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  1. Hilltop Tactical Battle Belt

    08 August 2008 - 07:54 AM

    I recently purchased and received a 2nd hand Hilltop Tactical battle belt (first generation) (Ketch on the forum)and tank pouch, used it Saturday and was impressed enough to write a review. Along with the belt I used 2 Spec Ops 2 Pod leg drops, and a steel 72/3000 HPA tank.

    Belt: when worn it has 3 distinct sections for use, 2 sides and the back. Each side has 2 rows of Molle and was wide enough to hold 2 pouches on each side. I used a single “frag” grenade pouch and a 2x30 round M-16 magazine pouch. The back section had 3 rows of Molle and held the tank pouch well secured with just a tiny bit of bouncing while walking/running. The belt stayed put while wearing it with no inching south like most belts seem to without suspenders. In other words it won’t end up around your ankles. With the tank attached the top portion of the back section does pull outwards. While not a real problem it is noticeable. Also of note on this particular belt, some of the edges are not completely seam sealed. Again not a real issue, but it does give a slightly unfinished look. Using the pictures on the forums for comparison, this may only be a flaw in my particular belt. For my tastes I would like to have a bit more padding but then again I am pretty scrawny at 5’10” and 145 Lbs. I would also recommend getting the belt with “D” rings and using some type of “H” harness. Overall the entire belt is extremely high quality and well designed for use. It was absolutely fantastic for during the 95 degree temps down here on Saturday.

    Tank Pouch: An exceptionally flexible design. I can’t see a tank that it would not hold. Cloth wraps around the tank, secured by Velcro straps and in turn secured by 2 nylon straps threaded threw the Molle. It takes a bit of figuring out the first time you use it but after that it becomes simple. The only real improvements I can think of would be thicker or reinforced nylon straps to secure the tank pouch to the Molle (magazine pouch mentioned above has plastic between 2 layers of nylon), and the addition of a third strap for use with larger/heavier tanks.

    Overall: A fantastic system! It is flexible, adaptable, and comfortable. Need more paint and gear add a vest; want to run light, attach a couple of pod pouches to the belt and hit the woods. Whatever style of play, woods ball, scenario, even speed ball, whatever position you might need to fill, you can match the belt to fit your needs.


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