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  1. Funding for other projects

    24 April 2012 - 01:08 PM

    Rules: I dont ship first, Money orders or paypal are fine, No flaming, everything is sold as is, and all prices are OBO
    Trades im looking for are a complete Freak Kit (all american please) with cocker threading
    techt L7 v.2 bolt engine for Dangerous Power G3
    JT Proflex
    Cleats size 10.5 or 11
    or offer up and let me know what you have!
    Feel free to contact me either email (spikes0818@gmail.com)
    phone 402-310-9653 ( I work 4-10 so a txt would be best for that time)
    Btw Post first then pm Please

    Tiberius T9 $400
    First Strike Kit And Longbow (1 Mag)

    Tippmann A5 $300
    Low pressure kit with all internals (stock included)
    Flatline, JCS Rolling trigger, e-grip, X7 hopper, macro kit, new cyclone piston housing
    and a very well broken in regulator. (Over 13 cases, Im the second owner and thats what I've put through it)

    Tippmann A5 $80
    flatline, and dual trigger
    no asa, will throw in tippmann expasion chamber and stock a5 steel hose if you want them

    Warsensor Zeus G2 TI $120
    Titanium with olive drab (finish is starting to bubble), (will include all original parts)
    Constant Air kit
    2 8" barrels (OD, and Ti)

    Spyder Imagine $110
    stock parts included (No charger for battery), expansion chamber, spyder forward drop, and macro kit
    barrels has scratch in middle of barrel

    Sheridan XTS Nemesis Edition (Silver with Green splatter) $120
    Spyder threads, and 2 small nicks on the barrel

    Basseagle Raptor $10
    Jb weld on the detent to hold it in place (not done by me)

    3.5oz $20
    9oz $10
    (2) 12oz $10 Each
    20oz $10
    All tanks need rehydro'd

    Nxe 4+1 pod pack (camo) $10
    ? 4+1 pod pack (black) $5

    2 Undien Multi Channel Radios (runs on AAA's) $25 each or $35 for the pair

    veiwloader Quantam $10
  2. WTB/T For PTP Halfblock Cocker

    14 February 2012 - 01:09 AM

    Hey Guys and Gals I'm in the market for a cocker, preferably a PTP Halfblock AutoCocker if not offer up
    My price range is 350 obo
    What I have for trades is as follows
    Tippmann A5
    Warsensor Zeus G2 (Includes csa adapter)
    Dangerous Power G3 (needs new board)
    Sheridan PMI 1 LB (new internals, Exhaust valve, Muzzlebreak, and Original Wood Grips)
    Sheridan XTS (Like new, anno barely blemished)
    Tiberius T9 First Strike And Longbow

    NON Paintball Gear
    Archos 4.3 tablet (perfect condition)
    Xbox 360 Games

    If you would like to see any photos please post and pm
  3. Wtb Tiberius gear

    17 February 2011 - 04:27 PM

    Hey guys I'm looking for some Tiberius gear, post then pm please.
    What I'm lookin for
    Special ops mag extensions
    Tac 8 (silver preferred)
    str8 shot barrels with threaded tips
    apex adapter
    apex tip
  4. hey i need some info.

    15 September 2010 - 06:21 PM

    hey guys and gals im currently in the early stages of designing a custom paintball gun. the only problem that ive run into so far is that i cant find the specifications for the goblin solo cartridges. if someone has some free time, a dial calpiter, and a cartridge they could measure it and send me the results that would be greatly appreciated. I need measurements for length, width and the width of the very base of the shell.
  5. a-5 flatline

    23 April 2010 - 10:28 AM

    all right my idea is basically making different "backs" for the a-5 flatline barrel that way you could use it with other markers and such. you would have to mill/cnc it out of aluminum and have a tap and dye set handy for the bolts and such. I could see this opening up a whole new market to the flatline barrel, so that its not just specifically for tippmanns. any thoughs or concerns are welcome, i will do my best to respond to you in a timely manner.


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