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Topics I've Started

  1. Tippmann X-7

    09 May 2008 - 03:06 PM

    ok...need some info...first...at the specops home page there's a "make ur own X-7" can i order that? If so, how? Also, have they even come out yet? lol
  2. Mwahahahahahahaa!!!!!!!!!

    04 May 2008 - 03:25 PM

    Ok, just thought i'd brag, (lol, sry, i'm just extremely overjoyed that this worked so well!) so, here goes. Ok, I was playing a practice w/ some REAL veterans who I met (their team leader) in the store not to long ago. Anyway,it was a 30v30 with their team v my team + 2 other teams. All 3 teams that were blue (allied) followed all my commands, I was head team leader. Then they had their team leader. These guys were VETS TO THE MAXXXXX!!! They had incredible equipment, communication and tactics down, and were very skilled as we saw them warming up. Anyway...They went for a strong side right...we went for a strong side left...(they went to their right,we went to our left)...so...as you can guess, we were pulverized and staged a sort of lazy D...What happened was we staged a fighting retreat first, then, as we went along I asigned a sniper in guillies w/ a radio (we had around 10 of those >.<) to make a kind of path and hide on the edges,but not to fire until they hear their number (i assigned numbers such as B-5 and so on,i got it from chess) over the radio. We were down 7 none of the snipers gone,mostly just our flankers (daggers) and so I set up a U trap, a very shallow U trap. It worked the same way as a normal one... though I had the snipers at the tips fire just a little early, but not enuf so that they're positions were givin away, this set them to add 5, so they began a retreat, w/ the bottom of the U chasing after, as I ran, I kept track of my snipers that I had set and the OpFor's location, and fired off my sniper's accordingly, in this, they were unable to mount a fighting retreat and lost men in the process, all in all, when this whole sharade was over, we had pushed them back to their base and the score was add 25 (they had 4 guys on D,so,yea,do the math >.<) and down 9. heh...sry...just had to let everyone know >.<
  3. A few Tactics questions...

    21 April 2008 - 05:27 AM

    ok, so,you have the enemy base to the north,then,about 100yrds south of that there's enemies in a castle.I need to take out the base, but i can only have 8 ppl at a time doing it.Every assult i send up is thwarted,no matter where or how i send them. There are at least 10 in the base and 10 in the castle. I have 20 ppl to work w/. The enemy is very dug into the castle and hard to dislodge, and their base is...well...the same. What would be my best move?



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