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  1. Super Quiet Barrel

    05 June 2008 - 06:09 AM

    As most people know the more porting the quieter the shot because air is vented out over a greater area.

    my question is why don't they just overkill on porting to make a near silent shot?
  2. First Day in Actiong Ghillie

    02 June 2008 - 12:43 PM

    sry for the mis spelling in the title :(

    So yesterday was my first day using my new AG that i got. first let me tell you my setup.

    Tippmann A5 Stock barrel, CAR Stock, BSA Red Dot, Tac cap (40 rounds)

    XXXL Sized AG (i am 6ft and 160lbs, ill explain l8er)

    So i go down to Paintball Deopt on NJ and i arrive around 9:40AM. first thing i do is go up and get signed in, fill my tank, and buy a case of paint (FPO). i walk back down to my car and put my AG pants on with a belt (cause the pants r huge). i put on my pod pack that holds my HPA tank and 140 round pods. i screw on my remote hose and hold it in my hand while i put on the top AG. the shirt of the AG now has a remote hose inside it running to my arm. i pull the top of the AG over my pod pack and it sits over it perfectly (this is y i got it in a big size). i ghillie up my gun and grab my ghillie hood and gloves and start walking to the staging area.

    I turned so many heads just in the first couple seconds, i could hear the kids saying "o look there is a sniper, hes got the ghillie and everything", as for the adults, well they where just looking to get me on their team, :laugh: . so the teams are made for the first game, its me and 2 other "skilled looking" players (little did i know) against 3 little kids and one of their dads. i asked to have my tam walk so i could scope out the field on the way there. the field looks like the map below (map1).

    Attached File  Map1.jpg (57.89K)
    Number of downloads: 57

    The countdown is announced and the refs yell GO GO GO! and i take off into an all out sprint for the heavy cover at the top of the map. i get to the cover and prone down to take a look around. there is one player (the dad) in the bunker just to the southeast of the heavy cover. i wait and i watch. every time he turns his head i take about 1 foot of ground staying on the tapeline to try to get into a shooting position. as i approach the end of the heavy cover i am spoted and he starts to fire about 10 rounds at me, i drop silent and dont move. as he looks away i try to move a little bit but he instantly looks back and just starts unloading on my position, i am exposed and its raining paint, i back up a bit to behind a tree and start to crawl back to the center of the heavy cover. this guy wont let up and hes starting to advance on me, so i get up and sprint back tward our start point and fall back into a prone southeast of our start location an a small hole behind a tree.

    while this is going on one of my teammates is shot out and the other calls himself off because of broken hopper. i am alone... 1vs4. one of the kids is walking in the open area on my side of the field looking into the trees looking for me in a patrol like fashion. i pop off a round and hit him in the leg. thats one down... the other 2 are in the top of the center base looking for any movement. the lastone is walking around deep in my cover area. i pop off a shot as soon as i think he sees me and hit him in the gun, this 2 down... 2 to go. both observers in the base get out of the base 10 minutes later and start circling the field. one going north one going south. i start to slide back and my ghillie pants start to expose my legs just a little bit. the one going around the north spots my legs and alerts his teammate and starts shooting. the other one is coming around behind me, i had to make a choice, i starting shooting north hopeing to eliminate him and make an escape route, it doesent happen and i am quickly taken out.

    from this first game i learned to not push ur luck when advancing and tie the straps at the bottom of your AG to your boots so they dont slide up when wou are crawling backwards.

    i gtg and that was long, ill post the rest of my day l8er tonight when i have time.

    help me out with what i could do better and what would you have done.
  3. Last minute Tips

    29 May 2008 - 06:16 AM

    you r walking to your starting point with another sniper :D , you feel you need to give a few quick tips u have no time to go into a speech, what would you say?
  4. Slickest Sniper Tatics

    24 May 2008 - 06:10 PM

    what is the coolest and slickest paintball sniper trick you can think of?

    as the starter ill start
    Find a small tripod and mount a paintball pistol on it. place it on one side of a path enemy players will be coming down facing the path. tie some fishing line to the trigger and run it across the path and prone down and wait. when the enemy squad comes down, wait for the second player to walk into the fireing line of the mounted pistol then snipe out the first player and then when the enemy thinks they know your direction, pull on the fishing wire to make the mounted pistol shoot a few rounds, this will confuse them and make them even ezer to pick off. the players will panic because they think they are surrounded

    lets hear those bad *** tricks that everyone has