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  1. In Topic: new marker.

    29 May 2008 - 09:26 PM

    I dont mean to take up space but Im just informing those that gave me advise about my purchase what I think. To sum it up: SWEET!. lol But no really. I really want to thank those who helped me pick and gave me some advise. I ended up getting an Invert Mini(I wanted the dust olive but thats discontinued so I settled for black). I also got a Pure Energy 45/4500 HPA tank and a Ricochet 2KX LCD Electronic Loader. I played with them for the first time on saturday and boy was I susprised. The biggest shock to me was the difference in accuracy. I absolutly couldnt believe it. This thing shot the same crappy paint that flew in a circle out of my A5 as streight as an arrow. It was wonderful. The loader I got is nice also. very quiet and alright considering It was a cheaper one. Plus the tank was all day and then some for me so it worked wonderfully. The biggest bonus for me is the marker worked just the way I had hoped. Its very light small and compact and Very quiet. The added accuracy and speed is nice. I never used the speed except to see what it could do and I WILL NEVER need to fire it that fast.

    So thank you everyone who helped me it was a great buy and I would also recommend it to others.
  2. In Topic: Need a faster shooting marker

    11 May 2008 - 11:15 AM

    Forgive me if I am mistaken. I also am not very electro friendly yet. Im buying my first one this week. Im getting a mini that out of your price range since its just over 300. So I cant recommend anything to you. But unless you have done hell of work to your 98 how can it be called stealthy when one shot can be heard half mile away lol. At least I have an A5 and anytime I fire it anyone near can hear me. While the electros I have been up against are a lot more quiet and "stealthy". Im just wondering. Unless your just basing "stealthy" off of yourself not being seen but your marker still heard.
  3. In Topic: new marker.

    10 May 2008 - 07:57 PM

    Alrighty. Do you know the bore size of the barrel? or what brand paint fits best? For my A5 Im using impact it fits nicely and no real curve but I dunno how it will fair in the Mini.
  4. In Topic: new marker.

    10 May 2008 - 06:52 PM

    Wonderful. Well Im gunna go with the Mini unless someone can give me a decent reason why I should not. Also since I now have a marker and tank picked I have three more questions easy ones though. First question as for loaders I know I am going to need an electro and Im ready to buy one but what would you recommend? I know you said they VLjr but could you tell me why? I read up on it. It seems that when the loader is powered on its always putting pressure on the balls and because of that its always running. Is the sounds noticable? Or can you tell me one that makes no sound or one thats not always running? Second does anyone recommend a barrel insert kit are they worth it? Third are their any upgrades that are recommended but not needed for the Mini like just things that you should get.
  5. In Topic: new marker.

    10 May 2008 - 05:23 PM

    Lol. Well thank you again for you quick reply to my post. I have played a game with a mini before. I think it had a 68/4500 tank on it like yours. Saddly my self control is not very good so Im pretty sure I wont be able to wait even till next friday before I order one. I know I like the mini but the PMR was also recommended and I thought that I should see what it has to offer before I go and buy either one. If what your saying is correct also then Im not so sure about the PMR. While I like it Im looking for something a little more ready to go out of the box. I dont want to HAVE to upgrade parts. I want to WANT to upgrade it or else im unhappy with the quality of the marker stock. I like to play with them pretty stock before I upgrade so I know how I plan to play with it and how it fits my needs. I was planning the dust olive for the mini. What type of feed neck does the mini come with? a fit or clamping?

    Where are you guys moving to? Depending I might be able to recommend places to play.


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