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i love music, playing guitar, bass and drums, fishing, bmx, paintball, surfing, and i draw, and paint warhammer figures.<br /><br />you can find out more about me on myspace. my screen name is HELL YEAH.

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  1. In Topic: "10 things I hate about newbs".

    27 June 2008 - 12:29 AM

    View Postredd_18235, on Sep 25 2005, 04:01 AM, said:

    Ok, I'm gonna get a lot of heat back on this one but I'll write it anyways. 10 things I hate about newbs. Useful insight on your first day of paintballing plus solutions too.

    1. Not bringing enough ammo on field and begging others for some.

    Solution - newbs think a full hopper is more than enough. It usually isn't. On a normal game of play expect to shoot anywhere from 100 to 500 per game. Plan accordingly.

    2. Shooting at an opponnet too soon and too far.

    Solution - Pair up with a more experienced player and play as they do. When sneaking up on your opponnets, let the experienced player take the first shot. Also note that ALL paintball guns are effective at only 60 to 70 feet. Anything further is called "longballing" and accuracy will suck.

    3. Feeling insecure and/or silly with the equipment you've got.

    Solution - Paintball is mostly about skill. Work on your skills before working on your wallet. A player with a $10 gun can be just as effective as a player with a $1000 gun B) . As a tourny player playing rec ball once, I was bunkered by a kid with a $20 dollar crappy blade gun from Wal-Mart. The gun doesn't make the player.

    4. Going Rambo style.

    Solution - Ok, I just had to laugh at this one. A newb steps on the field with two guns going Rambo style and gets beat down in the first few seconds of the game :ph34r: . It isn't nessesary or wise to use more than one gun on the field. This is a big no-no. Stick to one gun and don't stand out in the open.

    5. Newb keeps taking their mask off.

    Solution - Only take your mask off in designated safe areas like the staging area. NEVER take your mask off on the field even if you're just standing on the sidelines. You WILL take a headshot sooner or later. Everyone does. Wouldn't you rather have that mask on when it does?

    6. Afraid of getting hit for the first time.

    Solution - Getting hit doesn't hurt that much. It's very similar to getting snapped by a rubber band really. Just be sure to wear at least one layer of clothing like a long sleeve shirt and pants. One thing to note is that the closer your opponnet shoots you, the more it will hurt :sick: . Some fields have a 25ft minimum distance rule. Ask a ref about this.

    7. Picking up paintballs from the ground and attemping to shoot them.

    Solution - Don't pick up paintballs from the ground. Paintballs are very sensitive to cold, heat, water, dirt, and moisture. Paintballs absorb water and dirt and swell up a little to a lot. Plus heat and cold will warp and harden them too. Paintball guns are meant to shoot a specific paintball size. 0.68 inch to be exact. Dirty, soggy, or half melted paintballs will jam and sometime ruin the gun. Just don't do it.

    8. Forgetting who's on who's team and shooting an ally.

    Solution - Figure out who's on your team. If it's a bunch of people you know or a group of total strangers, look for outstanding features. Look at physical things like size, height, skin color and such. Also look at clothing color, design, and style. It's hard to tell who's who when everyone's wearing a mask sometimes, but its worse to shoot an opponnet and find out later you shot a team mate.

    9. Blind firing aka not looking where you're shooting.

    Solution - Always look in the direction you're shooting. Holding your gun out and shooting will only hit trees, rocks, and team mates. In all my 3 years of playing I've never seen someone blind fire and hit an opponnet. Remember - Look, Shoot, and Score. Plus it's more fun seeing your opponnet get hit anyways.

    10. Hanging back and "playing defense".

    Solution - There will always be a few players that never move from their starting bunker. I've actually seen 2 kids once stay at their starting bunker, set their guns down and started up a conversation :sick: . All while in the middle of a game. Come on. Why did you come out to play if all you're gonna do is hang back and hide? Be a little aggressive, play smart, and most of all, be useful to your fellow team mates.

    That about covers the top ten mistakes newbs make. One final thing to cover and thats team work. Teamwork wins games. It all boils down to this: "I'll move when you shoot, and you move when I shoot". Share information too as well as cover fire. If Bob sees an opponnet but George doesn't, Bob should tell George specificly where that opponnet is and vice-verse. When everyone on your team knows where the opponnets are hidding, your team has a major advantage. Remember - Teamwork Works.
    If anybody has any advice or suggestions to add, please post em up here.

    you make very valid points, but you forgot one thing: at one point in time we were all "newbs". this is my biggest point here i have to make. these people whom you call "newbs" will continue to make these mistakes unless someone corrects the problem. if you dont teach someone what is right, they will continue to do what they "think" is right. so if you have someone going into a game with a half of a hopper full, and hes begging for paint halfway through the game, if all you do is groan and complain, who is really at fault here? if you bring a friend to a field who has never played before, it is your resonsibility to inform him on how to play. everytime i go to a field to play, even though i play on random teams, i make it my duty to insure the people im playing with know the rules, have functioning equipment, proper face and eye protection, and that over all things else, it is meant to be a fun game. that right there is what i think you missed.
  2. In Topic: Tippmann Dagger Vest Paintball Harness?

    27 June 2008 - 12:10 AM

    View Postpaintman161, on Jun 26 2008, 01:44 AM, said:

    Does any one have this vest and does anyone have a picture of this vest on a person? I want to know how comfortable it is? How easy is it to move in? How versatile is it? :sick:



    if youre looking for military equipment, tippman makes some really good stuff. i am actually in the army, and have used some of their stuff in iraq.


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