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  1. Russian Legion Intimidator

    06 August 2009 - 07:45 AM

    Price Drop! $450, Offer and i might sway in price. Come on this thing is maxed out.

    For Sale: A 2005 Bob Long Russian Legion Intimidator

    Russian Legions are a newer timmy made in 2005 based off the alias timmy, the marker has the running of the alias but with the special edition milling, grips, and bubble stickers. The Russian Legion played with these special edition markers that bob long made for them. The new Russian Legions are running a for a few hundred dollars more than all the other markers on the bob long website.

    Condition: In good condition, it has a couple nics and tiny scratches here and there. The marker has the original special edition Russian Legion Grips and Bubble stickers. The only part missing is one of the four screws holding the clamshell trigger frame cover. It shoots good and fast. The battery harness, eyes, and the poppet have all been replaced within the last 8 months.

    Color: All Black other than the chrome feedneck

    • Tadao Yakuza with OLED display
    • Killa Magnetic ball detents
    • Orange Products Alias Carbon Fiber Pro-check bolt
    • AKA Sidewinder HPR (with manual)
    • AKA SCM III (Soda Can Mod) LPR (with manual)
    • Hybrid Adjustable Ram Cap
    • CCM Chrome Ultra Low Rise Feedneck
    • Rake Style spring resistant trigger (not sure of product company)
    Promblems: Only promblem is the missing grip frame screw. Killas maybe getting worn because a rotor with full tension will push past the detents, but if lower the rotor tension it works fine.

    Asking Price: $450 Price Drop

    Shipping: UPS Ground payed for on top of asking price

    Trades: Offer up

    Location: Greenville, South Carolina

    Included Items:
    • Bob Long Assasins Barrel
    • Original box, manual, and special edition Russian Legion box sleeve
    • Dual Bearing magnetic trigger with the magnets (i do not know the product company)
    • Original Bob Long LPR
    • Original Bob Long HPR (do not try to use this reg, it is completely shot i have tried to rebuild it trust me)
    • Original Membrane pad switches
    • Original poppet (bad poppet o-ring is on it, i believe it takes a #2 o-ring, poppet works good, dont matter i have good one in gun anyways)
    • Over 2 feet of extra intimidator hose
    • Original Bob Long ram cap
    • Bob Long LPR plunger
    • Mixed asortment of O-rings
    • Silver hardshell brief case in picture NOT included

    Attached File  100_1717.jpg (909.56K)
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    Number of downloads: 2

    Offer UP
  2. Paintballbidwars=SCAM

    12 May 2009 - 01:39 PM

    please close thread
    thank you
  3. WTB Cheap Markers

    27 April 2009 - 05:24 PM

    Anything that works offer up cheap pumps, mechanicals, electros anything
  4. OK D-Day

    27 April 2009 - 05:21 PM

    other than getting there and paying board how much money wouuld have to be spent on paint entering the event, and gas?

    Thank You
  5. MR2 promblems

    24 November 2008 - 04:25 PM

    So i break out the old MR2 the original that didnt have eyes and i shoot like 50 good rounds, and i brake a ball, i try to shoot through it and the balls only shoot like 2 feet after that like 50 shots after that, so i take the gun apart and clean it out the whole thing, and put some gas into it and it shoots a couple rounds good then it breaks another ball this is shooting like 1 BPS target practing, so i open it up and clean it put it back together and it shoots fine again for five shots then brakes a ball which TINKLEes me off because im shooting really slow, and once again when it breaks the ball it clogs along the bolt and the gun doesnt shoot but like 2 feet.

    What makes me mad even if i was to break balls the gun should be able to push through it.

    Help anyone?




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