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  1. In Topic: Giant Big Game XX - Join the forum members unit

    25 March 2011 - 08:45 PM

    Wow I like the idea of grouping together, but I wish you guys were on the other side. My group usually plays GLC. I told one guy over on the Badger Brigades that was our plan for this year too, but that was before I logged back on here (It's been a couple years, and I could be persuaded). I have been to five GBGs and every time I go I have tried to bring someone new with me. This year there should be at least six of us. None of us play alot, and a couple will be first timers, but for sure we will have a great time. We were talking about camping at the state park right there by the field, is that where you guys stay? Does anyone know where Splat Tag stands on the use of First Strike Rounds? I know that they are an EPO venue, but I have tried contacting them to see if they would/could be including 100rd "cases" of FSRs in the EPO offering at the premium price. I have had zero responce. I had asked Darrin in 2009 if he would be allowing them and he said "sure", but that was before the whole EPO thing and before I got my T9.1. The 09 GBG was a Mess of a good time we spent most of the day just trying to keep a toe hold on the field at the insertion point.
  2. In Topic: Well! Its good to see you back in the Forum!

    25 March 2011 - 02:29 PM

    View PostLandscape Engineering Services, on 21 February 2011 - 08:51 PM, said:

    I know you all don't know me or in that tight group. But here it goes, I haven't even touched a marker in close to 3 years in 07 except to move them around. Now that the time is available I will be able to play again.

    But now whats going on you ask? I've rebuilt my company from the ground up. Had a so called weak heart attack at age 25, fiance left me, sold my house.

    Sorry for running on but I haven't been outside my landscape community for awhile. I've tried getting back on at the Badger Brigades Forum but it turns out that no one seems to be alive over there. Much appears to have changed in the years I've been gone. But hopefully that now things are improving and looking good for the future that things will pick up as we continue to carry on.

    Well welcome back to the world of paintball.. I remember you tho I can't quite remember your name now..(Name is Allen aka Oneway on the BB.. aka Undermine on Tiberius Forum) I know what you mean by much has changed. I too had been away from the BB for a while and came back made a couple posts but now my Norton is warning me to stay out of their site for whatever reason. A lot can happen in three years... I went bankrupt, got a divorce, got remarried, step daughter, wife & I had a boy, and i'm a full time student again... hows that for crazy life.
  3. In Topic: "GIANT BIG GAME XX" *600+ Players

    25 March 2011 - 01:49 PM

    View PostEZD, on 21 March 2011 - 08:14 AM, said:

    This is the 10 year Annv of running the GIANT BIG GAME!
    We are going all out. Giving away 6+ New Paintball Guns plus: HP tanks, Goggles, 20 cases of paint (10 before the game even starts) and a lot of other cool stuff!

    All players will receive a GBGXX Game Patch.
    Posted Image

    New GIANT GAME web site is up www.giantgame.com ** All new and reworked Rules posted March 23. Map should be up then as well.

    Over 100 Event at Splat Tag & Paintball Park this year * http://www.splattag.com
    * A Real Jungle for Real Woodsball Players! *
    Posted Image

    EZD just to let you know, in case something went wrong with the update,it's the 25th and the website is still showing the old rules.

    UPDATE-- New rules and field map up on the site now.
  4. In Topic: Badger Brigades Intell '07

    14 June 2009 - 09:10 PM

    I for one eagerly await the return of the BB website (whatever the reason it is down)... I am missing my new home... And I only wish I was in a financial position to to make some of the visions of what the Badger Brigades could or should be, become a reality.. Please keep up the great work.. and fighting the good fight.. and thanks from myself and all of Impending Doom.


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