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  1. British Accents Galore!

    22 June 2010 - 01:07 PM

    Okay so it was my first big game and first live test of the gun cam kit that I put together.

    Here's the result

    There are three videos but there's a link to the next at the end of the videos.

    Feel free to thumbs up (or down :( ) if you feel it's worthy.

    Any suggestions?
    What do you think?
  2. This one goes out to you old guys

    16 May 2009 - 03:03 PM

    Okay so I got some insperation from the 'veterans' forum and came up with this, needs work I know but that'll be fixed when I get a better laptop and a tablet pen.

    Anywho, here's a link, I can't be bothered to upload it onto SO forums aswell. Might want to click the pic to enlarge aswell.

    For those of you under 18, don't go digging around my other sketches on there, some of it isn't appropriate for people who like to complain about a revealing drawing. ¬¬
    And if you are an inquisitive little.... I can't be held responsable for it because it isn't a direct link, your own fault.
  3. SP-1 Do I sell my tipp A5 for it?

    20 April 2009 - 01:13 PM

    Well do I?
    I've had my Tippmann A5 for about a year and a bit now and over the last few months it's been a pain in the behind. First the cyclone doesn't feed, then I got a few burst o-rings inside or something but it's leaking CO2 like a mother-[dog woman]

    But I heard somewhere that the SP-1 doesn't like co2 and thats all we have around these parts, other than the bristol skirmish (long way away) that use HPA but they don't allow you to use your own gun unless it's a walk on and we don't have enough players with there own guns to use.

    I do already own a HPA tank 48cu 3000psi, completely untouched but is that big enough to last say 8 hours paintballing? I'm thinking perhaps I could have the tank filled at the bristol skirmish place when we go there and then use the air tank with the SP1 at the regular field when we go there.

    I heard somewhere that if you use co2 on the SP1 it can damage the gun, is that right?

    I've been trying to find the answers to these questions for ages now and I'm hopeless at it =P

    Sorry for throwing newbie dropping everywhere, but you know...
  4. Barrel: just wondering.......

    18 April 2009 - 01:17 PM

    Okay so we've all heard about the Tippmann TPX and how it has the A5/X7 threads, what i'm thinking is: Does it have a stock barrel? The half inch that comes out the main gun is detachable i'm guessing, so could it go on the end of my A5 MP5k do you think?
  5. Pistol war

    13 July 2008 - 04:35 PM

    Okay, so Pistols...

    ...Me and my Budda (Nickname not a Buddha) are having the BIGGEST debate on the topic of pistols, now you guys don't know him but he is a great guy, only thing is, he likes to movie style it...

    ...He wants to get an exernal air RAP226, just for the sake of having 2 rounds more than my desision, Tiberius tac-8.

    I'm getting my tiberius off USMilitarygear.com, this comes to around £210 ($399) and it comes with 4 mags, a 3mag holster, a single mag holster, the pistol holster and of course the tac8 (they call it the TAG-8 but what the diddly).

    Budda wants to get the RAP226 ex as mentioned before and that on it's own comes to $299, but then you have to get:

    -bag o' co2 cylinders - $14
    -he wants 5X mags so-$85
    -sack o' 1000 .43 cal - $25
    -Pistol holster (right h)-$30
    -this wraps up at a roasty toasty $453 or around about £225

    Which, seeing as he only just started working, is a bit steep...

    He's just gone offline so I can't tell him my idea, but I think I might go for the: '2 cannons are better than 1' idea and get 2 Zeus G2s and a BLACKCELL CUSTOM CASTOR TROY HOLSTER. That comes up at a tidy $334.85 or £176.50. Then with the rest I can buy a ton o' mags for 'em and ram them in my recon6 vest pocket...

    only issue so far is where do I find spare mags for the G2s

    so what do you think? 1 tib better than 2 G2s? is the RAP226 better than the Tib?

    Oooor If there is a semi auto pistol with-in a simular price range, gimme a bell...

    go easy on me I'm only english...


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