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Cpt Blackout
31 years old
July 16, 1983
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Sayville,NY Long Island
Mil-Sim and Scenario Paintball

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  1. BT TM series rip clip is out

    25 March 2010 - 04:26 AM

    Bt stuck to their latest release date, its 7:20 AM in NY and just ordered x2 of them. I suggest anyone who has not already modded a rip clip and has been waiting for this (like myself) should hurry before they sell out. I've been putting off buying a rip clip for awhile that was made by 3rd parties since BT's latest release date was this month so I waited and its here!

    Figured I would post to give everyone a heads up :blink:

    Good hunting!
    Cpt Blackout
    Knight Hawk Coalition
  2. Big Game 2009

    03 May 2009 - 02:33 AM

    Long Island Big Game 2009 this month!!! May 16th & 17th.

    We wanna know whose going and what team your gunna be on!

    Guess we'll start the list off:

    Knight Hawk Coalition - 11 Members going Blue Team, camping out starting on the night of 15th, playing both 16th and 17th.

    Objectives worth points from last year: points were done per minuite

    Ammo Dump = 3 pts
    City = 3 pts
    Armory = 3 pts
    Command Post = 3 pts
    Village = 3 pts
    Capitol = 3 pts
    Oil Refinary = 2pts and starts off as neutral territory

    Btw, heres a map of the field from 2008:

    Posted Image
  3. Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays NE Brigade

    25 December 2008 - 01:50 AM

    Enjoy your holidays everyone! Be safe and have a good time!!!
  4. Happy Thanksgiving NE Brigade!

    27 November 2008 - 02:51 AM

    Happy Thanksgiving folks
  5. Knight Hawk Coalition

    26 November 2008 - 03:31 AM

    Main Post in Thread Updated 9/28/2010


    The Knight Hawk Coalition is a mature team based on Mil-Sim tactics taken from the Ranger Handbook, other military resources, and speedball maneuvers in which we practice almost weekly on Saturdays. We practice by running drills and teach new and experienced players alike to work as a unit AND as a solo player by utilizing all available paintball tactics and lessons.

    Proudly sponsored by Cousins Paintball, our base of operations is the Coram field on Long Island. We are a team currenly of 15 members who play regularly and are in constant communication with one another via facebook/phone/text message. We've been a team since 2005 and make Big Game and other major events every year. We are Mil-Sim but do play other types of paintball such as speedball, scenario, and woodsball. Most of us are more at home playing in the woods or on a speedball court.

    Recent Event attended: Vet Dogs 2010 in August - Coram Field
    Next Roster Event: Cousins Paintball Dark Ops Extreme VI on November 21st. In Manchester, NJ
    *Short Notice, we may appear at the Cousins New Windsor field this weekend (Oct 2,3rd) for the 24 hour game, still pending on our attendance to this event.

    Teams Objective:

    To train players military tactics, formations, terrain, cover and cammo, leadership, and team unity. We believe that a unified team is a strong team out there in the woods and is therefore a successful team. We also feel the more you know about all aspects of paintball, the better player you will be for yourself AND for the team.

    Team Equipment:

    We use IASUS 4W UHF DUAL COMM PROFESSIONAL TWO-WAY RADIOs between key team leaders during scenario play, some with throat mic, others without. We all use assorted markers, from Bob Longs, Droids, BT-15's, BT 7's, Mil-Sig, Invert Mini's, etc (we use everything)


    The Minimum recruitment age for our team is that you must be at least 18 years old and have your own equipment. If you like the show "special ops mission" on the military channel then you"ll have a good understanding how our team operates. If you are interested in joining we do have a 2 month probation before being added to our official roster, because we believe that is ample time to get to know you. Too often people want to join a team to get benefits and not participate themselves, we are very much into TEAM activities to keep it close knit, if this is what your looking for, drop us a line here, but I'd prefer a phone call or text message over anything else.

    Current Projects:

    -Team Recruitment (obviously)
    -Review of employable tactics (on going)
    -Re-do some of the fields on Cousins property in coram with a more military feel. (currently pending due to recent weather and time constraints)

    Closing Statement:

    We are an organized team looking to have fun, yet having a chain of command making the mil sim experiance more fun and have a purpose and role in paintball.

    Contact Us:
    Website: New website being made, we've changed web guys 4 times due to empty promises.
    E-mail: KnightHawkCoalition@yahoo.com
    Phone: 631-793-1362 call or text if interested in joining or trainning!

    Good Hunting Folks.



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