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  1. Colt Canada C8A3

    14 April 2011 - 04:31 PM

    I've posted two topics before about this marker, and you can sort of see the evolution. It began as a run of the mill BT-4 Assault, before being modified the following ways to meet the direction the Canadian Forces was taking their main rifle and carbine:

    - 16 inch J&J Ceramic Barrel replacing the stock 14 inch barrel offered by BT
    - Green Furniture on the Stock, Grip, Forward Grip, and Handguards
    - MIL-STD-1913 rail placed on the bottom of the Handguards
    - Elcan Sight (4X)
    - Triad Rail System allowing for rails under the gas block (I had to improvise as Triads outside of the CF or Police are rare.)
    - Magazine and Magazine Well

    The Triad I had to use two short MIL-STD-1913 rails attached to the bayonet lug to imitate, and I chose the Elcan Spectre DR over the C79 because the Spectre has better eye relief, better ironsights on top, and the C79 hasn't exactly enamored itself to me. I did have an EoTech 553, but between the ARMS system and my friends messing around with it, it ended up on my backup, a friend's BT Omega which replicates the original C8/M4.

    Future plans are to just scoot the magazine back far enough using a dremel so that it and the magazine frame are basically touching. Let the gas line go through the magazine. Also, I want to do the receiver markings in silver marker.

    Poor Attempt at Reciever Markings (Note ironic "Made in Israel" marking):

    Posted Image


    Posted Image

    Weapon Light Mounted to the Triad:

    Posted Image

    Elcan Spectre DR 4x:

    Posted Image

    Real C8A3, with BUIS:

    Posted Image
  2. Canadian BT4 Assault

    09 June 2010 - 09:56 AM

    So I got bored with my last setup. Figured that I would do an overhaul of the marker, considering the year of abuse it suffered while being lent out or simply used for drill practice.

    First of all, polished the internals again. This time I polished the bolt so that it'd be a bit shiner for a nice contrast with the rest of the marker. I then completely disassembled the marker, and repainted everything, trying to replicate the Canadian Forces' C8A3 as best as I could. Green paint on handguards, forward grip, pistol grip, and the stock, but not the buffer tube. Then when done that, I proceeded to sand down the entire body and carrying handle, and repaint those in black paint. I figure the contrast is nice.

    I would splurge for an ELCAN or EOTECH, but I'm a poor university student, so that will have to wait. Have a homemade pressure switch activated laser sight, not currently mounted though. I know there's a lot of people that would want a mag, and while I'm used to a magazine on the army's rifle, a mag on a BT4 Assault... looks weird. Chalk it up to the long receiver or the magazine not lining up with the front of the carrying handle. Either way, the current setup works, I guess.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Reference picture of the real C7A2, which is the full size version of the C8A3:

    Posted Image

    Interesting fact. Due to the length of the reciever, the BT4 is more of a C7 sized marker than the C8 it's supposed to be. Thoughts? Comments? Musings?
  3. C8FTHB/C8A2 (BT4-Assault Variant)

    26 June 2009 - 09:13 AM

    So I've modded the following from a stock BT-4 Assault:

    -J&J Ceramic 16 inch barrel (The BT-16 shroud and sight were modified to fit the barrel. Tape was used to increase the O/D, and then the set screws were used to hold the parts in place, with at least a layer of tape protecting the ceramic coating. Solid, doesn't move.)

    -Shroud has been packed with sound absorbing foam.

    -Polished internals

    -Flipped and polished nameplate

    -Retaining pin on elevation adjustment for rear ironsight was removed (The back sight now can be adjusted to provide a decent backup aim. Before it shot too low even at highest setting.)

    -NcStar DB4 RDS with modified elevation screw. (The sight was bought for better CQB use, but the elevation screw snapped right away. A solution of a modified nut and a screw coupled with the locking set key has provided a quickly adjusting sight with durability.)

    Personally, I think the barrel mod is the biggest game changer right here. Before, with the stock barrel, the BT4 found decent, but not good aim. The barrel that comes stock is loud and extremely overbored, as well as heavy. The J&J fits my paint much better, is quieter, and increases accuracy to the point where firing isn't just guessing and checking. Also quieter, and the 16 inch barrel makes the front end look much better than the 14. The increase in OD at the end is reminiscent of the increase in diameter of the C8 Flat top, Heavy Barrel (FTHB.) Lastly, the lightness of the barrel helps balance it out.

    Upgrades? Maybe a magazine, but i doubt it. Extra weight for no reason. Probably a Triad mount of sorts if I can find one, and/or a larger cocking handle as when the marker fails to recock or gets stuck, or when I'm firing with not enough pressure to recock, I can recock it much easier and continue firing. The current handle is obstructed by the bolts for the ironsight, so recocking is a pain.

    I might also quiet the marker with neoprene on the bolt surfaces.

    Pictures are less than normal quality, my lady friend borrowed my camera and still has it. This is cellphone based.

    PS: That target is "Herman the German" used by the Canadian Forces for marksmanship. Not sure if other nations use it.
  4. How to remove flawed paint job?

    07 March 2009 - 09:34 PM

    So I have an M16 style foregrip, plastic, that came with my BT4. It was fading, worn unevenly, and so I thought I'd give it a nice spray of semi-gloss black (Replicating the C7A1s I encounter often.) So one half of the foregrip finished nicely. The other... not so much. So I want to strip it down to the plastic and start over. I've tried removing the paint before, but it's pretty hard to sand with a M16 foregrip (All the ridges and corrugated parts), and acetone didn't work very well. My friend may be able to get them sandblasted.. but apart from that, I don't know. Is there a way to strip it down easily and start over? Keep in mind this is plastic with some detail molded into it. (And I'm too poor to get a replacement.)


    PS: I used Tremclad (Rustolium) I find that despite being a metal paint, it has good adhesion to plastic, none of this flaking or whatever.
  5. The Final Word on Lithium Grease

    14 February 2009 - 11:46 PM

    So, I had 3 in 1 in my BT4 Assault, but it made a mess of everything by leaking out and truth be told, I heard it wasn't even good for the marker. So today, at the local Walmart, I found some white lithium grease. I put it on my rear and front bolts, specifically over the O-Rings. I also put some on the trigger assembly. So far, it seems as if the marker cycles much more smoothly. I haven't put any into the ASA, just because grease in a valve sounds like a bad idea.

    And then I was searching the forum and found opposing views on the usage. Some use it in lubricating their marker, some advocate against it.

    So, the question that is asked, is it perfectly acceptable to use lithium grease in a blowback marker running off CO2 and being fired in room temperature conditions? Will it affect the orings? Gum up? Destroy the gun?

    BTW, I can't buy stuff online, and the nearest PB store is 15 km away. Also, this lithium grease I'm using says it's safe for metal on metal and metal on plastic.


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