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  1. NEW GLOVES!! - Well... Not Really Gloves

    24 April 2008 - 02:37 PM

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    Just Got The New Set Of Gloves In The Mail The Other Day!!

    Dye Presicion has put out a set of " Gloves " that are not really gloves but are more or less of a sheath to cover up and protect the back of your hands and to better help you grip your marker with the rubberized gripping sections that are embedded into the palm of the glove. They may of perhaps have been out on the market for a while now, but I have yet to see them and recently saw them on Dye's Website so I thought that I would order up a pair and take them for a test run. I typically keep up on the new products very well and with great persistance, but they are new to me.

    What I Liked About Them

    1.) They are very light weight, It almost feels like you are not even wearing a glove at all. To me it almost feels like you are more or less wearing a pair of weight lifting gloves and not a pair of paintballing gloves. To those of you out there who lift weights and wear gloves.. You will know what I mean.

    2.) The added wrist wrap bracing is a great feature of the gloves it helps keep the gloves right where they are supposed to be and do not allow the glove to shift around or move or possibly fall off. The velcro that is used on the gloves it AWESOME!! It's super strong and it actually takes a little bit of effort to peel back the securing velcro strap that wraps the wrist and secures the gloves. Plus.. It adds extra wrist support!!

    3.) The back of the gloves has a very nice thick foam like padding that is sewn into the back of the gloves adding extra protection to the back of your hands from being hit and leaving bruises.

    4.) Great Price !! For a mere $34.95 I think that they are a pretty good buy!! As in comparisson to other higher cost gloves that I have reviewed were more around the $50.00 to $60.00 area I think that the Meta Gloves were a good buy for the money!

    5.) They are very comfortable to wear and use on the field and in the woods!! The materials that surround your hand are almost like a UnderArmour type of compression materials that will flex and move and accomodate almost any and every hand size.

    What I DID NOT Like About Them

    1.) The rubberized gripping area that is embedded into the palm of the gloves is only in a small area underneath the index finger. I think that it would have been a great add on for Dye to simply cover the entire palm with a type of rubberized or sticky materials (like a recivievers glove in football )that would help you grip your marker when you are out running and gunning. Besides the small rubberized grip area underneath the index finger the rest of the palm surface of the glove is coated with a very heavy duty flexible fabric.

    2.) I am almost positive as to that there was some sort of design idea behind the reason for only having the index finger alone have it's own designated hole when you put the glove on but, I am not sure what that idea was and I do not much care for it. So.. There is one stand alone hole for your index finger to slide into but the remaining middle, ring and pinky finger all slide into a larger hole. I think that it would have been a better design to have each individual finger each have it's own designated hole for the finger to slide into when putting on and wearing the gloves.

    3.) The heavy duty foam padding on the back of the glove is only in that one area, on the back of the glove. I think that it would have been a better design option to have the areas between and around the base of the fingers to be padded also instead of just covered up. If there is anyone that has snuck there gun out around the corner of a bunker and were lucky enough to catch a paintball right at the base of between two fingers??? ..... You will know what I mean. :)

    All and All I would give the Dye Meta Gloves a 4/5 score.

    Hope this helps everyone. Anyother questions ... just shoot me a message and let me know.


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