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"maybe it was one guy with six guns"
24 years old
June 5, 1990
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band geek. Im currently at CU Boulder studying music performance on bassoon. love metal and all things rock. cant stomach rap though.<br />obviously like paintball. not new to firearms and hunting and enjoy bein outdoors!

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  1. Transformers 2

    05 July 2009 - 09:01 AM

    Well i have seen all kinds of crappy reviews about how people thought this movie had no plot and was a waste of their money. But in all honesty i really liked this movie and thought it was a really fun summer action flick, well worth seeing on the big screen. I mean its michael bay, all his movies are pretty fun in theatres!

    What did you guys think of it? I personaly loved the sr71 "old" decepiticon. "im getting too old for this crap!" hilarious. :(
  2. Gears of War for PC

    29 March 2009 - 01:35 PM

    So i have a ps3 and a gaming laptop and im looking to start a collection for the pc that i cant get on the ps3. Anyone out there have a copy of Gears of War for the PC? Im running vista and im not sure if the game runs on xp and vista or if there are different versions for each os. long story short: needs to be vista compatible.
    We can negotiate price later depending on condition.
    Thanks for looking
  3. hopper troubles...kingman fasta

    11 October 2008 - 06:19 PM

    well i was asking for trouble moving from my familar world of tippmanns to electros.
    so heres the deal. I recently bought a spyder vs1 and kingman fasta 18v hopper because i wanted something different to tinker with. the only mod to the gun is a trinity clamping feed neck. anyway after a day of play at my private field (which the gun performed flawless at) and after a night of cleaning both the hopper and the gun, the hoppers developed this goofy "blender effect."
    now, no matter what type of paint i shoot (i tried marbs, premiums, and blaze) whenever i shoot at a fast rate of fire the hopper breaks paint. the paint isnt just down the barrel, its in the chamber, feedneck, and hopper itself EVERYTIME!!!! i cant figure out why the hopper decided to suddenly do this so it must be how i put it back together, or something broke though the gun wasn't "man handled" or droped that day. i've re-asembled it multibple times but the problem persits.
    what gives? any and all ideas (within reason) on a possible solution are very welcome!


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