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  1. WTB Automag Parts: RPG Shadow Rail + DW CF Foregip

    04 December 2008 - 11:40 AM

    In my pursuit to build my new mag, I am looking for:
    -RPG Shadow rail
    -DW 10* Carbon Fiber Foregrip
    And I'm looking for them both in Black. I am aware that the DW grip is near impossible to find nowadays, but I am patient and someone will separate with theirs eventually
    So please, let me know if you've got either of these, and what you want for what you've got. My mouse is already hovering over the pay pal link to send you the money
    Thanks for looking!
  2. FS/T: Longbow Mags, PT Pro, ReTro Valve, 18" Sp AA

    24 September 2008 - 01:47 PM

    Time to sell some of the stuff thats been collecting dust the past couple of months. All prices include shipping and are OBO, so feel free to throw me an offer :P

    2x Longbow Mags with the SO Sheath/Quiver. They've seen 1 day of play. 60$
    Posted Image

    An Old PT Professional Pistol, It airs up and shoots just fine, it needs a cocking rod. 50$
    Posted Image

    ReTro Valve, # VV02169, LVL 10 installed, brand new piston assembly. 125$
    Posted Image

    18 inch Smart Parts All American Barrel, Autococker threaded, the front has seen maybe a half case, the back has never seen paint. 40$
    Posted Image

    I can provide additional pictures if you would like, but atm the girlfriend is in possession of the good camera so they may be a little fuzzy :laugh:
    Also I'd love to trade for any of these items(i will add accordingly):
    12 inch DW Fibur Barrel, Cocker threads.
    9v/15BPS Spyder Fasta Hopper
    SO Fusion Pants and jersey, acu pattern small.

    Again everything is OBO, so offer up! Thanks for looking!
  3. Turn Your Tac-1 Into A Longbow!

    26 July 2008 - 09:33 PM

    I have a very lightly used(maybe 500 rounds) Longbow kit for a Tac-One for sale. I gave it a whirl and it just wasn't for me...to much of a runner I guess :D
    I have not only the complete kit for sale, I also have the old 3 screw Tac-one rail required for the longbow conversion, an Ops Gear weaver rail riser, 2 extra Longbow magazines and 2 magazine sheathes made of mesh, perfect for ghillie-ing, and finally, an 18 inch Smart Parts All-American barrel (the back has never seen paint, for I used a Freak back in my setup).
    Now for pics:

    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    Now I will be Simul-posting (like simul-casting ;)) this post on AO, so be aware that while you may be first for on item on this forum, you might not be first overall. Anyways Prices:

    Tac-One Longbow Kit/W Ops Gear Rail Riser: 300$
    Older Tac-One Rail: 65$
    Smart Parts All American 18" Barrel: 50$
    Two Longbow Magazines/Two Magazine Sheaths: 100$
    Prices do not include shipping and I will discount multiple items.

    I prefer paypal cause its immediate and I may or may not have purchases to make before SPPL Kansas... :D But if for some reason you absolutely have to send a MO I can work with you. For now The prices are semi-firm... and as for trades... I'm looking for two things: A bottle regulator with an output pressure of 950-1050Psi or any kind of adjustable regulator, and a Spec Ops Dagger vest in good condition and ACU pattern.

    Post and PM me if anything interests you and lets get these things sold! Thanks for looking!
  4. I Want an ACU Dagger Vest.

    23 July 2008 - 10:20 PM

    I want an ACU dagger vest. I may have to buy one new, but I'd love to find someone willing to part with theirs. So let me know if you've got one that you want to sell me. Let me know your price and we should definitely be able to work out a deal. Thanks for looking!


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