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  1. Looking for Blackcell Body and/or Stock

    19 October 2009 - 05:28 PM

    Blackcell's discontinued and Special Ops only has the body in stock. I'm looking for an air-thru commando stock but will take any kind of stock in any cosmetic condition. (functional, not broken, please!) If you have a body and want to sell it with the stock that's even better.

  2. Modified Ion - A Little Ghetto?

    25 September 2008 - 05:32 AM

    I guess I'm kinda ripping off Pinokio with the hopper-c*ck mod, but from what I've heard they weren't the originators of this concept anyway. I'm not trying to carry 400 rounds, that 110 tank is heavy enough, and 23bps is plenty fast for the Blackheart board. I just need a little more room to dump my 150 round pods in before I make a move.

    It's a VL 140 round pod chopped off about 3/8 above the flare, notched out and seated into the ball ramp inside the hopper. No glue or fasteners needed because of the way I notched it out, it's SOLID. I'm surprised at how good it turned out because I usually just make a mess of everything I touch. :happy: The hole in the hopper was cut (carefully) with a 2.25 inch hole saw and touched up with a hacksaw blade, knife, and sandpaper. The angle is just about perfect, I wanted it to be perpendicular to the barrel but it ended up tilted down a degree or two. No biggie though, tilt it back just a hair and it dumps into the hopper just fine.

    Also chopped the neck of the hopper to get a slightly lower profile.

    The barrel is new, Special Ops 4 inch C Series of course, cut down my Trinity shroud to 3.75 inches, drilled and tapped a couple holes. I may or may not put the other three rails back on the top and sides, haven't decided yet. Can't wait to shoot and see how that barrel works out, I expect it to be louder than the stock barrel since there's no porting, and I guess it will be less accurate too. Should make breaching a little more comfortable, which is what I'm after.

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    25 Sep 2008 - 09:39
    What an awesome guy.
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