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  1. In Topic: Help - Keeping newbies interested

    22 June 2010 - 02:29 PM

    If most of the punters are teenagers then I'm sure throwing in a few call of duty references will help them along with your orders. I.e. Camping/eaping. (The amount of this I hear from the Call of Duty generation while marshalling is enough to drive me into insanity.

    If you manage to control them and keep them back, get a few trusted guys to take a few out with them as 'advanced scouts'. As soon as they see any form of enemy. Get the rest of the action junkies to run at them, maybe if you're lucky some will go around the flanks.

    Keep telling your junkies what's going to happen, reassure them that the enemy will come and as soon as they come into sight. Sling them. After all the best defence is a good offence.
  2. In Topic: Dagger Tutorials/Necessary Info

    11 June 2009 - 01:34 PM

    Think everyone's covered most of the stuff I know of.

    Tactics though...:

    Mole hilling (we call it that anyway):
    Grab a medium rifleman or bigger, get him to shoot over your head while you get down low and wriggle up to last base, where hopefully you opponent will be bricking it, so he won't pop his head out. shooting stops from the sabre and you pop your barrel over the top and depending on how harsh you feel barrel tag or barrel boom.

    Shock and Awe:
    I've got a few crazy ideas for shock and awe designs, but it's up to you to make yourself look threatening. My A5 has a car loudener bolted to the front, that pretty much doubles the sound produced if not more. That works for sound. As for looks, I'm getting a RAP4 hawkeye helmet (just sounds like someones spat a lugie in your face), that I'm going to bolt a set of deer antlers for open ground matches, then for scenarios that involve buildings, just horn tips. Those are pretty much the only ligitimate senses you can cover with out launching horse droppings in through a bunker window and raining bugs down through the roof.
  3. In Topic: The Dagger Challenge

    11 June 2009 - 01:09 PM

    Yeh fair point on the lack of threads! C'mon guy's point in the thread is to discuss this, talk about simular experiances, tips, tactics, stuff like that.

    I myself haven't done that much decoy work, friend of mine does it brilliantly, drops out of effective range, lights up a smoke and runs around screaming and blarrararar-ing, leaving his gun back with me as I cover him. While the guys that are pinned, shift positions to flank. Another idea is to deploy a smoke to one flank of the opfor and that should spook him into thinking someone is coming to that flank, works better if the thrower shouts stuff like 'go go go you're covered!'
  4. In Topic: Tippmann Picture Thread

    11 June 2009 - 12:57 PM

    okay so i posted this on ukscenario, basically, it's an A5, with all the cool, regular bolt ons like the MP5 slidey stock and the A5a2 foregrip, but with a little something bolted on the end:

    Posted ImagePosted Image

    That my friends is a car exhaust loudener :dodgy: It hurts to fire it indoors, and no I didn't pull it off some chavs car, a friend gave it too me. Although I did see another one on the road just today was going to pick it up but then a fleet of lorries came into sight so I didn't really have time to fetch it.
    Simple installation just tighten the bolts around the neck of the barrel adapter and barrel, getting a RAP4 3" barrel tomorrow though, so it'll be louder than with the 5" stiffi.
  5. In Topic: Anyone know what kind of rails these fit?

    01 June 2009 - 10:36 AM

    by the looks of it i'd say picanty, bout 98% sure =P


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