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  1. In Topic: Woodsball Scenario Tournament???

    26 August 2009 - 06:16 PM

    Still working things out. It doesn't look as though we will be having a tournament yet in 2009, but we are still looking ahead to 2010. We hope to make it eventually to Illinois but let us see if we can this off the ground first. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. In Topic: Woodsball Scenario Tournament???

    27 July 2009 - 06:42 PM

    It is similar but much more simple. First, finding 10 people to make a team is tough to do these days. Second, No positions and restrictions on positions. No putting players into divisions or classes. No marker restrictions. Paintball doesn't have to be that complicated. Just you, your team and the objectives to complete. Simple as that. Besides, the UWL and SPPL only have one event per year within driving distance of NW Ohio. Our goal is to turn this into a tournament series here in the midwest that teams can show up to more than once a year.
  3. In Topic: Help me pick

    05 July 2009 - 06:27 PM

    A cheaper option would be a 16" CMI Tru-Flight. The tip is ported and milled to look military (if thats something you're into). I have one on my MR1 and I love it.
  4. In Topic: Powdercoating ??

    09 April 2009 - 05:49 PM

    Thanks Big Bone.

    I went ahead and recently purchased a powdercoating kit and powdercoated my old Spyder Flash. I took it all apart and wire wheeled the pink to yellow to green paintjob off down to bare metal and powdered it matte black. It turned out the way I wanted it, although it isn't the most professional job, but it was my first powder job and I wasn't going for a great look. After it was done, powder cured and put back together, I let it sit in my basement for a few days and then took it outside and waved it back and forth in our lilac bush in the yard. The branches made a few marks in the powdercoat but no real damage. No scratches and the powdercoat is smooth as ever.

    Overall I like it. I have a few old broken markers that I plan to try some different looks and colors on. I will try to get some done and get some pictures posted and see what everyone thinks.
  5. In Topic: Where is everybody?

    04 March 2009 - 05:02 PM

    Name - Spyder31 (Kurt)
    From - Oak Harbor, Ohio
    Team - Toledo Tactical


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