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    17 September 2010 - 09:53 AM

    at cjs paintball in nebraska, there was this walk on player who thought he was going to beast on everyone there... he happened to show up on the day my team and I had practice, basically he got bunkered 2 or three times before i had the chances to get him. so as i ran up on the bunker, he sees me coming, throws his rental out the side and starts screaming "I SURRENDER!!!" the even funnier part was he was the last person on his team. XD noobs, when paintballings at its newest.

    Just last week on 9/0/10 i was at cjs again just playing, was the first time i played in about 7 months but anyway all of my gear except for 3/7 go down on me at the field so i said screw it and decided to run my 2 zeus g2s (10+1) one had a 9oz tank with the 8" barrel and the other was a 12g setup with the 1" barrel in a dropleg holster. the group i was playing had only 1 rental. everyone else was using sypders, tippmann 98 and an ion. On break i head to snake side left (3 section snake) im at the bottom third and theres a guy up at the first secition of the snake. he knows im there and just sits there not even trying to shoot me. i look to my right and i see on of his buddies at the far back right dorito fired 2 shots at his first missed him by and inch or so the second drilled him right in his lens. after crouched and moved into the 2nd bunker stood staight up and drill the kid on snake in his lens ( was using my 12g setup for both)

    buth the funniest thing any paintballer will hear a noob say is "dont shoot!!"


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