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  1. Battlefront Paintball - D-Day June 6th 2009

    03 May 2009 - 03:32 PM

    June 6,
    2009 1st Strike Event: D-Day

    June 6th, 1944. The largest invasion force in history closes in on the continent of Europe. Both the Allies and the Axis have poured untold numbers of men and materiel into the preparations for this day. Fortress Europe bristles with defenses, while the Allies hope to gain a toehold with sheer numbers and determination alone.

    Allied and Axis generals will have complete strategic control over where their troops strike on the battlefield. Beginning with the invasion of the beaches, the Allies will be tasked with pushing their advance further inland throughout the day, gaining increasing point bonuses for linking up their territories. The Axis will try to prevent this from happening at all costs. The battlefield will be sectioned off into predetermined locations. Each of these locations will grant the team holding it a special ability. The Axis will begin the day with a huge advantage over the Allies, controlling all 7 territories, their points and their abilities. However, they will have little opportunity to make up lost points, should they begin to falter. The Allies will need to establish momentum fast and keep it up throughout the day in order to gain victory. Every territory gained and held is another nail in the coffin for the Axis powers as their initial point advantage begins to slip away.

    In addition to the fight for control of the territories, Command will issue special objectives twice an hour to the generals of each side. Completing these objectives will result in a point bonus for the Allies, or the ability to counterattack a lost territory for the Axis. Regardless of whose side you're on, these seemingly insignificant tasks may result in the victory or defeat of an entire army.
    Pre-Registration Saves You $ 10.00

    This should be another great Battlefront Paintball Event. Come one come all and join a side. For more game information go to http://1st-strike-pa....s/D%20Day.html

    Also see http://www.battlefro...om/calendar.asp
  2. World at War 2009 Aussie Recruiting

    11 February 2009 - 01:53 PM

    World at War

    Battlefront Paintball and our ARC Troopers Present:

    The Second Annual "World at War"

    Japan, Russia, China and Australia slugging it out for world domination, not to mention the nasty presence of the 13th Demi Brigade Mercenaries and their General Greg Hastings.

    Tanks, Rockets, "Aircraft" and a dozen other surprises are sure to make this scenario twice as much fun as last years

    " The world is embattled in the grips of the second world war, nations battle the evil on every front, yet the fate of the world could be decided on a small island in the pacific. "

    This island is the pacific headquarters of the infamous mercenaries of the 13th Demi-Brigade, dis-heartened paratroopers, killers, theives and soldiers of fortune who sell their services to the highest bidder.

    However it also sits on some of the richest steel and oil deposits in the south seas and the rest of the world is quickly becoming aware of the need for war materials.

    The Armies of the pacific nations are sailing at full speed for this little, unknown island in the middle of nowhere.

    The Bushido warriors of the Japanese Empire, the crushing weight of the Chinese hordes, the drive and skill of the Russian red army and the dedication and training of the Australian forces will all collide in their quest to make war, provided they can get past the Legion.

    Pre-registration $25 - Day of Event $35

    Stick around... Don't miss out on Sundays Event !!!
    Paintball Clinic hosted by Greg Hastings

    Come out and join Bio Hazard and our commanding officers The Illinois Dog Soldiers on the Aussie Team!!! We are recruiting for the event and are hoping to come out in a MAJOR victory!!! Please register at www.biohazardscenariopb.com and we will get you in the planning for the BIG WIN!!!

    Join the newly Tippmann sponsored Dog Soldiers and help lead them to victory!!!

    Lets show everyone that the Aussies arent ones to be messed with!!!

    Feel free to drop a line here or on the Bio Hazard site....Lets get this going!!!



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