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Team Member: Exiled Souls
36 years old
July 8, 1978
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Harrisburg, PA, USA
Paintball (of course), computers, music, movies, books, etc.

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    18 August 2011 - 06:33 PM

    Contact: Thomas "Beaker" Heemer For Immediate Release
    Tel: 814-730-1453
    Email: thom1175@yahoo.com


    Brian "MOATI" Russell, formerly of Spec Ops, and now head of Xtreme Dreamz Paintball (http://www.xtremedreamzpaintball.com), and his brother, Mark Russell, have officially joined the scenario team, "The Exiled Souls". The offer extended by captain Thomas "Beaker" Heemer, was accepted by Brian and Mark during the Tippmann Extravaganza event held August 13th & 14th at EMR Paintball Park (http://www.emrpaintball.com), in New Milford, PA. "We are not only very happy, but also excited to have MOATI and his brother on the team,” said Tom. “They will make excellent assets, as they are both strong competitors, on and off the field." Brian added, "We look forward to playing with the Exiled Souls. They exhibit some of the best sportsmanship and family-paintball attitude of any team I've seen, and we're honored to join up with them.". Mark chimed in as well, “They are about the most hospitable team we’ve run across, and I am also glad we’ve joined up!” Unfortunately for The Exiled Souls, who played for House Harkonnen, both Brian and Mark had previously committed to playing for House Atreides at the EMR event, and thus weren’t able to secure a victory. The Russell brothers have promised to play on same side as the rest of the team at the next EMR event, “Fall Castle Conquest” in September.

    The Exiled Souls are a scenario-style paintball team based primarily out of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. For more information, contact the team captain, Thomas "Beaker" Heemer, at 814-730-1453, or check out their website http://www.exiledsoulspb.com. Tom can also be contacted via email at thom1175@yahoo.com.

    Article written by Aaron “The Paint Guy” Gurish (agurish@gmail.com)
  2. Mask Fan Installation

    20 June 2008 - 07:30 AM

    Dear SpecOps Specialists... Here's what I'm offering:

    I have developed a way to attach "off the shelf" fans from a supplier I am familiar with that move more air, and work better than most of your run of the mill mask fans that you can buy from the major manufacturers. I am offering my services to install these fans in the mask of your choice, or to sell the plans of how to do it yourself for a set price. Please either pm me or post in this thread if you are interested in my offer. The prices are as follows:

    If you'd like just the information on how to do it, plus links to the fan manufacturer's website, etc, the price is $15. Doing it yourself will cost around 20$, and you must be able to use a soldering iron, and know a fair amount about electronics. (I did all the hard work already though, and I know my design works. Check out the following pictures:

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    *note - better pictures coming soon*

    If you'd like me to install 1 fan into the mask of your choice, the cost is approx $25 plus shipping of your mask back to you. (You'd have to pay to ship your mask to me, unless you live locally in the Harrisburg, PA area).

    If you'd like me to install 2 fans into your mask, the cost is approx $35 plus the same shipping terms as above.

    If you'd like 3 fans or more (or more custom work done), the cost can be negotiated at the time of the request.

    Please either post in this thread, or PM me for more information or to arrange a deal.

    I monitor all my threads, and will attempt to respond within 18 hours of your post.


    PBNation ID: "agurish"
    PBReview ID: "agurish"
    SpecOps ID: "agurish"
  3. AGURISH's Feedback

    16 May 2008 - 09:20 AM

    Please post any feedback for me here. I monitor all my threads, so discrepancies will be disputed harshly. I try to uphold myself in an honest manner, and would expect the same from my fellow paintball compatriots.


  4. Offset hopper for standard feed necks

    09 May 2008 - 06:22 AM

    How about an offset hopper (a hopper who's feedneck is more left or right, instead of in the dead-center of the body).

    Like so:

    |--__| or |__--| instead of |__--__|

    to help with sights, etc. They already make them for Tippmanns, but everyone else should have this benefit as well.

    And, no, I'm not going to use my Evolution II/III with the hopper sticking all the way off to the right! I'm talking a "true" offset hopper here, one who's feedneck is in the center front-to-back, but either more left or right from side to side.