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June 4, 1990
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  1. In Topic: I AM NOT DEAD!

    02 July 2008 - 09:11 AM

    that cool to hear your still alive. sounds like your going to make it. we just had a kid die here from a drug overdose and the people he was hanging with beated him , took his money to make it look like a mugging and threw him near a elementary school where he died later. it's good to hear your kicking. and good luck on finding the guy. do you have any leads on who it is that put up the sick posts.
  2. In Topic: Remote line snagging

    26 June 2008 - 04:05 PM

    move the tank to the side alittle. so the line is closer to you and not out to catch twigs. takes some use too. but thats how i solved the problem for me
  3. In Topic: Remote line snagging

    26 June 2008 - 04:00 PM

    you could adjust the tank so the line could be less prone to snag. or find a new line.
  4. In Topic: Sniper Tricks

    26 June 2008 - 03:41 PM

    i saw this thing when i was getting my A-5 inspected it was called a tippmann atomic booby bomb it costs around 8 bucks. i'm trying to figure out how to make a big boy grenade into a mine though.
  5. In Topic: Sniper Tricks

    26 June 2008 - 03:19 PM

    that makes sense have thought about trip mines?


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    23 Jun 2008 - 20:36
    I just edited my links
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