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  1. What exactly ARE the safety requirements for a face shield (mask)

    09 October 2008 - 03:27 PM

    Hey guys,

    someone posted on one of my other threads about mask safety and I got to thinking; what exactly are the safety requirements for masks? When I mean exactly, I mean, "it must sustain up to Xfps", and not, "it needs to meet osc standards".
  2. Safety for playing unique paintball

    08 October 2008 - 10:47 AM

    Hello everybody!

    My team and I are planning on having some Halloween fun, so we were thinking about playing some zombie paintball with our pumps and pistols. Basically, there's a few survivors while the opposing team needs to tag them out. It has worked pretty well so far, however I would like to know some safety tips, so I could possibly propose it for the field.

    As of right now it is pretty simple. Get tagged and your a zombie. Zombies can only be out with head shots. markers are max crono'd at 180 since close range combat can get a little hectic, and zombies are urged to either wear full face shields, or to wear other protection. Tagging is a simple tag, any grabbing is off limits.

    I know that any sort of contact is always bad for paintball, (it only takes one schmuck to tackle someone for the day to be ruined), and shooting a marker within 5 feet is always bad news, however would everyone agree that MAX 170-180 is good? From what I can tell, at that FPS it is impossible to get those long distance breaks, however it is still fast enough short distance to get breaks and not leave any marks when you fire within 5 feet, (as long as you are wearing full coverage.

    Thanks guys, and I wish everyone luck fending off the zombie apocalypse!


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