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  1. Jonathan Coulton

    01 March 2010 - 06:44 PM

    Ok, for those of you that know him, you know how awesome his songs are.


    Others of you may know some of his other songs. One of my favorites is also "still alive"

  2. My vids

    05 October 2009 - 06:19 PM

    Ok, so just a DISCLAIMER!!!!! there might be some naughty language in these... the guys at this field don't exactly watch their mouths... ha ha, and so, these were all taken from a cheap little camera that I mounted on to my buddy's goggles. And that for part of the time I was wearing. Not the greatest quality and the camera didnt always have a good angle... but still, i'll work on it :D
    Youtube place with all my videos
    that's just a general link to my youtube page, all i've got on their are my paintball videos. Some people in those... Tanner Teasdale, Alex, Eric grieser, me(Tony Bonitatibus), Nate from aces high up at splat tag, toddles... and um... oh Brennan pedde. That's all I know. Might be getting something actually edited and up later...
  3. The Urban Ninja's picture thread

    24 September 2009 - 08:49 PM

    Ok, so I thought I'd start up a picture thread, just cause I was a camera man last time I went to the field.
    These were taken at St. Croix Paintball in Hudson, WI two different days... I can't really remember exactly when

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
  4. Costume making

    20 September 2009 - 05:16 PM

    Ok, so, I'm somewhat of a fan of making costumes. Nothing fancy ever, I actually usually do them at the last second. And well, Halloween is just around the corner, so I thought I'd see how many of you guys here on the forums like making costumes and such. I know the local field here offers free entry for a costume worn when you play on Halloween...

    Ok, well, considering how much I like Halo, here has got to be my favorite site for information: http://405th.com/
    They've got useful tutorials, information on pretty much everything, and some of the costumes look pretty badbutt...

    Now, my costume ventures are pretty slim... I made a Master Chief costume out of cardboard the night before Halloween out of cardboard in 16 hours... that was quite a failure... and I'm much more proud of my Assassin's Creed getup I made last year.

    So, um... post up pics if you got em I guess, or any useful information...

    I'm planning on making some ODST armor this year for Halloween, and am deciding to start on it more than a month in advance... which is further ahead than I have ever planned for anything in my life... Got the helmet printed out and I'm pepping it right now...

    So let's see if any of you paintballers like this stuff as much as I do.
  5. Markers

    04 August 2009 - 12:36 PM

    Ok, so I was thinking, I spend a lot of time looking around here, and I'd make a post about markers. Well, I always thought that this marker or that marker was an awesome "sniper" marker. Now, I have come to realize, I love my pump. I have a SC Phantom, and she's a beauty. Quiet, no hopper for clear sight line, light, efficient, and very accurate. Just thought I'd stir up some open ended discussion, since there are always like "SP1 vs. A5" or something like that. This is somewhat of a gathering of data, in a sense. I'm trying to gauge how many people use what marker, and just what people think of various types of markers. I know there is a sticky, but it has had like 1 post in the past year... So I though a new thread might help to being open debate back to the table.

    Ok, so my vote is for pump guns, cause they are amazing, and what I already said above.

    Urban Ninja

    P.S. tell me if I'm missing anything in the poll, I'm not the most knowledgable person in terms of all the types of markers...


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    The Shepherd 

    27 Oct 2009 - 21:31
    That is one nice avatar.
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