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  1. WWII Scenarios Coming up in Spring 2010

    23 February 2010 - 12:15 PM

    for those in ILLINOIS or nearby...

    The Battles of Anzio and Monte Cassino at paintball-to-go in Roodhouse IL.

    this is a very fun place to play, honest players, a dang good time. besides, where else ya gonna see an 80 foot, two deck, pirate ship used for paintball? check out the pictures section eh. last year we had about 200 players on the Axis side, and about 220 on the Allies. date is MAY 1st and 2nd 2010. by far the most fun ive ever had at a scenario.


    we also have the PANZER ATTACK scenario at Bailey's battlefield in MISSOURI. APRIL 10th and 11th 2010.


    come on out yo, and say HAI!
  2. Truck Bed Tents......

    22 February 2010 - 12:59 AM

    ok, i am looking into getting a truck bed tent to make travel to big scenario events a lot easier. i have a huge 8-10 person tent, goes on the ground etc...

    but i am looking at getting a truck tent to stay up off the ground during the wetter times, and just overall camping trips for me and my son, we do a lot of wildlife stuff.

    there are 2 main tents that i have found, and i am looking for any FIRST HAND info anybody in here might have on which is better. QUALITY is a priority. i dont want this baby falling apart after 2 uses.

    cost is the same on both. both overlap the bed of the truck, eliminating the chance of water flowing into the bed. both mount about the same way, both have about the same room. both have a sleeve that can connect the cab of the truck to the tent by going through the split panel rear window of the truck. this makes light, a/c, heat, and other options nice.

    first we have the CAMP-RIGHT tent:


    key items:
    *no bed floor (makes cleaning and setup easier, dont have to worry about the tent bottom now, but what about keeping heat? makes modifying the truck bed way open, i can make shelves under a bed platform or something.)
    *open vented top (on nice nights see the stars, max ventilation, but loss of heat during not so warm nights?)
    *NO FRONT AWNING.....so i would need to use a separate one, but i have that.
    ****only like 4 reviews**** but all were good 5-star

    then we have the SPORTZ TRUCK III


    key items:
    *sewn in floor (100% critter/bug proof, but limits my options for building off the truck bed)
    *regular tent roof (venting could be an issue, but heat is not)
    *front awning built in (to both the tent AND the rain cover, thats double awning cover if needed)
    *****140 reviews***** about 7 bad ones, all from 2006-2008, that was from the FIRST VERSION OF THE TENT, NOW THEY ARE ON VERSION 3. ALL reviews from 2009 (version 3) are 5-star.
  3. US Men's Curling Team Featured on cereal box!!!!&#

    21 February 2010 - 05:01 PM

    i thought about doing this for a few days, finally did it after some bad choices today. plus i had a lot of spare time waiting for hockey games to NOT BE SHOWN IN HD.....(USA-CANADA) which you have got to be kidding right? they show Russia-Czech Republic in HD...not the BIG GAME????????

    anyway.....time to laugh.

    Posted Image
  4. Super Bowl FOOD...

    26 January 2010 - 04:50 PM

    no need to debate the game.....

    what kind of good snacks are ya making? drinking? etc.....
  5. AVATAR-The Movie......

    26 December 2009 - 09:35 PM

    just saw it...wow, pretty impressive effects man. best i ever saw.

    i will say that you should only see this in 3D if your theater offers it...anything less would be a shame to watch.

    now, for those that have seen it....were ya staring at their digital camo uniforms wondering if they came from spec-ops???????

    OMG man....i was staring at those things looking for the SO logo.......


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