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The Duke says, "Pumpin Aint Easy"!
35 years old
February 19, 1979
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  1. Delicious ATS AT-4

    28 December 2010 - 12:57 PM

    Ashamedly, I'm not on here very often, but can usually be found on MCB. However, today I have Up for sale my ATS AT-4.

    • AT-4
    • Standard Mag
    • Hopper mag
    • Halo TSR Frontman
    • NcStar 40mm Red Dot with new battery (+1 in package)
    • Velocity Adjuster (needs new plastic tip)
    • Squeegee
    • Gunbag (Fits AT-4 w/ red dot and mag)
    • Original Manual
    • Parts bag (wrenches, oil, etc)

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Price: $400
    Trades: Emag or
    Emag Lowers + $$ or
    Mags or
    T8s, T9s, TPXs or

    I can get pics of the bag/ hopper/ parts if wanted.
  2. Blue/ Black E-mag W/ 88ci & Max flo

    03 August 2009 - 10:32 PM

    I promised myself I wouldn't sell this, but another E-Mag has come available and to be able to afford it, I have to let this one go. And quickly. That being said, it is for sale only.

    It comes with the following:
    • Blue and Black Acid Wash Anodizing
    • E-Mag Valve with working LVL 10 bolt
    • CCM clamping feed neck
    • Match anno'd Smart Parts "Venturi" barrel
    • UL'd Frame
    • UL'd Rail with warp mod
    • 88ci Tank with Blue Max Flow (Hydro 05/09)
    • Xmod 1.8 installed
    • AGD Charger block and Car charger adapter
    • AGD battery
    • Braided Line with Quick Disconnects at each end
    Not Shown:
    • Match anno "broken" empire on/off included (missing sleeve to put the knob on)
    • match anno feed neck

    Here are the pics (Click pics for larger images):
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Price: $825 shipped and PP

    I have feedback here, but MCB is my home and most of my feedback is from there. It can be found: Here
  3. Blue Carter Buzzard / L-Stock F/S/T

    25 January 2009 - 04:06 PM

    Well, I got this cause my wife threw a fit about me getting rid of the last one. Now, she could care less if I have one. Women....

    Anyway, It's a pre-dye Carter Machine Buzzard. It's a nice light blue color/ Slate and has a matching L-Stock. Has extra milling on the stock, the body and the pump handle. It has blue Dye Stickies.

    It's a Carter. I mean, what do you really have to say?

    Posted Image

    Price: Gone on MCB
    Duckslide Phantom
    Palmers 2K Blazer
    Palmers Superstocker
    Interesting Markers.

    Electros UNLESS a Viking or Excal

    There are enough Rules in the BSTs so I don't add my own. Their just stupid and sophomoric.
  4. VF Tactical and Invert Mini

    27 December 2008 - 02:19 PM

    Ok, I picked the VF up yesterday off CL. Then today, I had a box arrive with two markers in it, one of which was the Mini. My wife then gave me the look and asked how many I had, sooooo, I'm listing a couple I can stand to let go, even if I did just get them.

    Anyway, on to the markers.

    VF Tactical. It is in MINT condition. I have looked it over and over and the only marks I can find are 1) at the bottom of the reg is a small one and 2) at the very end of the barrel. The guy I got it from worked for JT and that's when he got it. He said it has never been fired and I believe him. I could find no paint anywhere on the gun and the inside of the top tube is in immaculate condition. Even the bolt looks good!

    All parts are stock and matching. It is NOT drilled for eyes. It comes with a Kaner barrel in .691 that has the matching camo anno.

    Pics (and more can be taken upon request):

    Left side of marker
    Posted Image

    Front showing some barrel rub, but it hasn't scuffed the anno
    Posted Image

    Top and feedneck showing inside of top tube
    Posted Image

    Bolt (it's clean! ;))
    Posted Image

    ASA. Doesn't show any signs of use or wear.
    Posted Image

    Price: $400 Shipped and PPed OBO

    The mini. It's pretty much stock. Will come with the case and little thing they come with it (or at least what I got it with). It's purdy, but not for me. Got it in a combo trade and not really my thing.

    Pics are from previous owner. They're the most readily available. More available upon request
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Price: $275 Shipped and PPed OBO

    Trades. I LOVE trades.
    I like unique stuff.
    Electro (really only something AKA. Doesn't have to be fancy)
    Some mechs (ATS, Mag Rifle)
    PUMPS! (No snipers or Phantoms. S6/5 are ok. So are Duckslides) Pump mags are nice.
    PPS is always nice. Anything from there. Would LOVE a Blazer or another Superstocker. Even a Pyre. I would 2-4-1 for a NICE Pyre or Blazer.
    Carter (for my wife. I don't care for them but she gave me a hard time when I got rid of the buzzard)
    Almost anything in wood! KP's especially!
    I can do a 2-4-1 for something really nice!

    Will also look at 2-4-1s for one of these.

    Payment plans are available!

    I usually ship same day as trader. I've done this quite often with other high end gun trades and it has always worked nicely.

    PM me for quickest response. I travel out of town a lot, but never for more than a few days.

    I will ship international at an additional cost


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