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  1. My life Paintball and the new field

    22 February 2011 - 11:59 AM

    Man remembering back from the first time I played was ages ago. It was 5 years ago to be exact. I have changed some, my gear defiantly. My skills somewhat. My heart yes! I’m not trying to get any extra attention from this message at all. I just have got a story to tell. Lately over the past year I have been going in and out of being depressed and pissed at myself being angry at myself. I would wake up remember my past and anger and just would sulk each day. I had no spark to get back up and pick the marker back up. I would play paintball some but it was the skill I wanted, I did ok. It just seemed like I couldn't get out of this slump. Finally I upgraded from an a-5 to a g3. The first day was an absolute mess. I shot everywhere, had no control, and ripped my barrel back in two from shooting by accident so much. Just felt still mad, couldn’t figure my game out at all and just wanted to get rid of my g3. I had also been going in and out of ending it all and quitting paintball. I couldn’t take it. My life I felt like it was crappy and my paintball game sucked.

    Finally after tennis I really showed people what I was capable of and how much heart I had. I did great my confince was through the roof. Great now to start paintball back again! I would play and it would go ok but not great. What really got me through my slumps was TechPB and paintball. I realized you know, women and life may not always be there for ya but paintball and TechPB will. I just got so much enjoyment from being on here. Yeah I know in the beginning I was an idiot and had stupid posts on here. Look, to anyone I offended I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that. I am changed and turned the corner. I am not doing that crap no more. With my life going great and everything I was ready to start paintball back up again. I hadn't played since my g3 was first used. Well riding in the car with my family I look over to the window and notice the local golf dome. I had always thought man wouldn't that be cool if we started a field out there, that way it would be the first field we would have since 5-6 years ago. I thought of Special Ops and everything. I just thought screw it might as well go for it! So I called up there and told the owner of the idea. In the beginning he was ready to close his doors and close shop and was open to any ideas. With this new idea he was ready to try anything.

    Right then I realized this was my shot and I'm taking it and never looking back. I want to give everything back to this sport and to everyone who plays it. I absolutely love this sport and everything about it. I am glad I got in this sport and that I never quit it. I wanted to make a name for myself in this sport and to draw new players into this sport.

    So back with the idea I first call the owner and he says: that he would be willing to try this idea and will give it a shot. He just wanted us to come in there and explain the cost of everything and then we can set up bunkers of tables and anything in there. Well he says we can give it a shot. When we first try it out we get a pretty good turnout of people that I invited. Overall the whole thing went well and the owner got really excited about it. Now after the second time of playing there and giving him the info about everything on it. Here is what the owner wants to do with my help. I am now part owner of the idea and fields. He wants to buy brand new turf. The turf we have now is like one inch layer of turf/carpet on top of cement. It also has little rock and pebbles in it. It was fine for me with my gear but for everyone else it sucked for those kids that just wore jeans and sweatshirts. He also wants to buy 30-40,000 reballs from Reball.com, a Picker from ammo-up USA, brand new netting, more chronos, and a little course for kids to use. Then whenever he has questions about something he just wants me to post them on here. He said that when he called the company Reball. That the first name they gave out to post or blog on was TechPB! So he wants me in charge of that now. Next he wants to have leagues and everything. We called Chaos Paintball and they would be interested in selling us their bunkers to us. Then they also would maybe be interested in sponsoring it. Then next year once he wants to open the field to the public and also make another field behind the dome outside for paintball and we can make it an actual field for renters.

    I have come a long way in this game and sport. Ever since we got the field started up and everything, I have practiced almost everything in paintball, off hand shooting and upgraded all my gear. I have practiced and read everything about this sport. I made that change forgot my past on this forum and left my slump behind. Screw it! I am never going back. I won't give up and will give my whole heart to this sport. I got to do it. I'm coming back and will do whatever it takes for these people on this forum, and for this sport. I am telling you know to those people reading this topic. Never give up on this sport. I know times may be tough and you may be going through hell but never stop and never give in. I’m sorry to anyone I offended on here forget it. I changed my game and turned a new leaf. To those newer players never give up! I am so glad I found this sport and would never have it anyway. If you have an idea for paintball just go for it! The same goes for in game. If you find yourself just asking: Can I make it to that bunker? Can I get that guy out? JUST GO FOR IT! I don't think about that anymore. I am taking the saying, "JUST GO FOR IT" to heart. Same thing goes for you players that want to upgrade your gear. Don't upgrade your gear until you can play really well with it and be a dominate force on the field. Buy field passes and paint instead! Next is just play the game and take the game to heart! I guess that is all for now. Paintball and Special Ops have gotten me through a lot in my life and I can't thank you men and women enough. We are a family and I am glad I got into this sport. I will never give up on this sport and will play my best and give honor to the sport for Special Ops! Thank You Special Ops!!!!!!! - SIEFKA

  2. When do the christmas decorations around the forum start?

    27 November 2010 - 09:08 AM

    nm i typed in the title wrong. I ment when do the christmas decorations start on this forum?
  3. New Smart Parts!

    21 October 2010 - 06:40 PM


    I need some questions answered.

    Should I buy a g1 or will just a regular sp1 work
    If so should I get a blackheart board.
    Do I need any upgrades for the sp1
  4. Can someone find me the topic of halloween mask for paintball.

    08 August 2010 - 02:36 PM

    I really want to try this in paintball. Especially this month in October. Can someone please find me this topic?
  5. I have seen this many times.

    29 June 2010 - 07:34 AM

    I have been either reading paintball magazines or on special ops and I come across this. It's where they have the tank flipped and facing towards the barrel to balance it. I was hoping to do this once I get my Inspire BFG and shorten the mag. Is there an article on how to do this properly or something I can read up about it?



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