    one last time though, im going to draw a visual image of what i see this class doing.

    game starts and everyone starts running, rounds flying and people getting hit.
    commander tells riflemen where to position and notices he's losing men left and right and cannot move forward.
    the commander then tells one of his men to go prone and crawl out of fire to the far left or far right within a foot of the boundaries. this man ,A.K.A. the Ghost, then goes to crouch position and starts to slowly move towards the enemy. the Ghost then gets far enough to not only see the enemy but be able to fire upon there backs in rapid succession.
    still not being seen the Ghost stays still aims at one guy and shoots him in a place where the guy would think he got shot from the front at. repeating this until taking out all enemies or found.

    don't get me wrong i also see this "ghost" running full speed right into a bunch of enemies while firing his own gun... doesnt always have to be stealth

    feedback would be appreciated if you want i could even show you my 22 lbs m4 carbine bt-4 assault paintball marker lol (Perfect weapon for this job lol)
  3. paint designs

    10 June 2008 - 11:39 PM

    ive recently painted my rifle red tiger and omg... best idea EVER!!! i had a marine buddy help me and i made the designs. for the small parts we just striped it across and it turned out perfect... ill post a picture as soon as i can
  4. E grip for bt

    10 June 2008 - 11:29 PM

    basicly im wondering if you can get an E grip for a bt-4 assault. ive looked inside the grip and it looks like it has room for an E grip but i wouldnt be able to see what mode its on. any help on what i should get for this?


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