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  1. What exactly ARE the safety requirements for a face shield (mask)

    09 October 2008 - 03:27 PM

    Hey guys,

    someone posted on one of my other threads about mask safety and I got to thinking; what exactly are the safety requirements for masks? When I mean exactly, I mean, "it must sustain up to Xfps", and not, "it needs to meet osc standards".
  2. Safety for playing unique paintball

    08 October 2008 - 10:47 AM

    Hello everybody!

    My team and I are planning on having some Halloween fun, so we were thinking about playing some zombie paintball with our pumps and pistols. Basically, there's a few survivors while the opposing team needs to tag them out. It has worked pretty well so far, however I would like to know some safety tips, so I could possibly propose it for the field.

    As of right now it is pretty simple. Get tagged and your a zombie. Zombies can only be out with head shots. markers are max crono'd at 180 since close range combat can get a little hectic, and zombies are urged to either wear full face shields, or to wear other protection. Tagging is a simple tag, any grabbing is off limits.

    I know that any sort of contact is always bad for paintball, (it only takes one schmuck to tackle someone for the day to be ruined), and shooting a marker within 5 feet is always bad news, however would everyone agree that MAX 170-180 is good? From what I can tell, at that FPS it is impossible to get those long distance breaks, however it is still fast enough short distance to get breaks and not leave any marks when you fire within 5 feet, (as long as you are wearing full coverage.

    Thanks guys, and I wish everyone luck fending off the zombie apocalypse!
  3. Time to start playing at night!!!!

    29 July 2008 - 08:57 PM

    Hey guys, was reading a popular science. It looks like this fall we will start becoming sam fischer for some night paintball:


    It's basically an 80$ pair of night vision goggles. They are nowhere near as good as a real pair, and you will give away your position with the lights, (there's talk about putting a uv filter on it to reduce the light), but I hafeta say these are hella-cool. Looks like I know what I want for Christmas :)
  4. Sun VS sight!

    26 July 2008 - 12:23 PM

    Hey all,

    I am planning on getting a reflex sight, (I really like the way it performs, how light weight it is, and FOV), however I realized I have very little experience with them in paintball. Can anyone tell me what the best non-sun killing sight is? Do reflex's work well in sunlight even with the uv filter? Is it worth it to get the generic tube laser sights?

  5. Yet another new marker discussion. Need some advice

    24 July 2008 - 09:09 PM

    Ok guys, I have given a lot of advice using my "poormans" motif, however luck has finally granted me a standard paying career, (40k yr), and I now have some disposable income.

    However, I am not looking to merely upgrade my marker, I want a new marker to fit my...... ugh "sniper" motif. I have a few specifications, which I really want to keep to.

    1- Cheaper the better. Honestly, spool-fed markers and bolt markers are just as accurate. I love spools, but I am not going to spend over 350$ for a setup including a few clips.
    2- Clip feed. Now, I have made a few clip systems for my markers, and I just want to have a standard clip feed system, which I will buy. I love making my own stuff, but I want to have at least 1 marker as my main. I am going clips, because with my playing style, I never fire more than 50 or so rounds a match. 18-20 round clips are best. Hoppers are really big and bulky, and I found I get a lot more kills with a clip system. However, I do like the ability to switch between the 2.
    3- NO PUMPS! I just don't want a pump all right?

    So that leaves me with a handful of possibilities. Could I get some advice on what everyone thinks?


    I know the nickname is crap4, because it is a lot of show and no tell. However, with clip designs they are the cheapest markers out on the market.

    1- T68 pistol with 20 round clip, fake powerlett, (so I can use remote), and 16' barrell

    I was about to get this setup, however it arrived after a large scenario, and I returned it by not accepting the package.


    - Cheapest setup with everything I want
    - Can change from a rifle to a pistol in a few seconds
    - Fairly lightweight
    - lots of upgrades, hopper attachment possibility, e-trigger to fire 16bps if I ever wanted to go crazy.


    - Crap4's customer service, (explain later)
    - Bolt design, (so it can be loud)
    - Top loading clip tubes are pretty large and hard to carry around


    I originally was planning to get this marker, because it can go from a pistol with 10 round clips using powerletts, to a 16bps remote marker. This is pretty good in the long run, because if I ever wanted to break it down, or use my current 98 mod and have a sidearm, I could just use this. Not to mention with a few extra clips, it cost only 300$. However, rap4's customer service is pretty bad. I am use to dealing with tippmann who is a leader in the field. When the package arrived four days late, and I was not able to write my review, I simply denied the package, and it was returned to sender. That way, everyone would receive a full refund right? After a few days I made a courteous call to RAP4 to let them know that the marker would be arriving back to them in a day. At first, the customer service representative told me that since I did not call them a week ago, that chances are I would not receive a refund. Puzzled, I asked his return policy, and told him I had simply denied the package by UPS, and it was being sent back. Then he told me in cases like that, they simply deny the package again, and I would be charged shipping. Yet AGAIN puzzled, I informed him that this is not the case, and finally after a lot of heckling, he told me they would accept the package and charge me the 25% restocking fee on used merchandise. At this point, I was beginning to lose patience and asked to speak to his supervisor. He replied he wouldn't be back in until Monday. When I called back, luck ally for me the package had not arrived yet, and I sorted out the confusion. However I was STILL CHARGED THE RESTOCKING FEE ON USED MERCHANDISE EVEN THOUGH I NEVER ACCEPTED THE PACKAGE. While angry, sometimes you just have to read the fine print. Two days later, I received a call back from the person in charge I spoke to on Monday. Apparently, he said I never opened the package, and they would only charge me a 15% restocking fee. My question to RAP4 is, is 30$ really worth the chance of losing my business? I buy and review markers all the time for the store I work at. Since the package was never opened and I sent the package back, they were reimbursed and had no loss.

    Not to mention, I am hearing a lot of negativity for their marker's quality. However, does the good outweigh the bad? Also, since I never actually looked at the marker, can you stick a reflex sight on top of it, or is the clip in the way?

    2- T68 GEN4 with magazine attachment
    This is the standard clip marker you see online. It can be upgraded to look just like an m4


    - 18 round magazine that is a MAGAZINE
    - bottom loading magazine
    - Is cool
    - I can stick my evolution hopper on if I really want


    - Again, Crap4 reputation
    - More expensive than the pistol variant by about 100$
    - Can't break down into a pistol


    A MAGAZINE magazine fed system would be the best for me for many reasons. First off, it loads from the bottom making it better balanced and much faster to reload. The magazines are again MAGAZINES, meaning they fit better, and aren't long tubes. This also means they are easier to load, and I can carry more in the longrun. I really like the magazines. However, I just don't know if it edges out over a traditional tube setup.


    1- Tiberius rifle crap. Ya know, the cool stuff


    - Darn cool
    - Clip fed
    - They have good customer service from what I hear
    - Can break down to a clip fed pistol, (mighty cool)


    - Reallyyyyy expensive. Clips are what..... 50$ each?
    - Comes with a HAPPY SKIPPING JOYFUL PERSON tripod :dodgy: jk
    - Clips are tubeclips


    While the marker looks cool, I simply think it may be too expensive, and not be applicable for the uses. Can anyone tell me if it is worth the money?


    1- Longbow Ion
    The grandaddy of the clip fed sniper guns. Ahh, so cool :) I still remember the first time I saw it and said I wanted one.


    - Best quality marker in this category, period.
    - Can break down into an ion fairly easily


    - Too expensive
    - Tube clip
    - Breaks down to an ion and not a pistol


    I am pretty keen on the longbow ion. It gets rave reviews for it's low pressure and lack of sound. I just don't like the 450$ price tag I find on ebay. Is there a cheaper way to build it?

    So as you can see, I have a lot of contenders, and I need some honest answers. Basically, I think I have a choice between the longbow ion and the t68. One is cheap, and one is expensive. Any thoughts? Any additional markers anyone may think of? Remember, it MUST be a clip fed system. I already have a hopper based marker, and don't want another 1. I really conserve paint, and the hopper is more a big black bullseye.

    thanks friends :)


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