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  1. In Topic: The Ultimate Sniper Barrel Thread

    17 June 2008 - 08:40 PM

    yea i think everyone made some good contributions

    anyway i bought my friends brand new MR1 and he hasn' used it yet but i was wondering if i should upgrade from the 12 in barrel

    and how much is a 14 in stiffi
  2. In Topic: What is a Paintball Sniper?

    17 June 2008 - 08:04 PM

    oh and why can't anti snipers shut the hell up an go onto their own forums

    nobody cares if u think we don't exists "the only reason u belive that is because u haven't even seen a decent paintball sniper
  3. In Topic: What is a Paintball Sniper?

    16 June 2008 - 09:47 PM

    View Postghostinthewood, on Dec 21 2006, 06:17 PM, said:

    View PostPhillips, on Apr 20 2006, 05:45 PM, said:

    Well I have a dictionary infront of me that doesnt describe it in those ways. I was mearly trying to make a point of having NO debate. We could cal them sharpshooters though you dont have to have range for that.

    You dont for snipers either. Range is a thing that has only recently been associated with snipers. This means for their 200+yr history, only about 1/6 of that has been closely associated with range. 1/6 Isnt a lot for the 5/4 of you who dont understand fractions.

    They didnt define sniping, they got it refined for the Marine Corp., as they believed they didnt need snipers.

    Mr. Hathcock, and others, have said its pointless to take 1000+m shots when you could walk and easy 2-400 more meters without being deteced from that distance. Sure range was an advantage for them, but against Ak's that outranged our M16's(400m). Not to mentions the snipers, if you have read all the books, faced Quads. Those were anti-aircraft weapons. So, that brings the range out even farther. Not to mention his favorite poison was the Browning .50. Thats a machine gun.

    If you had done your research and read more than just the adventures about Mr. Hathcock, then you would have known that for awhile the Marine snipers were using M1C's and D's. These are simply modified M1's with basically a cheeck piece and a scope. Those are the same weapons that were used for basic Infrantry in Korea and WWII. You could go all the way back through time and find that most sniper rifles are just modified infrantry rifles. There were countless muzzleloaders that people used during the first few wars that shaped our nation, that people called snipers because they were consistant. Look at Davy Crockett. He used a muzzeloader, thats all there was. However, hes known as a great shot. Of course you can make custom handloads and this and that but he wasnt a gunsmith nor had the tools to do this. He just did what he did because he practiced that way.

    Heres a short list to back myself some on infrantry gone sniper.

    Lee Enfield Mk 1 - Lee Enfield Mk1(T)
    Springfield - 1903A4
    Mosin Nagant - Mosin Nagant 1891-30
    M1 - M1D
    Galil - Galil Sniper Rifle
    AK - Dragonuv SVD/SVU/VSS/VSK
    M14 - M21/M25
    Mauser 98 - Mauser SP66/Mauser 86SR
    G3 - PSG1/MSG90
    AR-15/M16 - AR-10/SR-25

    As you can see, our last 3 assault rifles have sniper rifle counter parts. The Ruskies have us beat with their AK turning out 4 sniper rifles.

    Also, as a kinda side note, the Barret series of .50's were made as a lighter, more mobile, version of the Browning Ma Deuce. So that means the Browning machine gun has turned out the M82's, M90, M95, M99, M500, and inspired the 20mm M107 whenever production begins on it.

    Then you have all sorts of G3's, Mausers, and tons of WWI area guns used in WWII as bolt action sniper rifles.

    If Mr. Hathcock were around, I'm sure he woudl agree, that today's military snipers arent what they used to be. They're using .50 weapons, not because its more effcient, but because they can. In Nam and other conflicts if you ahd to lug that thing around and then try to hide its report, then you would get blown to bits the moment after the bullet hit its target. Sure they have the range, but theres not as much skill involved as there used to be. However, once we go back to Korea that will change. Thats another debate however.

    In any case, until recently, snipers were going back to the original meaning. Snipers originally got their name from the Snipe birds they had to have skill to hunt and shoot in and around British occupied India(if memory serves). They were hunters with a good shot. Not a long shot mind you, you couldnt see the birds from too far a distance. Nowadays most of the sniper rifles are built on sporting rifle actions. HK has their own line of sporting rifles closely resembleing some of their military rifles. Even at that I've of heard people using the world renouned PSG-1 as a hunting rifle for larger, faster, game. Then theres companies like CZ, Savage, Saco, Beretta, Springfield, Mauser, Walther, Armalite, Winchester, and Remmington who all make hutning rifles, are making military rifles. Aside from a few finer points here and there the rifles are the same. After all, the original M40 was a tuned Remmington 7000, after it beat out the Winchester 70, with an Unertl 10x scope. One of my buddies dad has the same set up, except prolly tuned better. Disregarding the fact that he's a police sniper, would he be a sniper? Better yet, what about one of my other buddies who's dad has an M24, AR-15 and 10? Is he a sniper? He has the range and he can use it well, but hes not a sniper.


    Besides, why are questioning me?
    Why are you questioning me?


    Just because I disagree?
    Look at all the reasons everyone thinks paintball snipers exists, everyone has different points. The people that 'agree' dont agree as to why. So that cant be the case.


    I could understand it if I was trying to cause problems or something. But for that post? Why?
    Easy, your saying you dont agree with a large number of people as to why they call themselves what they've been calling themselves forawhile. Luckily they're not a majority, otherwise they might have their own forum with sub forums! *Gasp* :D

    yes but ur are forgetting the most important vesion of the berret heavy caliber guns the M82A1 50.CAl
  4. In Topic: The Beat All Advice about Sniper Equipment

    15 June 2008 - 09:33 PM

    View PostAnEchoSoldier, on Jun 24 2007, 10:57 AM, said:

    View PostKönig, on May 20 2006, 02:03 PM, said:

    I also agree that intimidating your opponents before a game really helps. I am about six foot three inches tall, I am very well built, but when I put on my cammoes and harness I look extremely huge, I've had people tell me so, and I dont get a bunch of little noobs coming up to me anymore, they probably think that I might step on them.

    I'm only about 5'7" and I can still intimidate people. I don't wear any bulky equipment, either. Actually, I don't usually even take extra paint with me when I'm sniping. Just me and my BT.

    Best way to intimidate the other team before a game is to walk tall before the game and act like you're checking your gun over, then when you have to walk on to the field shrink down to a low profile and disappear into a bush. Before they even start the game, I mean.

    well i'nm 14 and i'm 6'1 and people get intimatdated by my size my accuracy, the lens i have on my goggles that makes it seem that i have spawns eyes ,and most important my skill in being able to disappear and taking one shot to kill
  5. In Topic: The Paintball Sniper's Creed

    15 June 2008 - 08:32 PM

    View PostOne_shot_7, on Feb 9 2006, 10:01 PM, said:

    I like it, an alternate might be the one that I just came up with when reading yours

    You will not see me...for I am a ghost
    You will not hear me...for I have perfected stealth
    You will not know where I am...for I am everywhere and nowhere
    You will never see me cheat...for my existence is honor
    You will not see me complain...for skill is the only excuse
    You will only see a mask full of paint...for you just got owned
    I am a sniper

    I think the latin is pretty awesome though

    hey One Shot That Is awesome dude u should post that on myspace



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