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  1. In Topic: Modified Ion - A Little Ghetto?

    25 September 2008 - 12:39 PM


    ...but that tank seems way out of place there- given it's about 50% of the bulk of the marker rig, by that picture.

    Don't I know it. It's kind of a necessity for 30 v 30 games and scenarios where you have to walk back a 1/2 mile for air, I also carry anywhere from 5 to 11 guppies depending on the field.

    I'm hoping to get a Blackcell body next year so I can put a stock on it and go back to remote. Lots of $$$ though.


    Is that the grip that has the bipod built in?

    Yup, macroline is in the way now though so it doesn't drop down. I guess I could trim the macroline shorter. Maybe if I warm the maacroline with a blow dryer a little bit it will be more pliable and I can get a tighter radius?


    I love how you set up the hopper! Nice work, it's a tank.

    Thank you!



    Yes I do see, you're very witty!
  2. In Topic: My Ion

    23 May 2008 - 03:34 PM

    My wife's VERY modified Spyder Sonix. Say what you will about Spyder markers, but besides being heavy and kicking like a mule this marker is GREAT. Dependable, easy to clean, indestructible. She's a small grrrrrl so I turned the tank around for her. More manageable that way... Anybody want to give me some tips on how to reduce kick? The bolt is already light, replace the striker too?

    Rocking e-trigger (you can send an unholy amount of paint in a very short time, makes me feel like Jesus Christ for a few seconds)
    Delrin Anti-Chop Bolt
    Freak Barrel
    Can't remember the model of expansion/regulator ATM
    Some silly drop forward
    12 Volt Revolution (can't keep up with the trigger...)
    Trinity clamping feed neck
    Posted Image

    My stepson's VERY modified Spyder Sonix.
    Anti-Chop Bolt
    Apex Barrel
    Trinity Stock
    Trinity clamping feed neck
    Adco Sure-Shot Sight
    One of those pneumatic hoppers (pretty cool unless you have a need for speed)

    Posted Image

    Both of these are a ton of fun to play with once in a while, but I love my Ion. Too bad they're such a b*tch to tear down and clean.
  3. In Topic: My Ion

    22 May 2008 - 01:17 PM

    Cool, thanks for the advice. That's exactly what I was thinking, Blackcell body and a nice gas-through stock then go remote. Need to save up some $$$ though...

    I just got that tank recently and tried playing it with a remote on, but not having something to pull the marker into my shoulder made my aim HORRIBLE. I missed six kills because of aim, that's BAD for me, so I put the tank on the marker and I'm doing better now. I find having the marker anchored makes a HUGE difference.

    I don't know how my wife does it, her marker is set up island style, that would make me nuts.

    I'm getting 3/4 case of paint out of that tank, but I've yet to find a field that will fill all the way to 4500psi, (don't know why) and I'm still tweaking my dwell settings. I really should be able to hit 2K rounds with that if I keep my velocity around 265.
  4. In Topic: North East Area Free Agents List

    20 May 2008 - 10:15 AM

    NAME: Chris
    AGE: 33
    CITY: Mount Wolf (York Area)
    MARKER: SP Ion, Ariakon Overlord (See my Brigade profile)
    SPEEDBALL/WOODSBALL: Woodsball, but I did eat a lot of paint in the hyperpipe once...

    I'm looking for a like-minded group to play with, goals, achievement, team work. I've been playing with friends and family, but they aren't reliable enough for me. I'm not real fast, and I'm not real smart, but my aim is pretty good and I carry lots of paint and air. I'm available at least once a month, will travel 1-2 hours, more if it's worth it. (big scenario or something)

    View My Special Ops Brigade Page <- Not completely up to date but I don't remember every game I've played in the last three years. Do you?

    Send me an email if you're interested.



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    25 Sep 2008 - 09:39
    What an awesome guy.
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