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  1. Spyder TL Q Bow

    24 August 2011 - 08:41 AM

    Ok so here it is...

    original 1998 Spyder TL Plus
    Rocking Trigger installed
    bottomline removed, CO2 feeds into expansion chamber via remote
    flipped feed neck
    Q Loader
    Rap 4 barrel adapter
    Apex II barrel
    UTG Tactical Tri Rail
    NC Stars red dot reflex sight
    Special Ops LongBow Stock custom mounted (T2W style)

    Attached File  Spyder Q Bow.jpg (113.19K)
    Number of downloads: 72

  2. I am in a songwriting contest and coulkd use your help

    16 April 2011 - 01:53 PM

    Hey everybody,
    I've never posted in this section before but seems the best spot to ask for help!

    I'm in the running for a really nice Gibson Acoustic Guitar! But I have to stay in the top 20. Its an Earthday songwriting contest. The deal is every download counts as a vote! one vote per email! That means if there are several in a house and thus several email accounts, then you could give more than one vote!

    so heres the link check it out and please vote for me! how cool would it be to post that it was the special ops Paintball crew that pushed me into the winners circle!!!

    Music for the Earth

    thanks again guys
  3. Warp Feed FOR SALE

    18 October 2010 - 08:08 AM

    hey everybody, if you're interested I'm running an auction on Ebay for a smoke Warp Feed that works great! Free Shipping and no reserve, runs through Friday 10 22 10

    heres the Link My link
  4. paintball marker "peace keeper" hahaha

    29 March 2010 - 07:06 AM

    Let me set the stage, I have two male mutts that are great...they get along, stay out of trouble and play well with the kids.

    Enter a dog I named Disco, short for the discord he's caused among my mutts. He was a wounded black lab I took in a while back after seeing him lay down in a ditch near my home. He had tags so I figured we'd be able to locate his owners. No one has claimed him as of this post except my family and I.

    So to keep things under control, Disco is on a chain in the back yard, due to the fact he was always fighting with my other dogs. I take him for walks on the leash and occasionally let him run loose while our other mutt is laying around in the shop.

    So late at night my mutts like to taunt him, Disco being on the chain and all. They get about 2 feet from the chains length and begin a growl, snarl, bark fest! This has caused alot restless nights.

    The other night it started up about about 2:30 am.

    I awoke and thought, "I'm gonna shooot those dogs!!!"

    NO, I didn't actually shoot them or shoot at them, I raised the window and dry fired the marker a couple of times. I may have woke the rest of the family up laughing so loud!!!

    Disco tucked tail and ran into his dog house, Chase was gone, I mean like a blurr, and Smokey the main taunter was running to his dog house head low and tail between his legs.

    I went back to bed for a nice peaceful rest!

    I think I'll dub that tippmann 98C "The Peacekeeper" lol
  5. What I Used for warp feed hose

    23 March 2010 - 10:00 AM

    Ok so I got this Tippmann 98C with a Warpfeed but no hose...also no connector from the warpfeed to the hose, so I went in search of all things possible, I found this flexible blue conduit 3/4" its very stiff which I think is nice for the protection of the paint aspect, the blue is like smurf blue, needs to be painted. for the connection from the warp to the hose I cut a 2" piece of 1/2 aluminum conduit...the stuff called emt may work in 3/4 but the 1/2" is too small. I had to drill out the 1/2" alluminum with a 11/16" drill bit a little larger wouldn't hurt though, and then wrapped a few times with tape for a tight fit, I then put a 45 degree feed elbow on it which the flexible conduit very snuggly fits. the other end I split and clamped onto the feed neck. done!!! and it worked great!!! went out and shot about 40 roounds and it is pretty sweet. I had one swollen ball stick at the conduit, thats why I think alittle larger 3/4-7/8" or so might work even better.


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